Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So, I think this post will be me venting... about Brady!

I absolutely love my little boy to death. I love it that when he is ready to go to bed, he comes and cuddles with me. I love that when that he is growing up so much and learning new things everyday. I love that when in the middle of the night, if he is having a nightmare and crying for awhile, I can go into his room and comfort him. I love my Brady!

Now.... the time to vent.... Brady has become such an independent little boy. When it is time to eat, he knows that he needs to have his highchair and he stands next to it until I get it for him. He doesn't like for us to feed him. He will only eat when we do the airplane, but it gets old at every bite. Brady wants to feed himself. He is now at the point where he takes a couple of bites and then likes to throw the rest of his food. SO AGGRAVATING!!!! In the mornings I have to get ready for work, so I stick him in the living room in his highchair and put on a movie so that he intertained. Boy, does it push my buttons when I come into the living room to find the bowl on the floor turned upside down and pieces of food thrown all over. It does frustrate me also that since he wants to throw his food on the floor, he gets put in timeout and then doesn't get anything until snack time. So, the frustrating part is that he hardly ever eats. No, he doesn't cry because he is hungry, but still... He really knows how to push my buttons and I have to sit there for a second to calm down so I don't raise my voice at him. This can only go on for so long. Help!!!!!
Has anybody been in this situation? What did you do to overcome?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Great-Grandma Maggie

On Sunday, 09/20/2009 my great-grandma Maggie passed away from a stroke. She was the mother of 17 children. I can't remember how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren but I do know that she also had 3 great-great-grandchildren! Brady, Emma & Connor. :) Grandma Maggie lived a great life and I am so happy to know that one day I will be able to see her again and that she is not suffering anymore and reunited with her husband, sons and other family.
Grandma Irma, Great-Grandma Maggie, Me (emma), My dad and Brady
We were able to get a 5 generation picture and for some reason I didn't get one with Emma when she was born! If you look at the picture, I am actually pregnant with Emma-that is like getting the 5 generation picture, right?
The funeral service took place on Thursday 09/24/2009 in Cebolla, NM. It is a tiny town just 30 min (North, East, South, West) of Chama. I don't know which one. The day was beautiful; which was good cause I was a little scared that brady and Emma would freeze. During the funeral service, Emma decided to be the chatter box and scream and talk the whole entire time. The funeral had not gone on for about 10 min and I was needing to take her to the back. It was probably not appropriate for Emma to be talking during the service. When I got up, Brady started crying because I was leaving and so my mom was with him right behind me. I wanted to stand in the back, but the church is so tiny that there was a crowd standing in the back watching.. I make my way out the door and still more people standing outside. For the rest of the funeral service, we stayed outside and the kids enjoyed it. The cemetery is just up the road, so from the church we walk on to the main hwy and turn left in to the cemetery. It was nice because grandma maggie was burried right next to her kids and my grandpa paul(her husband)!

All of my uncles (grandma maggies boys) were the ballbearers (Sp?)

"God be with you till we meet again."

Friday, September 25, 2009

18 Month Cont.

Don't you hate it when you have posted something and then realize that you left some stuff out... I look at the many things that Brady does and for family updates and memories, I need to continue. I hope I get everything.....

*Brady puts his finger to his mouth and "Sshhhh" when Emma is sleeping
*He knows how to clearly make the sounds of a Cow and a snake
*He gets CAR SICK-yay! :(
*He LOVES fruit. If he could eat that all day, everyday he would
*When at home and about to eat, he won't start eating until he is in his highchair.
*He is very independent. ex: He gets mad when we open something for him and he wont take it
*It doesn't matter what Brady is doing, when he hears the fridge open-he comes running in to get something to eat!
*He loves to Drive
*Anything we ask him to do, he understands
*He is one sly little boy!
*Anything he straddles, he thinks it is a horse
*He loves to wrestle
*He can sit and read books for hours. When he is being cranky, I ask him to go to his room and get a book-it totally calms him
*He thinks that just about everything is a gun. He points the object and says "BaBa"
*He wears a size 4 shoe-yes he has tiny feet
*He tries to get himself dressed
*He loves the primary song "Popcorn popping on the apricot tree" (You know, I am not sure the title of the song) When I am done, he tells me "AGAIN"
*He loves to feed himself but when he thinks he is done, we will ride the spoon like an airplane and he will eat alot more.
*He puts his arm in the air like airplane
*When someone is clapping, he has to clap
*When he hears music, he waves his arms in the air like he is leading the music(I think it is his way of dancing)
*He is catching on to the things we do. ex:Last night, for dinner he was eating macaroni and cheese and was pointing and wanting something, Cup?-no, Chopstick?-no, pepper?-YES. He gets the pepper and puts it in his dinner.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

