Monday, August 31, 2009

Cleft Lip Surgery/Tubes in ears

The day had finally come for us to prepare for Emma's surgery... Her surgery took place on Wednesday 08/26/2009.

We actually had to meet with Dr. Cuadros for a pre-op appt on the 25th to prepare us for what to expect. We are expected to have a lack of sleep, Emma to eat less, a fussy baby, the possibility of staying 2 nights in the hospital,etc... Dr. Cuadros even took a picture of her for his profile-It will be amazing to see the before and after. I have seen some of the other babies he has worked on and I was pretty impressed.

We reserved rooms at the Radisson and that was pretty cool. They are actually turning it into a water park and hotel. We did our bookings through and I was amazed- We put in our own price and got the room for $40.00 when actually they charge $130 or so. Jason, my dad, Ashli and Tiffany came up later Tuesday evening- after work. We had time to spare so we decided to get in the pool and relax. Their indoor pool was pretty cool, they made it look like it was outdoor. Brady and Emma didn't care too much for the pool; It was kind of cold at first, but you just have to warm up to it. My mom got them all dried off and I kept on swimming. Brady loved to watch me! Next to the spa was an outline of rocks and Brady thought it would be fun to throw the rocks into it. I had to got deep sea diving-It was a little rough with the heat. Before we went to bed, Jason and my dad gave Emma and I a blessing of comfort for the surgery tomorrow. I am so lucky to have the priesthood in my life. Thanks babe! I had set my alarm clock for 2:30am so that we could feed Emma one more time before she has to fast. Luckily enough I had frozen breast milk to give her at 2:30am or else she would have had to start fasting at 2am because of the formula, but(Emma has started sleeping through the night-YAY!) she was so sound asleep that I really didn't want to wake her and then her crying wake Brady, etc... so I went back to sleep. I woke up at 5am to get dressed and ready to be at Presbyterian hospital by 6am. Emma is scheduled to be one of the first to have surgery done. Emma woke up about 5:30am and for a little bit she was doing good and then as the time passed, well, you know what happened... She was getting really fussy for being hungry. You know, I have noticed a big difference between Brady and Emma as babies. Jason is so much more patient to take care of Emma. To be honest, I can't really rememeber a time when Jason fed Brady and then put him to bed. Anywho, Emma was fussy and Jason tried everything he could to calm her down.
Emma loves to stand-She really doesn't care to sit. This is her in the surgery preparation area, waiting on the nurse to give us instructions. Can you tell she was not happy?!?!

At about 6:30am, we got called back to the surgery preparation area. Poor Emma was so hungry. We had to pacify her with her pacifier.

Isn't she sooo cute in her hospital gown?
We weighed Emma before surgery and she weighs: 10lbs 9oz! It seemed kind of fishy because earlier in the month of August at her 4 month check up she weighed 10lbs 8oz and 3 1/2 weeks later she only gained an ounce.... Weird! Finally about 7:30am I was able to get Emma to fall asleep. That just happened to be about the time when Dr. Cuadros and the rest of the team came to get her and go have surgery. Dr. Cuadros said it would take about 2 1/2-3hrs for the whole procedure. I thought waiting was going to take a really long time, I mean, it always does when you are waiting for something... We sat in the waiting room, I was just about to fall asleep on Jason's shoulder when Dr. Cuadros found us and told us that the surgery went well and Emma was awake. In the beginning, they told us that they were going hurry and get us when she is starting to wake up so that we are the first thing she sees. That didn't quite happen. Dr. Cuadros did mention that when he is in surgery he would like to take a look at her palate to make sure everything is ok. He put this video tube down her troat and found out that she has a soft palate. He is not too concerned about it right now, we will just have to wait and see what happens. When we got to where she was at, the nurses were holding her trying to calm her down. It just broke my heart. Emma woke up pretty hungry and after having surgery she was pretty limited on how she would be getting her food. We could not give her a bottle. We could only feed her with a syringe or a bottle that had a tube hooked to it and we squeezed it in for her. I honestly felt like I was holding a newborn all over again. I felt if I held her one way, she would cry or break and it was becoming too much. And, she has to wear arm restraints to keep her from touching her lip. I finally calmed myself down and as I was holding her, listening to her cry and watch the nurses try to feed her I couldn't help but start crying. I tried to be tough for her, for everyone that was there to support Emma, but who was I kidding? My daughter was in pain and there was nothing that I could do for her. (I appologize that there are no pictures- my camera has been acting up since the hospital and I have to yet, to find out what is wrong with it. I do have the pictures of afterwards on my phone-These will be posted and seen as you continue to read.)
We finally got Emma to calm down. I actually was holding her up against my chest and singing to her "I Am A Child of God." I couldn't help but tear/choke up when I got to the first verse where it says, "...Has given me and earthly home, with Parents kind and dear..." Heavenly Father had placed our dear Emma in our home and what a special place she has in our hearts. Heavenly Father has given her a cleft lip and even though it may have been a little bump to get over, I couldn't help but know that I am her mommy and I will do everything that I can to love her unconditionally. We were able to take her to the Pediactrics floor-level 6 where everyone was finally able to see her. A few family members had a hard time seeing her in pain.
She finally calmed down and actually enjoyed just laying there. I think it was the medicine!
From the time that we got to our room at around 10am to 5pm Emma really would not sleep. One little move or sound would wake her up and she would start crying as if she was in pain. We would get her to calm down and she would fall asleep again for 10-15min and then cry again. As time was passing I thought this recovery was going to be really hectic on me. It was just so hard to see her in pain and I really couldn't do anything.

