Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Pics

Here are some random pictures of Emma that I wanted to post:

This is the way Emma sleeps. She is so close to rolling over. When we put her down to sleep, she automatically rolls on to her left side and sleeps.

On Friday, my grandma watch Brady and Emma while I worked. When it was time to leave, grandma put Emma in her carseat. I didn't think to look at her before I left... As I was going to take her out of the carseat when I got home, I found this... Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture? (ok so it has been awhile since she put a baby in a carseat)

Emma is getting a lot stronger sitting by herself! We try everyday to prop her up on the couch and see how long she can last. She is getting so big!

Emma loves her swing! I decided to add some rings to the mix, make it more exciting for her: She loves to grab them and hold on. Jason got my attention and I found her like this... She managed to get her foot inside the hole and just sat there. She was not at all concerned her foot was like that!

I appologize for her eyes being closed in some of the pictures... The flash is kind of bright.


Friday night we had the chance to go see the National High School Finals Rodeo! It was so awesome! I love Rodeos!! I love the attire of the cowboy/cowgirls! As we were walking through the booths, Jason kept saying... Babe, I need a Cowboy hat, I need the spurs, I need... Brady absolutely loves Horses and Big Trucks- The NHSFR was the place to be for him to enjoy it!

When we were walking around the booths, Jason and I saw some people that we knew and as open and Brady is to people he wanted to shake everyone's hand!!! They all thought he was a big hit!!

When we were walking from the parking lot to the Rodeo, they had to block traffic to let this semi get though with a trailer full of cattle... Brady had to stop and watch it go by!

The man announcing everything was talking about the freedoms we have after the "National Anthem" was performed from people all over the world. He then motioned for all to look North(or around that region) and there coming towards us was 2 Military Jets. (I wish I had gotten a closer pic)

When they flew over us I had chills run up and down my body! It was the coolest thing ever... I thought Brady was starting crying from it being so loud, but he too was in awe... They passed over us and over the noise, you could hear from Brady "WOW!" Brady couldn't have said it any better!! The noise didn't face emma!

As we were waiting for Ashli, we stood close to the fence, so Brady could watch the horses; He loved it! When the crowd would clap, Brady would turn around to look at them and then clap with them!
(Doesn't Brady look so cute in his cowboy clothes?!?)
Ashli's "Friend" Derreck had gotten us VIP passes; so, we got to sit in the third level of the casino and watch from there. I liked it alot better cause you could see everything! We were right up next to the window, so it made it nice for Brady to stand up against it and enjoy the scenery.

We could look out the window, but also on the window seal of every table, there was a TV that broadcast the rodeo as well. When Brady was not looking out the window we would point him to the tv when someone was riding... it didn't matter if it was a commercial or someone riding, Brady always said "oh wow!"

(Isn't she so adorable?!?!)

The Rodeo turned out to be a big hit! I really did enjoy it! Derreck had 7-$5 passes, so even when we got free tickets to the rodeo we also got free food! It was all a great night. By 9pm, Brady was getting cranky. We tried everything to keep him entertained, but we knew it was bed time.

When we got home, the excitment of it all totally wore Brady out... He was a sleep within a few minutes of leaving the rodeo.

Happy Birthday!!

Today I turned the BIG 22!! In the 22 years of my life I am pretty proud of the many things that I have been able to accomplish! I am married to the MOST WONDERFUL Man ever, I have the two most beautiful babies and over all I just love everybody in my family and where my life is taking me!

Friday, July 24, 2009

They are staying another night!!!

Things were looking really good as of last night and this morning.. They did want to check his levels once again this morning and if it at a good level, they will be able to go home today. My mom sent me a text this morning; they checked his bili levels and it is now up to a 16.5 (the doctors have not seem him yet so they are waiting to see what is going on). When she told me that I didn't know what to say. I mean, he has had a blessing, we are keeping the faith and holding on as much as we can, one minute the levels are low and then they are high again! What is going on...? All in All we have come to realize that his problems could be so much worse and we have to stay positive in that sence. Connor is still a very healthy baby boy, we just don't know why his levels wont stay down.
My mom again just text me about 20 minutes ago and said, "THEY ARE STAYING ANOTHER NIGHT!" Everyone is so tired and it has got to be hard staying in the hospital for so long... you kind of get bored after a while. They got word that the doctors are going to check an enzyme in his liver and see if he is missing it. Then they will check his levels again in the morning. Oh goodness!
Thankfully Heavenly Father is taking care of Terica and Travis's needs cause when Travis switched jobs his insurance was no more... He got it all taken care of and with everything that has been going on with Connor we all have been stressed as to how they will pay for all of the expenses that have incurred. Heavenly Father has been aware and Travis's insurance became effective as of July 1st! YAY!!!
They will all continue to be in our prayers... Hopefully tonight is the last night!