18 Months Old!

(he is saying cheese!)
On Saturday, Brady turned 18 months old! It is sad for me; I have come to realize that my baby boy will no longer be my baby boy. I absolutely LOVE him to death! He always brightens my day!
At 18 months old:
*A great big brother to Emma-when she cries, he either gets my attention or grabs for her pacifier or bottle
*He loves to wear hats-When he sees a hat, he says "ha"
*He knows how to say: cheese, ball, mom, dad, nahnie, papa, apple, up, down, another one, no way, wow, "om-for some", please, Jees-for Jesus, Touch Down, Blue, Yellow, (one a good day-Love you), Hi, Bye, Poop, shoes, socks, eyes, sup-thanks Aunt Terica, Em-for Emma
*He knows how to sign PLEASE (He is now at the point where he thinks if he signs please he can have anything...ex: this morning he wanted fruit snacks and I told him it was to early and that he could have them after lunch, he then signs please to see if I would change my mind)
*He can point out just about every object in each book he is looking at
*He is ALWAYS eating. Even when he is done eating and he sees someone else with food, he has to have some.
*He no longer takes the pacifier or bottle
*He loves to give Brady hugs and kisses
*Before bed he gives a picture of Jesus kisses
*When he is cold he says BRRRRR
*When he sees fire, he wants to blow it out or say hot
*He knows his animal sounds (horse, pig, lamb, goat, lion, monkey, cat, dog, alligator)
*His favorite movie is SPIRIT-The Stallion of the Cimarron
*He loves to throw food-I don't care for that
*He knows where the time out seat is in the house and Nahnies (grandma) house
*When he doesn't get his way-He SCREAMS at the top of his lungs-I don't care for this either
*We ask him: What does Mommy say? His response Don't-then he says HI
*We ask him: What does Nahnie say? His response NO
*When he sees Jasons parents dogs-he automatically says "Don't"
*He loves to help take laundry out of the dryer and dishes out of the dishwasher and say "another one"
*He is finally able to go to Nursery at church, but he is yet to stay the whole time
*He loves trucks, tractors, 4-wheelers-but when they are one-he won't get on
*He is allergic to Cats
*He is understanding the concept of potty training-still have a ways to go
*You still need 6 more teeth and you will have them all
*He bangs on the bathroom door when he wants to get his toothbrush
*He loves to flush the toilet
*He gets into EVERYTHING!!!
*He is very loveable (Ex: We were both looking out the window and he puts his arm around me and lays his head on my shoulder)
*He is 22.2lbs and 31 in.
*In 6 months he will be 2 YEARS OLD! (tear!)
*He wears can fit into 6-9 month pants, but they are too short; 12 month pants are a little big for him and some are getting short
*He has the BEST parents in the world!

Friday, September 18, 2009


We were at Jason's parents house last night watching one of the college football games and one of the teams made a touch down and Jason yells "Touch Down" Brady got the hang of it and well.... ENJOY! (Make sure your speakers are on!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Potty Training

My mom had bought Brady a potty training toilet that makes music when you go to the bathroom. He gets so excited when it goes off. My mom has been really good about getting him to understand the toilet and training him. We just need to go buy one of those fancy toilets so it will be easier for him at home. Brady is getting the concept. The other day when I was getting ready in the bathroom, he lifted up the lid and said, "poop." I then asked him if he needed the bathroom and he fumbles with his shirt and pants and so I hurry to get him on the toilet. Sometimes, I think he likes to just sit on the toilet! But Brady at 17 1/2 months old is one step closer to being potty trained!