Daddy's Little Girl
Emma was getting Tylenol with Codeine(Sp?) every 4hrs and morphine through her IV every 2hrs. An hour would go by and she cried like she needed more pain medicine. She just could not get comfortable. The nurse finally had to make a call in to Dr. Cuadros to get permission to double her dosage. Dr. Cuadros had never seen a baby go through medicine so fast. Emma had a hard time with the pain medication because her body was metabolizing the meds faster than they were helping her. We found out from Dr. Cuadros that during the operation they had to stop the procedure and give her more medication because she was waking up from the pain and the meds wearing off before they were even done.

Tia Ang holding Emma while the nurse giving her more tylenol

Emma was finally able to get a good nap from 5-7pm. I was almost wishing it was 9pm so that we both could just sleep. At about that time, Jason, my dad and Tiffany had to get back to reality and go to work the next day. I was really bummed, but what else can you do? I hoped and Prayed that the night would go well and you know what... It did! The only time I woke up was actually every 4hrs when the nurse came in to do Emma's vitals. I think she woke Emma up each time.

She doesn't look very comfortable, huh?

Emma then woke up at 6am, which is about normal for any other day... I didn't hear her, but I did hear the nurse. She said that she was walking down the hall when she heard her with a faint cry so I came to check on her. The nurses for Emma were wonderful. I had thought about going back to bed after the nurse left but she told me that Dr. Cuadros likes to make his rounds first thing in the morning and if she is not mistaken he will be in before 7am. Sure enough, he came in at 6:40am. Dr. Cuadros told me as long as Emma can handle just the tylenol with Codeine she will be able to go home and also with the bottle. At around 10:30am the nurse came in and gave Emma more tylenol. I then decided to feed Emma some more pedialyte through the syringe and noticed that when I put the syringe down my pants would get wet, no big deal, I thought maybe it was just dripping. Before you knew it, my pants were soaking. I called the nurse into the room and found out that the tube to the IV was leaking. How? I don't know. The nurses tried to fix it but accidentally pulled the IV out of Emma's vein. Dr. Cuadros told me that if the IV gets pulled out, they usually don't put it back in unless it is mandatory; and it is not a pretty site. The nurse was able to get the IV back in, but they just decided to take it out. I thought it was a good thing because Emma was blowing up like a baloon. She was getting so swollen; within an hour, she was back to her normal self. Even her eyes were starting to swell shut.After about an hour or so, Emma was getting fussy and I tried to calm her down but she wouldn't stop. So, I walked out to the nurses station to see if the nurse could give her more tylenol. The nurse informed that because the IV was out she could not give her morphine; if it was in, then of course, she could and the tylenol can't be given until 12:30pm. I tried everything to keep her calm. Finally 12:30pm rolled around and my mom, sister-Ashli and Brady showed up. The nurse gave Emma more tylenol and realized the amount of pedialyte and formula/breastmilk was given. Of course with the syringe it only measures in ML so it was not very much. I had asked if it was ok to try out the bottle. I wanted Emma to be comfortable with the Bottle before we left so that we didn't have any problems on the way home. Emma drank 4oz in like 5 seconds. Poor thing was not crying because she was hurting, she was crying because she was hungry. The best part.... It didn't hurt her.

