Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where is Waldo (Peach)?

This morning as part of Brady's breakfast I had given him a peach to eat. He sure does love them! He always makes a mess though, that's the bummer part. As you know, a 16 month old and older loves to wonder around and explore... Brady has gotten in the habbit of getting ahold of the canned goods and throwing them on the floor. I pray one does not bust all over... The washing machine is right across from the shelf!
As we were getting ready to leave, Brady came in the living room with one of the cans of Tomato sauce.. I asked him where is Peach went? He of course, puts up his hands like "I don't know." So, I went into our little pantry to find the peach so we can go... I see canned goods all over the floor and the fabric softner out of the cabinet.. I put the fabric softner up and look to see if the peach was in that cabinet.. NOPE! I put the canned goods back on the shelf and trying to find his peach...

(do you see the peach?)

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