Where did you get that?

I contantly hate to see boogers in Emma's and Brady's nose. Thanks to long nails, I am able to get them out pretty easy!!! (The joys of being a mother)
This morning while getting Brady ready for the day, I saw a booger in his nose and fought him to get it out. Finally when I got it out, I told him, "look... do you see this booger? It was in your nose-Gross." He has to grab my hand and really pull it in closer to really analyze it!!
Before work when I was dropping the kids of at my sister Ashli's; as I was getting Emma out of the car, Brady says "UHH" I look up and he has a booger on his finger!! I looked inside his nose and sure enough, he figured out how to pick the booger in his nose (I am laughing as I am typing :) )I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing... We will see!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monkey See... Monkey Do!

*Last night, I put on the movie "Happy Feet" Brady really enjoyed it and loved when the music came on, he automatically starts dancing! His form of dancing is waving his hands up and down in the air! Poor kid got his lack of dance skills from his parents! :) If you all remember the movie, the penguin Mumble, has the talent to dance not sing; it's more of tap dance... but you get the idea. As mumble was dancing, Brady was standing in front of the TV bouncing his leg up and down! He was trying to dance like Mumble! It was so cute!!!

*After the movie was over with we went outside and played on the swing for alittle while... As time got closer to bedtime, I brought him inside and sat him down with his books so that I could get his PJ's together and get him ready for bed. Besides, Books keep him entertained and calm! As he was sitting there reading his "Letters" book, He got to the end of book with "X, Y, Z" (each letter has an object of somekind relating to that letter. After the letter Z was done, they show pictures of all the objects from A-Z) and as he was sitting there, he looks up at me and says "uuhhh"(That is his word for wanting to know what something is) and points to the Z for Zebra (I tell him Zebra) and then on the next page he points to the other Zebra! He went back and forth pointing to the Zebra! He Put TWO AND TWO together!! I was so proud of him!

My First tomato plant!

This is a picture of my huge tomato plant! I am pretty excited about because I have never had one before and I don't have a green thumb (my plants always die) PLUS... This is the first little garden I have ever had! This tomato plant is a "Sweet 100" It literally gets its name from the tomatos-I have tons!! So far, about 6 tomatos I have taken off the plant and eaten! They are soo good!

This is a picture of my first tomato! Sorry the picture is awful, but you get the idea as to how big the tomatos get! I'm even kind of proud of myself, my mom's plant (who has the green thumb) is not nearly as big as my plant! Although, I do have to thank my mom... She gave me these two plants to plant and just never got around to it, she eventually gave when she was at my house and did it for me! THANKS MOM!

Where is Waldo (Peach)?

This morning as part of Brady's breakfast I had given him a peach to eat. He sure does love them! He always makes a mess though, that's the bummer part. As you know, a 16 month old and older loves to wonder around and explore... Brady has gotten in the habbit of getting ahold of the canned goods and throwing them on the floor. I pray one does not bust all over... The washing machine is right across from the shelf!
As we were getting ready to leave, Brady came in the living room with one of the cans of Tomato sauce.. I asked him where is Peach went? He of course, puts up his hands like "I don't know." So, I went into our little pantry to find the peach so we can go... I see canned goods all over the floor and the fabric softner out of the cabinet.. I put the fabric softner up and look to see if the peach was in that cabinet.. NOPE! I put the canned goods back on the shelf and trying to find his peach...

(do you see the peach?)

More Pictures of Connor

Isn't it amazing the love you can see when a mommy looks at her baby!