Because Emma reacted so well to the bottle we were able to be discharged from the Hospital that afternoon. Yay! Only one night! I would say within an hour or so of drinking 4oz, she actually drank 2 more oz after that! With being so hungry, and exhausted it totally wore her out and now, she has been sleeping so soundly.
More updates to come!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Couple of Pictures

Jason is such a great daddy! The way he plays, reads, disciplines, takes care of, etc... Just makes me love him even more! The other night, Brady was in his room reading, when Jason was done feeding Emma, he went in to Brady's room and started reading to Emma. Emma loves looking at books! I couldn't help but take a picture.Brady has gotten really good about identifying each body part...eyes, nose, mouth, ears, knees, toes and belly button. The other night while getting ready for bed, I asked Brady where his belly button was. At first, he pointed to his belly button over his onsie and then realized that he couldn't see it, so he tried really hard to find it under his clothes.

It just amazes me how boys and girls learn, play and develop a personality. We have gotten Brady in the habit as to when he sees a bug on the floor, he is step on it! He of course, just barely steps on it and does nothing, but here and there the bug might not get so lucky...


Coupons = SAVINGS

On Friday- 08/14, the day Brady got his shiner, I collected a few coupons and got what is shown in this first picture. (Sorry it's a little blurry) It consists of:
  • 5 Boxes of Cereal- Cheerios, Apple Cinammon Cheerios, Lucky Charms & Golden Grahams
  • 2 Boxes of Fruit Snacks
  • 2 Boxes of Suddenly Salad Pasta
  • 1 Mini Melt-Dessert
  • Total Amount Spent....... $9.30
  • Total Savings........ $29.10
Tuesday-08/18 was the last day of the sale at Grocery Warehouse and so I had to go back to get a few more things... Hey, it's better to take advantage of the sales now, then to buy it at full price later. It's like my mom says, "It's better to have it and not need it and need it and not have it!"
  • 2 Boxes of Cheerios
  • 1 Mini Delight-Dessert
  • 3 Packages of Diapers-Huggies Pure and Natural
  • 3 Boxes of Hamburger/Tuna Helper
  • 8 Glade Air Refresher and Eliminator
  • Not in Picture-6 Corn Ears & 1 Bag of Grapes

Total Amount Spent........ $39.83
Total Savings......... $55.76

I was so excited about my savings!!! And to top it off: The Glade Freshners were on sale for $2.99 and I had 4 Coupons for BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE! That is how I got the total of 8 (go figure) Also, on a couple of the Freshners, the had a $2 dollar off coupon. My mom insisted that it was possible to get the $2 off-The cashier said no, but she did it anyway... So, the Freshners-On Sale for $2.99, got the $2 dollar off coupon = $.99 total for 4 of them and of couse of the other 4 FREE! The Huggies Pure and Natural-They had them on Sale for $8.99, were $10.99, and had a $3 dollar off coupon! So, I got the 3 packages of diapers for $5.99! SWEEEEETT!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


On Friday before work I met my mom at Grocery Warehouse. Grocery Warehouse was having a good sale and we had coupons. (I will have to show a picture later, but for 5 boxes of name brand cereal, 2 boxes of suddenly salad pasta, 2 boxes of fruit snacks, and a box of the warm delights... I spent a total of $9!!!!!!)
Anyways, back on to my blog story... My mom was in the check out line before me and she definitley took advantage of the coupons because she had a basket full! At the store, they didn't have a sacker so my mom decided to do the job and put her groceries in the cart. Brady at the time was sitting in the back of the basket and got up to play with Emma. He turned around and noticed my mom had moved and tried going after her. He flipped out of the basket and landed straight on his head; I have never heard him cry to so loud and so fast from this accident. My heart sank and it got really hot. I tried to catch my breathe and blow some cool air on me and when I did that the cashier looked at me and said, "I am trying to go as fast as I can. I have alot of coupons." I didn't mind; I had coupons of my own! She was really rude and above all, she was not at all concerned if Brady was alright. The bad part was that I couldn't do anything.. the checkout line is so narrow and the basket takes up most of the room, So I couldn't go and comfort him. My mom had to do it. I paid and we got out of there as soon as possible. My mom kept telling me that we should run over to urgent care and make sure he has no internal bleeding or anything like that... I couldn't get her an answer; I was in shock and stupid me was more concerned out work and that I needed to get to work. STUPID.... STUPID... STUPID... My kids come first and that is sad that after 16 months, it was taken me that long to realize. We went over to urgent care and I was so happy when Brady wanted to come to me. I am his mommy, I wanted to be the one to comfort him; although, I am really grateful my mom was with me. :)

Brady constantly cried; I would too! He didn't like the fact that I was taking a picture of him, but hey, I need it for memories!

