Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Little Helpers

I sure do enjoy my little helpers. Sometimes they make it easy for me and other times, I have to come back and redo what they did. I am forever grateful for their eagerness to learn and help me every chance they can. Emma is delayed in her speech and so we are constantly talking to her so that one day she can pick up on the sounds. Thankfully her hearing aides have started helping her hear better and she is now up to about 6 words. :) Brady is such a great big brother. Emma will pull out the silverware from the dishwasher, hand it to him, and he will tell her what she has given him and then he puts it away. (Our speech therapist believes that Emma will learn more from him, then us)
Boy do I really not care to clean the toilets, but I sure do love that my daughter does! Emma is getting alot better about mimmicking (sp?) the things that we do. With my pregnant belly it does get hard sometimes to get the smaller things and Emma will be right there to clean up the rest! She is going to make a great mom one day! I had to take this picture because I actually didn't clean the toilets that day. Her favorite new toy is to get the toilet brush and clean the toilet!

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