Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Allergic Reaction

We have been giving Emma Tylenol with Codeine(Sp?) for pain and Cephalexon(Sp?) to help fight any infections that may occur. About Friday afternoon we had begun to notice that Emma's eyes have been turning red, kind of puffy and she constantly tries to itch them. Jason was concerned and wanted me to call the hospital and see what they say. I call Presbyterian Hospital and they thought it would be best to contact my Pediatritian. Of course, Dr. Dekay doesn't work on Fridays and so I had to wait for a call back from the on call doctor. The on call doctor called back within a couple of minutes and because she is not to familiar with surgical procedures, she thought it would be best to go to Urgent Care and have them check her out. I hesitated about that and decided to call Dr. Cuadros. He has never had a child or someone have this problem and he believes that Emma is having an allergic reaction to the Cephalexon. We are asked to stop and see if that is the case. It is now Tuesday and her eyes are red no more, nor does she have a problem. Yay!

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