Thankfully enough, Brady didn't pass out for throw up after hitting his head. The doctor at urgent care didn't think there was any problem with him, but they did give him some tylenol for the pain and because of the crying he was starting to fall asleep. Ever since Brady was a infant, I always sang, "I Am A Child Of God" to him; he is very familiar with this song and so because of his situation I thought it would be best to sing that to him. It became a comfort for him and put him right to sleep. Of course, when he heard the doctor come in, he started crying again. The doctor didn't really have the right equipment to tell if Brady had any internal bleeding so he recommended us going to the hospital but the EMT was going to take us. I didn't think about it until afterwards but why? They thought it would be best for us to go in the ambulance just in case of Brady passes out or throws up and it would be easier for him to get through traffic. I realized when we got to the hospital that the EMT never had his sirens on and my mom followed the whole way and never got stuck. I thought it was kind of pointless. Brady woke up while driving to the hospital and in an instant became himself. When we went over a bump, he would say "OH" and of course, when he saw a truck, he would say "OH WOW!" The EMT wanted him to put the ice pack on his eye, but Brady was like no thank you! So, I thought, let's trick him. I put it on his arm and said is this cold? Then his leg, hand, etc... and when I tried his head-he was like no way! Because we got to the hospital by ambulance they took Brady in right away. The doctor checked Brady out and said he didn't recommend getting a CT scan because he thought he didn't need it. The doctor even said he sees a kid once a week for falling out of the grocery cart. They gave him some liquid loratab that is ok for children (obviously) and Brady was happy as can be. He was even blowing kisses to the nurses. That is my Brady!When we got out of the hospital, I wanted to get some more pictures and I asked Brady can I see your eye and he gives me his "goo goo" eyes. He is too cute!

He was more interested in the movie playing in the van. But, as you can see, his right eye is starting to swell.
This is what his eye looked like Friday night. My parents took my kids to the fair and my mom said people didn't even hesitate to ask what had happened.
This is what his eye looked like Saturday morning. As you can tell his eye is looking more blue and purple. I was constantly calling my mom to see how he was doing. Brady and Emma stayed the night with my parents cause Jason, Lillie and I went to the Temple.

Jason calls him Quazy Modo (sp?) from the Hunchback of Notre Dame!
And.... As you can tell from Sunday morning and here on out... This is what he looks like now! He can barely see out of his right eye but, he is still happy as can be. When we ask him where his owey(sp?) is, he always points to his right shin. He got a mosquito bite a long time ago and to this day still thinks thats his owey. We try to show him his eye, he may notice every once in a while, but it's like it hasn't phased him yet.

P.S. When we were at Urgent Care, Emma had been asleep the whole entire time. She was laying in the carseat, strapped in, and never made a sound. When the doctor came in to check on Brady, he saw Emma and said, "Oh, how cute!" Then walked out. A couple of seconds later, walks back in and asked if she was a doll?!?! Are you kidding me? I am in Urgent Care with my son and still had time to bring in a doll from the car? So, I joked and said, "Yes, we are practicing for the next one!" Then I told him that is my daughter. You be the judge...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I apologize in advance from here on out for all of the mistakes you may find while reading my blog!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So for a little while now Brady has gotten this "Boob Fetish!" I am totally serious too! When Brady is held by my sisters, my mom or me he some how finds a way to get his hand in between our breasts and either just keep his hand there or scratch it! To be honest, I don't think he has ever tried to do this with any other women; I guess because my mom, sisters and I have been blessed, well I am not going to say blessed, but cursed with big breasts it is easier for him to find it! Last night when I was getting Brady for bed, he grabbed ahold of my shirt at the neck line to catch himself from falling and noticed that there is something under my shirt; so, he pulls my neck line down and puts his hand in between my breasts! I really don't know what his deal is; maybe he finds them interesting, I don't know.... In a way I think it is funny because when he does it, he is totally calm and thinks this is totally normal to do it! To be honest, I really don't know where he got it from (Jason does not do that) I don't know. We have come to the conclusion that we know that when he gets we know that he would prefer breasts over men! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4 month check up

