Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half way to a year!

This year has been going by so fast! I can hardly believe that Easton is now 6 months old! I have slacked on my blog posting so I will show a picture of Easton from Birth to now.

A couple of hours old!

1 month old!

2 months old

3 months old

4 months old

5 months old!

6 months old!

I just can't believe it! My babies are growing up WAY to fast!

Some things that Easton can do at 6 months old.....

*Almost to sit up by himself

*Nurses like a champ!

*He is now over 16lbs!!! (which is sad to say.... 6lbs lighter than his 2 year old sister!)

*Very good at grabbing things

*His hair has fallen out and growing back. He does have a few long hairs on top that I just can't seem to let go of. When his hair is wet, those long hairs do like to curl!

*He loves it when you talk to him (sometimes I will be nursing and talking on the phone and he will stop eating because he thinks that I am talking to him and will talk back!)

*He loves to spit and make noises- he likes to hear himself scream!

*He sleeps through the night in the crib and shares a room with Brady

*He can roll on to his stomach but hasn't figured out how to roll back.

*He doesn't have any teeth but is teething right now. His shirts are constantly wet if I forget to put a bib on him.

I am just a proud mama!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Easton Lee Tucker

7lbs 2oz
20.3/4 inches long

Easton Lee Tucker

It has been 4 days since my last post and that was about the beginning stages of my delivery. Continuation of last post...
Around 4pm, my nurse Patty came in because apparently they have monitors out in the hall that checks the babys heartbeat that they can watch and Eastons was up and down. So she came in to adjust the belt monitor around my stomach. When I had a contraction, she noticed his heart rate started to drop. My contractions were getting stronger, so she called in the on call dr, Dr. Lorenz to check me. I had not made any progress. He too started watching the monitor and noticed that something was not right. Patty had to put an oxygen mask on me and another nurse had to come in to give me a shot to calm the contractions. It turns out that every time I would have a contraction, Eastons heart rate would drop a lot. Down into the 60s. Not good. Because I had not dialated very much the best thing for us would be to have an emergency c-section. When I was in labor with Brady and going on 27 hrs of labor, Dr. Chang said if I didn't get to 10cm soon, I would have to have a c-section. I cried. I didn't want that AT ALL. This go round, I was very calm. I am thankful for the power of prayer. My parents still had not arrived and so I was a little worried that they would not get here in time before I went back. Luckily enough I got to see them for maybe 10 minutes and they had me rolled back to the "c-section" room. The whole time I felt very calm. But still had a prayer in my heart that we would be watched over and protected. Thankfully enough I took the spinal tap very well so Jason could be in there with me. It was nice to see a previous co-worker in there helping with the surgery. That was comforting.
It was the weirdest feeling in the world to be numb from my chest down. I wanted to move my legs, or tried to and couldn't feel a thing. In the beginning I felt very nauseus and stared heaving. Thankfully enough nothing came out. They gave me some medicine to called the sickness and from there I felt fine. I couldn't feel them making the incision, all I felt was pressure. Jason thought it was pretty crazy that when they were trying to get him out my body was being pulled up as well. A couple of pulls and tugging and our little Easton was out. A tear of joy fell from my eyes when I heard his first cry. When they brought him to me to see him, all I thought was, "holy cow! He looks just like Brady. Just a skinnier version."
The OR staff was excellent. They laughed, comforted, etc. with me.
I didn't get to see or hold Easton for about two hrs. They had to take me to a small recovery room and make sure everything was ok.
Easton is a beautiful little boy, with a ton of jet black hair, black eyes, a darker complexion the kids, long arms and legs which makes him have long fingers and toes. Absolutely beautiful.
So with all three of my pregnancies, I have had one of each: Induction, natural and c-section. By far, my favorite is ol'natural! The worst recovery is the c-section. I wanted to cry when they had me to get up for the first time and try walking. The morphine was not doing it for me. Once I got the oral pain meds, I have been so much better.
Life at home is pretty great! Brady, the wanting to know everything, almost 3 year old has had our patience tested. Emma, the one with the motherly instant at almost 3 loves to hold Easton, make sure he has his pacifier and does so good with him. Being home has been great! I love that Jason can take a week off of work to help me. I have 6 weeks to recover. In that time, I can't lift anything heavier than the baby. It has been hard for the kids. We are so thankful to have family so close to help. It is a great blessing.
{Pictures to come soon}