Connor is doing alot better in the last 24 hours. Last night when I talked to my mom, she said his levels were down to an 11! Yay! They want him to be down to a 10 before they let them out of the hospital. Hopefully soon-They have been in the hospital since Monday night. Because he is recovering pretty quickly, they decided he is good enough to be off the lights, etc... for 24hrs. Lucky for Terica and Travis, Connor was able to stay in their room. (Im not sure if that means he got to go to the hotel with them or not) Terica is managing pretty well with nursing! She is producing enough milk-Connor is getting well fed!
I talked to my mom this morning and she thinks that because he was off for 24hrs, his levels went back up to a 15! Bummer! So, they believe they have to stay until 4pm and have his levels get checked once again to see if he is able to handle it at home. They did mention taking bili lights home and having him stay under that. I think it would be alot easier for everyone and be able to get back to the real world...
My mom just texted me at 12:23pm (now) and they are crossing their fingers... The nurse and doctor is hinting to them that they may be able to come home today! yay!
Again... I will keep you posted with more news!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

McKenna Jade Gladden

AT 2:57AM
(My sister-in-law Jessica and her Husband Bryant's new baby girl! WELCOME!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Mommy taking care of her baby!

Doesn't he look older than a week old?

(My mom wanted me to blog and let everyone know of what is going on-sorry if I miss inform. I am trying to remember everything that I have been told.) On Monday Terica & my Mom went to the hospital to get Connor's blood taken to see what his levels were at as far as his jaundice. He left the hospital with some jaundice, but what baby doesn't? As the days went by the felt the need to see what is going on.
To waste time, Mom and Terica stopped by my office, to 1) pickup my babies and 2) show Anne, Connor. They had an appt with Dr. Dekay's office to go over the results at 1:30or so. It was barely after noon and they got a call from the hospital saying they need to get to the hospital as soon as possible. My mom didn't want to worry Terica, but because the jaundice levels were so high, it could cause Brain damage; she left that to Travis... Mom said she cried the whole way there. I would too!
Connor's levels were at a 40 and the doctor said they usually take caution when it is at a 20, so they were really concerned and knew it would be best for him to flown to Albuquerque and get the best treatment done there. Here at San Juan Regional they don't have the proper equipment. Travis flown with Connor and the medical team; there was a chance that Travis was not able to fly with them do to the weight limit, but they made it work. My parents and Terica were already 20 min into the trip when they get the call, luckily it worked out ok.
During the flight, they were able to get Connors levels to about 33; mind you, they want it to be a 10. Travis and Connor beat Terica, mom and dad; but, Travis assured Terica that the Team from the hospital was doing a great job and treating Connor like a "KING."
They had to do a blood transfusion. If I remember correctly, they took out all of his blood and put new blood in; this is suppose to lower the levels quite a bit and looking at the pictures, stay under the light to help reduce the level some more.
07/21/2009-As of today, I was told that the levels are now down to 15, but more than likely will be staying the night again in the hospital.
You know, this just goes to show that Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and what is going on. And a sure Testimony that HE does hear our prayers and never leave one unanswered. We are very thankful for the prayers that said would be done by many of you and because of the love of everyone-Connor is getting that much closer to being home having a normal life again.
We will continue to keep everyone updated...