**Today was Emma's 4 month check up! She did a fantastic job! Dr. Dekay was really impressed with how strong and alert she is... He loved that she loves to stand! She is:
10lbs 8oz (5th percentile)
23 1/4in. (15-20 percentile)
She is a very healthy little girl, but they still want her to gain weight! I feed her, CONSTANTLY, and I never let her starve! How is she suppose to gain weight? Maybe, she will be a petite girl growing up!?
Emma did great with the shots! My kids may not look like me, but they do act like me... Emma cried when she was getting her shots, but once she was done, she had a smile on her face. Brady was the same way! Shots don't bother me, Jason on the other hand...
Emma at 4 months:
*You are almost to roll over!
*You hate to lay on your back, you always lift your self up to sit.
*You smile at everything!
*I love to have you laying with me and when I wake up, you will be staring at me with a smile-It is so cute!
*You are starting to fit really well into 3/6 months clothes!
*Your hair is long enough for pig tails
*You drink about 4oz of milk, sometimes 5oz
*You are getting stronger to keep your pacifier in your mouth, but most of the time you don't care for it.
*You are looking more and more like your daddy. (We have to put a bow in your hair, so people don't think you are a boy!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

What a weekend!

This weekend was a very busy and definitely a needed weekend!

Friday Night:

A friend of mine (Dani Johnson) is getting married at the end of this week and Friday night we had a bachelorette party for her. I thought it was pretty cool; 1) I have never been to one (I didn't even have one) 2)It was nice to get away and have a night of "girl talk." When we got the invitation we were all assigned to give her a basket full of stuff that gives her a heads up on what to expect on your wedding night or the first month of marriage. The baskets were:

  • Getting the mood started

  • Quicky

  • Bring on the babies

  • Anti-Baby

  • Snacks

  • KinKie Toys

  • Things for after

  • Not tonight Dear!

There is one more basket but dang! I can't remember what it was called- I can tell you that is was edible underwear and some flavored "stuff." Overall, when you read the list everything was actually very tasteful. My basket was "Bring on the babies." It was kind of hard to put it all together; I got some ideas, but after awhile, it was starting to add up! I ended up giving Dani a basket with bubble bath, chocolate, pregnancy test, folic acid pills, and some lubricant. One of the baskets that I thought was really funny was the "Quicky." There was Nesquick, Bisquick and other food items that are "Quick" to put together. Heather Peine-the one who gave her the basket had a great point, "If you want a quicky, you don't need a basket!" They then played a game with Dani, the bride to be, where her fiance, hunter and some others guys had to stand in a line-no particular order and have Dani feel there arms and legs to figure out which one is Hunter. Let's just say that I don't think Dani touches Hunters arms or legs cause she didn't pick him! We then decided to play a "scavengar hunt" game where we had to go out and find SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING BORROWED AND SOMETHING BLUE! We got into groups of 4; my group went to the Laundry Mat and I had to put a quarter in the washing machine- I have never done that before. Kristin Huffman took a picture with an older gentleman, Dani got some "borrowed" advice from someone in the mall and to win cause the other team was a head of us, we drew a blue sock on dani's leg and WE WON! We stood in Elise Mortensen's (one of the hosts)parking lot and we were bringing up old times, what to expect when it comes to marriage and etc... I walked passed Kassie Rogers and she looked at me and said, "oh, Afton, I would so love to spank you in the butt!" This is an inside joke, back when I was in my 2nd or 3rd year of girls camp and She and Heather were YCL's we would find each other, it didn't where we were and spank each other in the butt! Oh, the good times! We then decided to go back inside and continue talking! We ended up staying out and having a good time till 12:30a.m. It was so great!!! I loved being able to talk with a bunch of gals my age or a little bit older and just totally enjoying ourselves! Dani asked us questions and we gave her answers. There was some where we had to hesitate and try to give an appropriate answer! We even gave her some advice: don't do this, make sure to do this, etc... It was kind of funny cause someone would bring up something and then before you know it, we were all had something to say about that... Yes, we all admitted that our Husband's can be a pain in the butt, I totally agreed. (jk babe) Overall, I seriously needed this night with the girls. I needed this time to get away and be myself and not have to be a mom or a wife for the moment! Don't get me wrong, I love my Mommy and Wife title and being around my babies and husband but this girl definitely needed some Me time! We had so much fun, that I really do hope that we keep our word and hopefully make this a once a month thing!Thanks you guys! Even though Friday night was for Dani, I sure needed it and enjoyed every bit of it!