Love it!

I LOVE MY BABIES SO MUCH! Brady is such a great big brother to Emma; He is always loving on her!

Settling with...

This is what Brady has to settle with since Mommy wont let Daddy buy one!!!

Emma + Thumb = Sleep

Brady never sucked his thumb; his comfort was the pacifier. I noticed Emma doing it the other day and now it had become familiar and now her comfort. Two times now, she has put herself to sleep by sucking her thumb. I think it is so precious!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brady is so silly!

Brady ABSOLUTELY loves animals. He actually has a couple of different animal books that he can sit and look at for hours. The other day he actually got mad at me because I wasn't paying attention to him when he was pointing to one of the animals.
This morning I put him in the high chair to eat breakfast in the living room. I then put on the movie " SPIRIT- The Last of the Cimarron" (or something like that) It's about wild stallions and Brady loves it!! He has even started acting like a horse- where he gets on his hands and knees and neighs.Brady spilt his cereal all over the floor and when I got him out of the highchair I then got on my hands and knees to pick it up. Brady the silly boy he is, came up behind me and tried to climb up onto my back and "neighs" again! Haha! He was trying to be a cowboy and me the horse!!! Oh I just love that little boy!
PS... *He also ROARS like a Lion
*OW'S (meow) like a cat
*MOOS like a cow
*BAA like a Sheep
*OOHH, OOHH like a Monkey

The ReCreation by Dr. Cuadros

It didn't seem like the end of August would ever get here and now it is already September 3, 2009 and Emma is done with her surgery and the stitches are taken out.

We had to be at Presbyterian Hospital at 10am and when we left Bloomfield we forgot about the road construction so we were getting a little scared if we were going to make it on time. Just before we got to the hospital, like a block down, Brady decides to throw up every where. I tried cleaning up, but once I got a whoof of the smell.... YUCK! My dad is so great, he ended up cleaning the mess. Before we left, I had gotten this feeling that I should bring Brady and extra pair of clothes... Do you think I did? Nope! I totally forgot. We get to the hospital right at 10am and we started rushing because we didn't know if they were waiting on us... We go to inpatient registration and they told us just to get stitches out, we need to go to outpatient reg. We walk over there and this lady had no idea what we were talking about. I told her that Dr. Cuadros is going to do it and she said we need to go to his office.. we just didn't think that was right. So, my mom got frustrated with her and walked off.. I just stood there, like what do I do? and then told her to have a good day! We then found a nurse and she told us that there is a building that Dr. Cuadros meets in just a block from the hospital where he usually meets. Because we were already running late, we decide to walk; we didn't get very far when my mom decides to call Dr. Cuadros office. They told us to go the surgical entrance where we went last week. By that time is was 10:10am. We appologize for being late. The nurse said that is ok because she is not scheduled to get the sutures (stitches) out until 12pm. Are you kidding me? I didn't know that we were going to have to wait that long. Plus, that has got to be really hard on a baby when they have to start fasting at 5am and stop having water at 9am. So, overall, she has had to go for almost 7hours of fasting and then who knows how long after when she recovers.

My dad finally walks in with Brady and boy did he stink. We decide to go the gift shop to see if we could find something for him to wear. The smallest thing I found for him was a 10-12 shirt for kids. I laughed so hard-I needed that laugh. Brady reminded me of a little kid who puts on their parents shirts and wears them to bed. See...

Everybody got a kick out of him! There was nothing else that we could do.
Preparing Emma to get the sutures out took like an hour or longer. They weighed her and she now weighs: 11lbs 0.1oz! She gained alittle over 7oz since last wednesday.
I of course, had to put Emma to sleep so she would stop crying and calm down. Poor girl. When Dr. Cuadros would be taking out the sutures, he said that he would get another look at her palate-as you recall in surgery blog he saw that she has a submucous palate aka soft palate and it would be best to have surgery on it and repair it just in case if something down the road was to happen. The whole procedure ended up taking about 15min. Dr. Cuadros came in said that everything went really well. Emma was still asleep but it would be good to have her see you when she wakes up. He did give us some good news; while checking out the palate he actually noticed that the palate is actually not as bad as he thought. We would just need to check it out everyonce in a while and then; he really thinks that we wont need to do surgery on it. Yay! When we met up with Emma she was not asleep and the nurse was trying to get her to calm down. I put her in my lap and she fell back asleep. I guess it's just Mommy's touch. :) Once she was able to eat, she gobbled down the pedialyte and formula-It was close to 8oz! That is ALOT!