Monday, July 20, 2009


Brady is such a smart little boy! This morning as I was straightening up the house, I could hear Brady in his room. When I went in there, he was standing up waiting for me- I love to see him like that! Anywho, I asked him if he wanted out and he said, "yes" So, then he starts climbing on the rails trying to get out, luckily enough there is like an end table with his nightlight and cd player right next to his crib, so when his foot slipped that is what he landed on instead of falling in between the bars. He looks at me and says "oww." I pulled him out of the crib and instead of walking towards the living room, he walks to his books and started reading! I tried to be sneaky, but when the camera clicked he turned around and decided he was done! When Brady is cranky, we will pull out a book and start reading, sometimes he just likes to be by himself and read. My mom has his books on the bottom shelf at her house and when she would ask him to go get a book, he would walk right to them. So, I decided to move his books from one of the top shelves to the very bottom shelf so that he can get them. It is kind of nice when I need to get things done, I will ask him to go read a book and sure enough, he will walk to his room and read!
He is 16 months old now and this is what Brady does:
*Loves to say "HI"
*You will go up to people, especially in church, and shake their hands
*When asked if hungry-you walk straight to the fridge
*You are finally a cousin
*You say "bye"
*You are developing a "Fake" laugh! (When you "fake" laugh I tell you, "you are so silly!" and then you fake laugh again)
*You sometimes get stingy about your hugs and kisses
*When Emma is crying you will look for her bottle or pacifier and try to give it to her-You can't quite connect the bottle to the mouth yet.
*You love to feed yourself (When I feed you, you act like you are done, but when you have the spoon or fork, you will eat the whole thing)
*You love to water the garden with nahnie and papa (you even get to hold the hose)
*When you have an ouchy you will tell me and want me to kiss it. When I ask if anywhere else hurts, you will point to something else!
(the other day, we were swinging and you had an ouchy on your hand, I kissed it and then you said "ow" to the other hand; this went back and forth. I asked if anywhere else hurt and you looked at me then your body and pointed to your right leg and said "ow" so I kissed it. Again I asked"anywhere else" and you pointed to your left leg. Your silly!
*You love to read
*You love to throw things in the trash. When I change your diaper or emma's you pick it up and throw it away! Makes my life a little easier!
(we have to look in the trash before we throw anything away cause you like to throw things in there, that don't belong in there.)
*You know to fold your arms when we say prayer
*You like to take the can goods of the shelf and lay them on the floor
*You love to throw everything, you love to throw the ball with someone
*When asked for Brady "Besos" you give us a kiss (Besos=Kiss in spanish)
*When you are falling you say "ahhh"
*When I tell you to close the toilet lid, you do and then clap!
*You get off the bed and couch real easy
*When we ask you something and you don't know, you lift up your hands (like I don't know)
*When Jason & I or grandparents kiss-you want to be apart of the action and then it becomes one Big Circle of Kisses
*Jason will give me a hug and tell Brady, "Mommy is mine!" Brady will look at us and then come up to me and grab me by the legs!
*You love trucks (When you see a truck, you say, "Oh, WOW!")
*You love to say "OH WOW!"
*You don't mind wearing hats-We don't leave without one
*When food is hot, we tell you or you see us blow on it to cool it down and so you blow on it. When eating and it's still hot, you blow on it.
*When I say, "It's hot in here" You blow on the air to try to cool the room off
*You love to wrestle
*When asked to see your muscles, you lift your arms to show us
*When asked something and you don't know, you lift up your arms like (I don't know)
*You always say "No" and "Don't"
*When Jason's parents dogs are trying to lick Brady, he will tell them "don't"
*You love Horses
**No more bottle-Only the sippy cup
*You still have your pacifier
*When talking & you have your pacifier in your mouth, we tell you "we can't understand you with your pacifier in your mouth. Please take it out so we can understand you." You will take it out and give it to me and continue talking.
*Every door has to be closed
*When I tell you "let's take a nap" you will walk to your room.
*You understand alot more than you can speak! I love that we can tell you something and you know what to do!

Brady & Emma

Brady~ 5 1/2 months old

Emma~ 2 months old
* I was looking through my pictures and realized that I have a picture taken of both Brady and Emma and they look so much alike! It is kind of funny that in both of them, we are playing with the camera... I LOVE MY BABIES!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surgery Date

It is set: Emma will be having her cleft lip and ear surgery done on August 26, 2009.

Yesterday Jason was able to go with me to Albuquerque for Emma's Dr. appt with Dr. Cuadros. He will be the doctor who will be performing Emma's cleft lip surgery. Thankfully enough, they like to do the ear surgeries at the same time, so Dr. Horn will perform her surgery on her ears the same day. Yay! I felt really comfortable with Dr. Cuadros; according to him, the surgery will take all together take about 3hrs. He will for sure do the left side of the cleft. She has a very minor bilateral cleft lip;meaning, the cleft is on both side of the lip

(Can you see from looking at her, the right side wanted to form into a cleft, but just barely started?)

We have to report to Dr. Cuadros on Tues afternoon for a pre-op appointment and then we will stay the night in Albuquerque and be at Presbyterian Hospital at 6am. The day of surgery is going to be such a long day! She will have to stay in the hospital over night and if she is recovering pretty well, we will be able to go home the next day... If she is still a little out of it, we might have to stay an extra night.

I questioned about her feedings; because of the pressure from the bottle onto her lips, we will have to feed her with a syringe or something like that. This will last for a week, thankgoodness! With the stitches on her lip, they don't want her to irritate them, so I believe she will have to have some sort of brace around her arms to where she can't touch her face. I can't imagine the nights we will be having!

Once the week is up, we will have go back to Dr. Cuadros office or the Hospital, not for sure yet, have him put emma under anesthia one more time via face mask and then take out her stitches. Apparently, these stitches don't come out on there own and because he said the stitch is so small I guess he is going to need special tools to get them out.

