Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Connor Lee Hill

Connor Lee Hill came into the world yesterday around 6:40pm. He was not due until July 27, 2009.

8lbs 10oz and 21in.
He is such a big baby and you know the funny thing is that when Brady was born he weighed 8lbs 8oz; it's amazing what 2oz can do!

My mom was suppose to come with me to Albuquerque for Emma's doctors appt. We had to meet with Dr. Cuadros about her lip surgery. Jason got a call at 5am and I woke up questioning "Who in the world would be calling at this time?" He looks at it, says it's my mom and hits the snooze button and falls back asleep. I wondered why she didn't call my phone. Sure enough, I had 11 missed calls! It's like Jason said, if it is not a Baby crying, we don't hear nothing at night! My mom was trying to get a hold of me from 4am to 5am and nothing! Apparently my sister Terica's water broke around 4am. What is funny is that, Monday night I was talking to Terica and Travis about the things they need to pack for the Hospital... That night when they got home, Terica thought maybe they should pack their bags, Travis agreed, then Terica decided because it was getting late and she had to open the next morning at work, she would wait for another day.... OOPS! My mom even said after we left Monday night, they stayed and talked about what it feels like to have your water break! What a coincidence. But, I am glad they had this talk, because I think they were a little prepared...
According to my mom, Terica had a hard time, but she was a trooper and experienced the labor even after the epidural wore off. (they even gave it to her twice) When we got to hold the little guy, poor Terica looked worn out-but it is totally worth it!
Congratulations Terica and Travis-You guys made a BEAUTIFUL little boy!

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