Sunday, April 4, 2010

Suture Removal

I love her hands. I just love every inch of her.
Who would have known that she just got her stitches out? She was happy as can be once she woke up.When doctor Cuadros called me back to the recovery room, I saw her laying there and it was so different compared to last time. I figured that she would wake up fast, but she just layed there asleep. I think it had to have been 30 min to an hour when she finally woke up. I felt sorry for my mom and Brady because with the H1n1 stuff going around, they wouldn't let Brady in the hospital. So, my mom and him hung out in the van watching movies. The nurse helping Emma, started pulling off the cords and such and that caused her to wake up. She recovered very well. We will have to go back in a few months to fix the tip of her lip. One of the stitches fell out and sense Emma's doctor is such a perfectionist, we will be going back to get it fixed.
Oh and as an update: Her last and hopefully the last surgery will be July 6, 2010.

More pics of Emma's surgery

Sorry the pictures are out of order....

Emma was so out of it! I really do hate to see my baby in pain. Thankfully this time, I was more prepared.

Say Cheese!
Brady entertaining us while we were waiting for the doctor to tell us they were done. *************************************************************
Again, Emma had to fast for her surgery and so in the mean time to keep her occupied, Jason would put her on his shoulders and boy did she get alot of attention! All of the nurses would stop to talk to her through the glass.

Emma sure does love her daddy!

Brady is a great helper

Brady is such a great helper! I have learned to be patient with him helping me, he has got to learn and in order for him to learn and prepare for when he is older, I have to step back and let him do it himself.

Here he is after the dishes were done in the dishwasher. Again, I have to step back and let him put away the utensils. I was so proud, the other day, he grabbed a sharp knife and actually knew where to put it. (with my help of course!) Then once the knife was taken care of, he grabbed a mixing bowl from the bottom part of the dishwasher and actually opened the right cabinet, where it goes. I was impressed.
I of course, put the utensils up right, once we were done unloading the dishwasher! And he left the kitchen!

Emma standing

One afternoon when Emma finished her nap, I decided stand her up, just to see how she would do. She actually did really good. She still can't stand by herself unless she has help.
I LOVE her smile
She loved grabbing for her ladybug mobile.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Make-up Mishap

One morning while I was folding laundry on my bed, I had heard some noises in my bathroom. I peek through and low and behold it was Brady. I automatically knew what he was doing. It is just so funny that I should have went in the bathroom and taken away what he had, but I couldn't help take a couple of pictures.

He is putting on my mascara. He has watched me one too many times, put my makeup on standing in front of that mirror.

What is kind of funny is that Brady put it in the right area of his face. He has such long eye lashes that he actually got mascara on them!
He is showing me that he was putting on Nahnie's lipstick.
One morning, I was on hold with the City of Farmington to pay my electric bill and why I left the table, I am not sure... Probably to help Emma with something... When I came back to the table because I was not on hold anymore to give them my credit card info, I find Brady in my purse. I always keep my blush, lipstick, mascara and eye lash curler in my purse... You never know when I will need it; anywho, I find Brady with mascara and lipstick all over his mouth. The lady on the other line, couldn't help but laugh.

Valentines Day

Oh My Gosh! I just realized that I never posted about Valentines Day and that was a couple of months ago. Goodness!

A friend had posted about this craft she made for the Valentines Holiday. I saw it and fell in love! Ever since I have been home with my kids, I for some reason have been wanting to become more crafty. I am horrible because I am not that creative but I was really happy with the way the this project turned out. It is hearts on a string, strung from the ceiling.

Emma 10 months old and so stinkin' cute!
For breakfast, Jason made heart shaped pancakes with pink food coloring! I do enjoy that he likes to cook/bake. Brady sure does love pancakes.
For Valentines I didn't get to extravagent for gifts. Just a stuffed animal and skittles for Brady and nail polish for Emma. It was kind of funny because when they woke up, Brady found the gifts right away and didn't care to much about the stuffed dog. He was just so excited about the skittles.