They showed us pictures of before and after babies, they performed the surgery on, who were born with cleft lips and I have never seen one before and I was totally amazed. Some babies, you could see the scarring, and other babies you couldn't even tell they had a cleft lip. I wonder what Emma is going to look like after the surgery!

When Dr. Horn performs the surgery in her ears, he will be putting tubes, I believe in her ear drums to relieve some pressure and help her hear and understand words better so it doesn't affect her speach. The tubes will then fall out on their own. Some people have told me it has taken their kids years to fall out... We will see.

I am a little nervous about the whole process, but I do believe everything will work out for our good.

P.S. Dr. Cuadros said for sure he will be performing the surgery on the left side of her lip and he might do the right... If not, we will have to wait a year and get the right side done. I just say do both at the same time! Make it a little easier on me!

Connor Lee Hill

Connor Lee Hill came into the world yesterday around 6:40pm. He was not due until July 27, 2009.

8lbs 10oz and 21in.
He is such a big baby and you know the funny thing is that when Brady was born he weighed 8lbs 8oz; it's amazing what 2oz can do!

My mom was suppose to come with me to Albuquerque for Emma's doctors appt. We had to meet with Dr. Cuadros about her lip surgery. Jason got a call at 5am and I woke up questioning "Who in the world would be calling at this time?" He looks at it, says it's my mom and hits the snooze button and falls back asleep. I wondered why she didn't call my phone. Sure enough, I had 11 missed calls! It's like Jason said, if it is not a Baby crying, we don't hear nothing at night! My mom was trying to get a hold of me from 4am to 5am and nothing! Apparently my sister Terica's water broke around 4am. What is funny is that, Monday night I was talking to Terica and Travis about the things they need to pack for the Hospital... That night when they got home, Terica thought maybe they should pack their bags, Travis agreed, then Terica decided because it was getting late and she had to open the next morning at work, she would wait for another day.... OOPS! My mom even said after we left Monday night, they stayed and talked about what it feels like to have your water break! What a coincidence. But, I am glad they had this talk, because I think they were a little prepared...
According to my mom, Terica had a hard time, but she was a trooper and experienced the labor even after the epidural wore off. (they even gave it to her twice) When we got to hold the little guy, poor Terica looked worn out-but it is totally worth it!
Congratulations Terica and Travis-You guys made a BEAUTIFUL little boy!

Brady... Brady... Brady

This little boy is such a mischevious little one! He is constantly getting into things (which toddler doesn't) I had bought him some 12 month pair of pants the other day... He is need of longer pants; he can fit into 9 month pants, but it looks like he is waiting for a flood. They need to invent or I need to find a belt just for him!Sunday afternoon Jason was telling me that Brady's pants are a little big for him...


Everytime he would bend down or walk, his pants would get closer and closer to falling down. Thank goodness he has somewhat of a Butt cause that what the top of his pants are hanging on to. Just before his pants were off, they were down to his knees and he kept trying to walk and do his thing. Jason and I couldn't help but laugh the whole time!

Finally... Brady couldn't handle them down to his knees so he stepped right out of them and went pantless the rest of the day! Such a silly little boy!

Brady & Emma

I just love my babies so MUCH! I don't know what I would do with out them. I love when they make me smile, laugh, cry, etc... Here are some pictures that shows why my heart melts for them!

Here is Brady playing with Emma in her bouncer! He kept trying to give her kisses and she just laughed and smiled the whole time. (please ignore Brady's clothes- he loves to play on the trampoline; they always make your clothes black)

Brady is such a great big brother, even when he doesn't realize it at the moment. He loves to give Emma kisses and cuddle with her.

See... Don't these two faces make your heart melt?!?!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boring Me

So, here is the deal... Jason has gotten on this high about the different hobbies he has become interested in!
  • He now loves to hunt
  • His dad gave him his 22, that he no longer uses
  • Today... TODAY he just bought himself a $600 bow with all the works
  • He has a hunt coming up in October
  • When we go to the lake next weekend, he plans to fish...
  • He takes advantage of the chance he gets to Golf

I could go on and on about his hobbies and then there is boring me... I don't do anything- I don't have a hobby. My life consists of:

  • Taking care of my babies
  • working
  • Trying my best to keep my house clean, but with a little one that gets into everything, it doesn't quite work


Jason does feel bad for all the things he gets to do and I am stuck with very little. Yeah, I do enjoy being with my babies, but this girl needs more excitement in her life! I am in need of new things to do.. Help? Does anyone have any ideas?

