Friday, December 31, 2010

It is time....

So my little boy is deciding to come after all. He is only 3 days late but that's ok, he is coming!
I woke up around 12:45 because Brady woke up due to a scary dream. Before I went to comfort him, I had to go to the bathroom, but when I got up from the bed, I was a wet. I didn't really know what it was from. I have never had my water break before so I didn't know if that was the cause. I comforted brady and again, I got wet and could feel fluid coming out everyonce in a while. I started reading up on the internet of signs of water breaking.... Some women said it felt like water gushing out and some said it was just trickles here and there. The trickling part was more of my experience. It also mentioned to lay down for 30 min and then get up and if more fluid comes out that is the amniotic fluid not just urine. When I got up not a lot of fluid came out, so I went back to sleep. Oh don't get me wrong, it took me a long time to sleep because I had so much on my mind.
I woke up around 8am; my pad was wet but not that bad. I went about my morning, my contractions were here and there but nothing constant. Around 11am I was starting to get a little worried because I had not felt my baby move since 2 this morning. Mind you, I slept for 6 more hrs so I didn't feel anything at the time. I started worrying. To be honest, I started thinking the worse. We brought the kids over to Jasons parents house. We thought it would be best to go over to the hospital, check the fluid to see if it is amniotic and make the sure the baby is ok. I figured it would be a quick check and go home and eat. Nope!
My water did break and the baby did have a bowl movement, so we have to get that watched and be prepared for when I deliver him. The nurse, Patty put the heart monitor on and wa la, our baby boy is still doing good. Because I am in labor I can't eat. Boo! Because my water broke, apparently you have to deliver within 24hrs of it breaking. So I am thinking we have until 12:45 tonight. We also have to deliver within that time to prevent infection and a c-section.
Around 2:45pm they started me on ptocin, I was dialated a 1-2 cm and 50% effaced. It is now 3:45 and I think the contractions are getting stronger. I do remember the pain, so I know right now I can handle this. We shall see what happens in the next few hrs.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rice Krispy House

I have always wanted to do a gingerbread house with the kids, but they have always been to young until now! The gingerbread house seemed kind of hard to put together so I found this rice krispy house kit and thought this was perfect. The kit even came with a pan to make the house out of. We were going to decorate the house last night, but Jason didn't get home from church until 9pm. Ya, that was just a little to late for the kids. So, since we had to come into town tonight, Jason thought it was a good idea to make it with his parents.

Jason had to check up on the football game every once in a while!
I just love this picture! Both of them working so hard to make their house pretty!

The end result! Brady is all about putting things in a line. I love the gum drops lined up across the house! They did a great job, don't you think!

The catcher

This picture tells a lot about brady. He is our sports lover and is constantly playing some kind of sport at home with his dad, me or grandpa's. This picture was taken one Sunday evening playing baseball and he had to make sure that he had his catcher attire on. His gloves are pajamas still in the package and his helmit is a fire fighter hat! Oh the imagination! I sure do love this little boy!
He had told me one day that when he grows up he wants to play baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis and be a cowboy and bull ride. Boy are we going to have our hands full when he grows up!

My Little Helpers

I sure do enjoy my little helpers. Sometimes they make it easy for me and other times, I have to come back and redo what they did. I am forever grateful for their eagerness to learn and help me every chance they can. Emma is delayed in her speech and so we are constantly talking to her so that one day she can pick up on the sounds. Thankfully her hearing aides have started helping her hear better and she is now up to about 6 words. :) Brady is such a great big brother. Emma will pull out the silverware from the dishwasher, hand it to him, and he will tell her what she has given him and then he puts it away. (Our speech therapist believes that Emma will learn more from him, then us)
Boy do I really not care to clean the toilets, but I sure do love that my daughter does! Emma is getting alot better about mimmicking (sp?) the things that we do. With my pregnant belly it does get hard sometimes to get the smaller things and Emma will be right there to clean up the rest! She is going to make a great mom one day! I had to take this picture because I actually didn't clean the toilets that day. Her favorite new toy is to get the toilet brush and clean the toilet!

Pretty in Pink

This is my pretty in pink little girl Emma! She is now 20 months old and such a doll! We enjoy her very much!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


About a month, I would write down some of the things that Brady would say that just crack us up. Here are a few:
*Brady-"I want to watch the deer movie. Mom, where is my gun?"
Brady-"So I can shoot the deer!"

*Mom-"Brady I have had enough..."
Brady-"What are you talking about?"

*Brady-"Are the coyotes out right now?"
Mom-"No, it's still light out."
Brady-"The coyotes come out at night. "
Mom-"Ya, they come out to eat naughty boys like you."
Brady-"And mommy, daddy and Emma"

*Brady gives me a kiss and then says, "we're married"

*"Mommy is having a baby and Emma will when she is married."

*10-18-10-(Had another ultrasound)-Nahnie-"What's your baby brothers name?"
Brady-"Um.... Comet"
(Everything that is ready for the baby, Brady believes it is for baby comet.)