Both Jason and I got home late Friday night/Saturday morning and we actually ended up sleeping in just alittle bit longer than we should have. My parents went up to Chama Friday afternoon for Chama days and we were to follow Saturday morning. We went because Nena was barrel racing in the rodeo and we got to be with Family that we happen to see only for special events. I am so proud of Nena! Even though she took 4th I believe, I am totally proud of her! She is amazing! It is always so great to see my babies when my parents have them for along time. They always bring a smile to my face. Brady looked so darn cute in his cowboy clothes! Once the rodeo was over with we met up with Tio Gilbert, Tia Jennifer, and Tio Juan. Tio Gilbert was joking with Jason and asking him if we were done having kids. He said "Yes" I say "NO." So, Tio Gilbert said, "Fine, I will pull out my knife and chop your little friends off." No Way Jose!! I am really glad that Jason gets along with my family really well! There is not much to do in Chama. We sat around for along time trying to figure what to do. We finally went over to Aunt Vickie's house and said "hi" then went over to Tio Gilberts and ate. Matthew has a little boy named Leroy who is exactly a year and a couple of days older than Brady. As you know, little boys don't know there own strength and Leroy closed lined Brady and then tried putting him in headlock! A little while later, I believe Brady got hit with a plastic baseball bat by Leroy! Poor Brady, but hey, he has got to toughen up-this is why I think he needs to be around other little kids... The only one is Emma and she is barely starting to sit by herself! Overall, we had a great time visiting with Family... We need more family time instead of only on special occasions. We then went back to Aunt Vickies house and visited for awhile. Before you know it that little while turned into a long time and everyone was getting tired...Finally around 9:45pm I told my dad that we were going to find grandma and get the keys from her and drive to Cebolla where we were staying for the night. When we got on the main hwy, Jason and I got to talking and then before you know it, we never found my grandparents and was on our way home. We got home about 11:30pm and we were all exhausted. Thankfully both Brady & Emma slept the whole way... We were all so tired, we slept in till 10:45am... Oops! Church was at 11am! This weekend was all pretty great! But I did enjoy the much needed rest!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


The other day, after work, Jason and I went to my parents house to pick up our little kiddos. We decided to stay and eat; my mom and I prepared a "breakfast" dinner and while preparing Brady was getting impatient and wanted something to eat now. So, we were giving him some watermelon and when he was done, he would run back into the kitchen for more. At first, I would let it slide and just give it to him... As I was cooking, I realized, As he grows up, he is going to expect something without asking and saying please. He ran into the kitchen again and this time I asked him, "What do you say?" He just kind of looked at me like, "huh?" I would tell him, "Please." I then decided to have him sign the word "please" to me. He couldn't figure out how to do it himself, so everytime he wanted watermelon I would help him sign "please."

As we were eating, Brady wanted some cheese to eat and my mom looked at him and said, "Cheese. Do you want some cheese? Can you say Cheese." We were all watching him and he signed "Please." I think I had tears of Joy rolling down my face; ok so he didn't understand that Cheese and Please are two different things, but he can tell that they sound alike and so having him sign "Please" made me realize that my baby is catching on and me teaching him is paying off!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Couple of Pics of Emma

Jason took Emma outside and put her in the swing! She actually loved it!

(Well in this picture she doesn't really care, but...

(Don't you just love her smile?!?!)


Brady, Emma & Connor

Last night my mom was holding both Connor and Emma...

Can you tell who is the oldest?

(I will give you a hint... It is Emma by 3 1/2 months) I think they both have the same measurements-Head, Length, but Emma has him beat in weight, but not by alot! She is a little over 2lbs bigger!

You can't forget Brady in the picture... he has gotten so big... he didn't care to be in the picture.

(Sorry the pictures are a little blurry)