My Niece Faith

Jason's brother Daniel and his girlfriend have a 2 1/2 year old daughter named Faith! She is one smart little cookie!
Faith acts like she is older than she really is and the way she acts, she can act pretty mature. Faith loves to take care of Brady and Emma when Lillie-my mother-in-law is watching them. According to Lillie, Faith even tells Lillie to be careful when holding Emma! :)

She loves to be grandma and mommies little helper! I believe she is going to make a great mom when she grows up!

4th of July Weekend!

It is now becoming a tradition to go camping up in LaPlata, CO, La Plata Canyon to be exact! This year was a little bit colder than last year- It was kind of a bummer to have to put a hoody on- I am in need of a tan! Emma and Brady did awesome. Brady loved to roam around and get as dirty as can be!

Our campsite is pretty big and right next to us is the river! Brady loved to sit on the river bed and throw rocks into it. I must say he has a pretty good arm! I believe he could have sat there for hours. At times when he would get cranky, we would bring him to the river and become happy as can be.

As we were preparing for our camping trip, I suggested a blow up matress. Jason believed that we didn't need one; let's just say... Next time we are packing one!

Here is a picture of Brady when I was packing our suitcases. I needed to find out if his boots finally fit him and so while I still hadn't changed him, I have him in Shorts and Boots! You can't help but laugh- he is such a cute little boy!

We went for a hike. Man am I out of shape... Yes, I have slacked on my workout- I really don't have anytime. Anywho.. The hike was great; I told Jason we need to do this more often. I seriously hate being out of shape! Emma fell right to sleep in the little carrier we have for her and Brady only wanted to be held. My dad carried him on his shoulders on the way up and Jason carried him on the way down. We did have a wagon for him; he didn't care for the bumps too much. Instead, the wagon be came a carrier for everybodys things.

We played quite a few games. The most popular I believe was washers! The next was Phase 10! You know, I really hate to play with cheaters and when I am losing! Saturday night, when we were playing Phase 10, I was not doing so well and started getting irritable and frustrated. Poor Jason, I took it out all on him. I am just so glad that he loves me enough not to hold a grudge. Kevin and Tia Ang were sitting next to each other and they were the ones I was getting mad at! Dorsett, Tia Ang son, was sitting next to her, but not playing and was being sneaky and got the other deck of phase 10 and was trying to find the cards she needed! She somehow never went on to the next phase- I guess that is what you get for cheating! Ashli ended up winning the game!

The food was absolutely great! It was not the typical Hamburgers and Hotdogs every night...
Thursday Night: Frito Pies
Friday Morning: Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and Hashbrowns
Friday Afternoon: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
Friday Night: Fajitas (Man were they YYYYUUUUUMMMMMYYYY!!)
Saturday Morning: French Toast
Saturday Afternoon: Sandwiches
Saturday Night: BBQ chicken, Corn on the cob, Baked Potatoes and my mom's specialty: Sauted Jalapenos and onions, velvetta cheese and can of diced tomatos! Pour that right over the baked potato and you're set! Oh, and you can't forget the tortillas!
Sunday morning: Eggs, hashbrows, cereal

*Do you believe me know that the food was GREAT! We were fed like KINGS camping! :) You can't forget the smores! We ate one at least every night! One thing that I learned from Girls Camp was roasting starbursts! I love how it makes a crunchy outer shell and very soft in the middle. Some of the family didn't care for it-They are weird! Jk

I absolutely love this picture of Emma. My mom took it when my cousin Kevin was entertaining her! He would try to give her Kisses and when he would get close to her, she would open her mouth- I think she even gave him the tongue at times. Don't you love her bow? I made that for her! I am starting to get a creative side to me! It matched her 4th of July outfit perfectly.

My dad brought his bow to practice with for his bow hunt in September. Jason and Kevin were also trying it out and they did have a hard time! I think my dad is alot stronger than them and a longer arm span. I believe Jason and Kevin almost busted a vein trying to pull it back. It was quite funny, but once they got it locked in, they had no problem. You know I must say, I was really impressed with Jason, He was shooting the bow, chopping wood, etc... That it just made me have a greater love for him... How do I say it, it was a turn on!!!! :)

The weekend turned out really great. Next time, we just need to have Terica and Travis to come. I look forward to the many traditions of camping and the memories we make!

3 months old!