Right before surgery 08/26/09
Today 09/03/09
It is still a little swollen, and the suture line will be red for awhile but everything will be better in no time. We just now have to prepare to do the right side of her lip. That won't be for a couple of months atleast.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jason's family came to visit....

The week of the 17th of August Jason's sister, Jessica and family came down from utah. It was nice to visit with them again and we really enjoyed the fact that they were seeing Emma for the first time and we were seeing McKenna for the first time. (Besides pictures) It was nice to have a family get together. We were also able to celebrate Bryce's 3rd Birthday! You know I got to thinking about it... When Bryce was first born, Jason and I were engaged. When Bryce tunred a 1yr old, I was a couple of months prego with Brady. When Bryce turned 2, Brady was born and I was prego with Emma. And when Bryce turned 3, I now have two kids and NOT PREGNANT! We celebrated Bryce's birthday at a park and watching Brady play all over the play sets made me realized that 1) He needs to play at the park more often and 2)I can't wait for him to climb up and down and I not be so paronoid.
Bob & Lillie-Grandparents with all the grandkids! Emma enjoyed watching McKenna!
When we were having a family dinner one night, I wanted to show Jessica how to make bows for McKenna's hair. I love to make them for Emma-plus she looks so cute! Both Jessica and Monica (Daniels girlfriend) were able to make one. Jason thought it was cool for me to share a talent of mine. Emma was born in April; Jason cousin, Heather, had Matthew in May; Jasons cousin, Amanda, had Aviana in June and Jasons sister, Jessica, had McKenna in July. It was a major BABY BOOM for that family. Because the babies were born one month after another they decided to have a combined baby shower for everyone but Emma. We have been greatly blessed to have plenty for Emma but it would have been nice to be included. Owell, it's over and done with. The baby shower was nice. Their cousin Tia, I believe, made these awesome cakes for each baby and boy do I wish I knew about her during my wedding preparations. She did an awesome job! Because there were three girls born, I bought an outfit for each of them! We needed a picture! I married into a family that one side of the family is not very tall. So, as you can see by the picture that I just totally overpower the girls. I just look big all around. The majority of Jason's family lives here and so they decided to bless McKenna here. She looked so cute! Sacrament meeting was very nice besides the fact that Brady was being a brat and very disruptive. Now that Bryce is three he now getd to chew gum and when Bryce would walk up and down the row Brady saw his gum and wanted so badly for a piece. He didn't get gum but he did get a dum dum sucker-yay! Boy did he make a mess.We had a family luncheon afterwards and boy were the brisket sandwiches DEEELICIOUS! I really enjoyed the family time even though it was not every day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Allergic Reaction

We have been giving Emma Tylenol with Codeine(Sp?) for pain and Cephalexon(Sp?) to help fight any infections that may occur. About Friday afternoon we had begun to notice that Emma's eyes have been turning red, kind of puffy and she constantly tries to itch them. Jason was concerned and wanted me to call the hospital and see what they say. I call Presbyterian Hospital and they thought it would be best to contact my Pediatritian. Of course, Dr. Dekay doesn't work on Fridays and so I had to wait for a call back from the on call doctor. The on call doctor called back within a couple of minutes and because she is not to familiar with surgical procedures, she thought it would be best to go to Urgent Care and have them check her out. I hesitated about that and decided to call Dr. Cuadros. He has never had a child or someone have this problem and he believes that Emma is having an allergic reaction to the Cephalexon. We are asked to stop and see if that is the case. It is now Tuesday and her eyes are red no more, nor does she have a problem. Yay!