*Dad-"Brady, when is Santa coming?"
Brady-"Santa is coming to town!" (While singing the song)

*Dad-"Brady do you know when we celebrate Christmas?"
Brady-"On Thursday!" (I didn't even know he new some of the days of the week)

*Mom-"Brady, now that you went poop in the potty, we need to wipe your butt."
Brady-"Ok. Don't get your hands dirty. "

*(I am changing my nephews diaper who is 17 months old)
Brady-"Oh, Connor has a penis just like Brady does."
Mom-"Yes, all boys have a penis"
Brady-"Connor has a baby penis and I have a Big Huge Penis!"

*12-5-10-Brady-"Its not dark"
Daddy-"It is dark outside."
Brady-"No. It is dark brown"

*12-6-10-Brady-"What is that man doing?"
Nahnie-"He is shoveling dirt."
Brady-"Yah, that's right!"

*12-9-10-Brady-"Did Emma go poop?"
Mom-"Yes, Poop and Pee"
Brady-"Gross Emma! Bleh- You just made me puke!"

*12-20-10-Mom-"Are you going to sit on and talk to Santa tonight?"
Mom-"What will you ask Santa for Christmas?"
Mom-"What else?"
Brady-"Strawberries and Oranges!"
(I guess instead of buying gifts we should have just bought him food!)

I just love my little Brady. He cracks me up every day with the things that he says. I can't believe he is going to be 3 in March. My little boy is growing up so fast! He is a 2 1/2 year old who is like going on 10! I will have to post next time of the little smarty pants he is!

Whats the rush?

Writing in my journal has always been a passion of mine. Unfortunately, having two little ones running around and keeping me on my toes, it's hard to get back into it. Having this blog does make it nice for journaling purposes.
It is a bummer that I didn't write anything about this pregnancy. When we found out I was pregnant with Brady we got a journal right away and I wrote all about that pregnancy. With Emma, I did buy a journal and sad to say wrote maybe 3 entries. With baby #3, I just realized the other day that I had not bought a journal for him. Pathetic! I am now 39 weeks today and still no baby. What's the rush?? At last weeks dr appt, I was really thinking that with all of the braxton hicks contrations I have been having that I was dialated at least a cm. Nope! Yesterday at my appt, I was hoping again for some good news. Nope! I still have not dialated.Dr. Chang said this baby doesn't want to come out. He is pretty content where he is. I am happy I can keep him happy there, but this mom is getting VERY uncomfortable. I toss and turn all through the night and I roast! The thermostat is set on 70 degrees and it's so hot. Everyone else is cold! My dr stripped my membranes, this is suppose to help get the process started. I'm crossing my fingers that he comes this week. It is tradition, Dr. Chang delievered both Brady and Emma. He needs to deliever this little boy, who by the way is still nameless. Yikes! I don't have much time left. I always manage have my due date around the time of my drs vacations. If I don't have this baby some time this week, then another doctor will be delivering. My dr is going out of town next week. I hope and pray we have a miracle this week.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I apologize for the blog neglect. I look at my blog and feel so quilty. It is kind of hard to find the time when you don't have the internet at home.
It has been 5 months since I last posted and a lot has happened since then. A lot of these things I will eventually go into more detail but here is an idea of what has been going on:
*The last sister is getting married and we had her bridal shower in the beginning of May.
*We found out that I was pregnant with #3, we just never told anyone for awhile.
*Jason was called to be the Elders Quorum President-We had stake conference and had the opportunity to eat with one of the General Authority's Elder Foster!
*I was called to be a "Camp Mom" for Girls Camp with the church.
*Tiffanys Bachlorette Party
*Tiffany & Drew "Together Life is Sweeter" Wedding
*Emma had a hearing test. Results: Right ear-mild hearing loss. Left ear-moderate hearing loss
*went to Utah for a wedding. Dallas & Becca
*My Nephew Connor turned 1
*My neice McKenna turned 1
*Roundtree is a service company that comes to my house atleast 3 times a month to provide service for Emma (Physical, speech and occupational therapy)
*Dr. Cuadros had thought Emma had congenital ptosis, which is drooping of the eye lids- we saw a dr from Eye Associates and they said it was nothing to worry about nor does she have a stigmatism (YAY)
*We found out the newest addition to our family is a BOY! We are very excited but we are having a very hard time trying to find a name for him. *My cousin Justin got married to Tammy
*We had a "special" stake conference and got to meet another General Authority- Elder Anderson. Such a great opportunity.
*We finally got Emma scheduled for hearing aides. She should have gotten them when she was atleast 6months old, she is now 17 months old.
*My little babies are growing up so quick! Brady is 2 and a half and like going on 6! Emma is 17 months old and looks like she is 12 months old. She will always be my petite girl!
*A few more weeks and Emma gets to attend nursery at church. YAY!!!!!!
*Jason's hunt
*Papa's Birthday (my dad)

