Friday, September 25, 2009

18 Month Cont.

Don't you hate it when you have posted something and then realize that you left some stuff out... I look at the many things that Brady does and for family updates and memories, I need to continue. I hope I get everything.....

*Brady puts his finger to his mouth and "Sshhhh" when Emma is sleeping
*He knows how to clearly make the sounds of a Cow and a snake
*He gets CAR SICK-yay! :(
*He LOVES fruit. If he could eat that all day, everyday he would
*When at home and about to eat, he won't start eating until he is in his highchair.
*He is very independent. ex: He gets mad when we open something for him and he wont take it
*It doesn't matter what Brady is doing, when he hears the fridge open-he comes running in to get something to eat!
*He loves to Drive
*Anything we ask him to do, he understands
*He is one sly little boy!
*Anything he straddles, he thinks it is a horse
*He loves to wrestle
*He can sit and read books for hours. When he is being cranky, I ask him to go to his room and get a book-it totally calms him
*He thinks that just about everything is a gun. He points the object and says "BaBa"
*He wears a size 4 shoe-yes he has tiny feet
*He tries to get himself dressed
*He loves the primary song "Popcorn popping on the apricot tree" (You know, I am not sure the title of the song) When I am done, he tells me "AGAIN"
*He loves to feed himself but when he thinks he is done, we will ride the spoon like an airplane and he will eat alot more.
*He puts his arm in the air like airplane
*When someone is clapping, he has to clap
*When he hears music, he waves his arms in the air like he is leading the music(I think it is his way of dancing)
*He is catching on to the things we do. ex:Last night, for dinner he was eating macaroni and cheese and was pointing and wanting something, Cup?-no, Chopstick?-no, pepper?-YES. He gets the pepper and puts it in his dinner.

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  1. Not sure If I read that just prior to eating he folds his arms and looks at everybody to get ready for prayer! Did I miss that somewhere? If so, sorry! Your children are little jewels! They are growing so much and yes, they are very smart! Glad to be their Nahnie!