Friday, August 31, 2012


Life has been pretty crazy for us here at the Tucker household.
Jason: Jason has been enjoying his job working as an outside salesman for Oil & Gas Equip. Co. A few months ago, the company bought him a new work truck and he just fell in love! Don't worry... he loves me more! One of the little incentives to buying this truck for him was so that when he takes on his next position he has a better reliable truck. What's his next position?? The company has decided for our family to move to Colorado Springs, CO and Jason will run the business up there. He is a little apprehensive about the position but we have come to the conclusion that we have always been scared to get out of our comfort zones, but we can't grow until we actually take that first step.
Afton: I am a stay-at-home mom to three adorable, yet crazy three little ones! My days consist of taking care of my children and my husband and making sure their needs are met before I even think about myself. Yes, that is right... I have forgotten how to take care of my self. One day, I will find it... I also started taking care of a friend of mine's little boy (8-9 months) while she goes back to school. It is only two days a week and it will be nice to get a little extra income. My life is pretty crazy, ver tiring, overwhelming, stressful but all in all I would not trade it for the world.
Brady: Brady is now 4 years old but acts like he is a teenager. We didn't put him into Preschool this year. I tried to put him into a public preschool but during the Summer his knowledge for everything made it known that he wouldn't qualify. He would be bored. He does like the fact that we can have school at home. Brady can count to 100, knows the alphabet and is trying to now do it backwards, count by 10's to 100, He is getting so close to reading on his own, He is very good sounding words out, He is a great big brother and loves teaching and helping his sister will sign language. I love it when the "light bulb" has gone off in his little brain... when he has figured out the answer/problem his voice gets really high pitch! When you ask Brady what he wants to be when we grows up, he will tell you that he wants to be an athlete. He is very shy when out in public. A big milestone has happened at church, he actually loves going and will go by himself now! Yay! We are making progress!
Emma: Emma is now 3 years old and we love every bit of her. Jason has decided that Emma is all the girl he can handle! She is afraid of nothing! We decided to put her in preschool this year and so far she is loving it. Every day when she gets off the bus, she lets us know that, that is her bus! She still has a 25% delay in speech, but it amazes me every day how much speech she is picking up and getting better at repeating a word we have said. She is so close to putting together 3 word sentences. At school, the teacher write back and forth of how Emma's day went and it hit hard with the fact that she can't tell me how her day went or anything like that. I do like that Teacher has kept me up to date. The hearing aids she has have been a great asset for her. Emma is still very tiny. The other day I noticed she had put on 18 months shorts and they fit perfect. (I was surprised that their were in her drawer and not put up). She may be tiny, but she can definitely hold her own! Unfortunately, her brothers like to gang up on her.
Easton: Easton is now 21 months old and I can't believe how much he has grown. He definitely has my features. The dark skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. He loves sports... it is a great bonding moment for Daddy and Easton when they sit together and watch sports! He is definitely a big boy and I think when he grows up he will be great at them. He continues to talk more and more everyday. He still doesn't have all of his teeth! Easton loves to dance! He loves to eat! He likes to get into everything and chew on everything. He always has crayon in his teeth!
We have our ups and downs but I love that it is our family to make those memories!