I have a few days out of the week where I don't have to go anywhere- most of the time it is spent cleaning.I really do enjoy being home and I am forever grateful that Jason does have a job to make that possible. I really do hope to be better with my blog-in due time.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Suture Removal

I love her hands. I just love every inch of her.
Who would have known that she just got her stitches out? She was happy as can be once she woke up.When doctor Cuadros called me back to the recovery room, I saw her laying there and it was so different compared to last time. I figured that she would wake up fast, but she just layed there asleep. I think it had to have been 30 min to an hour when she finally woke up. I felt sorry for my mom and Brady because with the H1n1 stuff going around, they wouldn't let Brady in the hospital. So, my mom and him hung out in the van watching movies. The nurse helping Emma, started pulling off the cords and such and that caused her to wake up. She recovered very well. We will have to go back in a few months to fix the tip of her lip. One of the stitches fell out and sense Emma's doctor is such a perfectionist, we will be going back to get it fixed.
Oh and as an update: Her last and hopefully the last surgery will be July 6, 2010.

More pics of Emma's surgery

Sorry the pictures are out of order....

Emma was so out of it! I really do hate to see my baby in pain. Thankfully this time, I was more prepared.

Say Cheese!
Brady entertaining us while we were waiting for the doctor to tell us they were done. *************************************************************
Again, Emma had to fast for her surgery and so in the mean time to keep her occupied, Jason would put her on his shoulders and boy did she get alot of attention! All of the nurses would stop to talk to her through the glass.

Emma sure does love her daddy!

Brady is a great helper

Brady is such a great helper! I have learned to be patient with him helping me, he has got to learn and in order for him to learn and prepare for when he is older, I have to step back and let him do it himself.

Here he is after the dishes were done in the dishwasher. Again, I have to step back and let him put away the utensils. I was so proud, the other day, he grabbed a sharp knife and actually knew where to put it. (with my help of course!) Then once the knife was taken care of, he grabbed a mixing bowl from the bottom part of the dishwasher and actually opened the right cabinet, where it goes. I was impressed.
I of course, put the utensils up right, once we were done unloading the dishwasher! And he left the kitchen!

Emma standing

One afternoon when Emma finished her nap, I decided stand her up, just to see how she would do. She actually did really good. She still can't stand by herself unless she has help.
I LOVE her smile
She loved grabbing for her ladybug mobile.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Make-up Mishap

One morning while I was folding laundry on my bed, I had heard some noises in my bathroom. I peek through and low and behold it was Brady. I automatically knew what he was doing. It is just so funny that I should have went in the bathroom and taken away what he had, but I couldn't help take a couple of pictures.

He is putting on my mascara. He has watched me one too many times, put my makeup on standing in front of that mirror.

What is kind of funny is that Brady put it in the right area of his face. He has such long eye lashes that he actually got mascara on them!
He is showing me that he was putting on Nahnie's lipstick.
One morning, I was on hold with the City of Farmington to pay my electric bill and why I left the table, I am not sure... Probably to help Emma with something... When I came back to the table because I was not on hold anymore to give them my credit card info, I find Brady in my purse. I always keep my blush, lipstick, mascara and eye lash curler in my purse... You never know when I will need it; anywho, I find Brady with mascara and lipstick all over his mouth. The lady on the other line, couldn't help but laugh.

Valentines Day

Oh My Gosh! I just realized that I never posted about Valentines Day and that was a couple of months ago. Goodness!

A friend had posted about this craft she made for the Valentines Holiday. I saw it and fell in love! Ever since I have been home with my kids, I for some reason have been wanting to become more crafty. I am horrible because I am not that creative but I was really happy with the way the this project turned out. It is hearts on a string, strung from the ceiling.

Emma 10 months old and so stinkin' cute!
For breakfast, Jason made heart shaped pancakes with pink food coloring! I do enjoy that he likes to cook/bake. Brady sure does love pancakes.
For Valentines I didn't get to extravagent for gifts. Just a stuffed animal and skittles for Brady and nail polish for Emma. It was kind of funny because when they woke up, Brady found the gifts right away and didn't care to much about the stuffed dog. He was just so excited about the skittles.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am so behind on blogging but I posted about 10 different posts... Enjoy. More to come!

Precious Moments

One night, more than likely we had come home from our parents house and Emma had fallen asleep on the way. When we had taken her out of carseat to change her and put her to bed, she was so tired that she just rolled over and stayed asleep on her face. I thought it was so cute that Jason wanted to sleep next to her.
Emma and her cousin Connor... Need I say more?!
Brady and Emma one morning were playing together and Brady thought it would be fun to put Emma's dress hats on her. Don't you love their pajamas? No, Emma is not pulling herself up yet, I had to stand her up, but she does good staying there.
I stuck Brady and Emma in Brady's room for some quiet time and have them read their books. A picture is worth a thousand words!

One evening Jason was calming Brady down by pulling up the internet on his phone pictures of tractors. He wanted to see Green ones, Yellow ones, Red ones, etc... Brady loves to look at tractors, animals, etc...