Tuesday, September 22, 2009

18 Months Old!

(he is saying cheese!)
On Saturday, Brady turned 18 months old! It is sad for me; I have come to realize that my baby boy will no longer be my baby boy. I absolutely LOVE him to death! He always brightens my day!
At 18 months old:
*A great big brother to Emma-when she cries, he either gets my attention or grabs for her pacifier or bottle
*He loves to wear hats-When he sees a hat, he says "ha"
*He knows how to say: cheese, ball, mom, dad, nahnie, papa, apple, up, down, another one, no way, wow, "om-for some", please, Jees-for Jesus, Touch Down, Blue, Yellow, (one a good day-Love you), Hi, Bye, Poop, shoes, socks, eyes, sup-thanks Aunt Terica, Em-for Emma
*He knows how to sign PLEASE (He is now at the point where he thinks if he signs please he can have anything...ex: this morning he wanted fruit snacks and I told him it was to early and that he could have them after lunch, he then signs please to see if I would change my mind)
*He can point out just about every object in each book he is looking at
*He is ALWAYS eating. Even when he is done eating and he sees someone else with food, he has to have some.
*He no longer takes the pacifier or bottle
*He loves to give Brady hugs and kisses
*Before bed he gives a picture of Jesus kisses
*When he is cold he says BRRRRR
*When he sees fire, he wants to blow it out or say hot
*He knows his animal sounds (horse, pig, lamb, goat, lion, monkey, cat, dog, alligator)
*His favorite movie is SPIRIT-The Stallion of the Cimarron
*He loves to throw food-I don't care for that
*He knows where the time out seat is in the house and Nahnies (grandma) house
*When he doesn't get his way-He SCREAMS at the top of his lungs-I don't care for this either
*We ask him: What does Mommy say? His response Don't-then he says HI
*We ask him: What does Nahnie say? His response NO
*When he sees Jasons parents dogs-he automatically says "Don't"
*He loves to help take laundry out of the dryer and dishes out of the dishwasher and say "another one"
*He is finally able to go to Nursery at church, but he is yet to stay the whole time
*He loves trucks, tractors, 4-wheelers-but when they are one-he won't get on
*He is allergic to Cats
*He is understanding the concept of potty training-still have a ways to go
*You still need 6 more teeth and you will have them all
*He bangs on the bathroom door when he wants to get his toothbrush
*He loves to flush the toilet
*He gets into EVERYTHING!!!
*He is very loveable (Ex: We were both looking out the window and he puts his arm around me and lays his head on my shoulder)
*He is 22.2lbs and 31 in.
*In 6 months he will be 2 YEARS OLD! (tear!)
*He wears can fit into 6-9 month pants, but they are too short; 12 month pants are a little big for him and some are getting short
*He has the BEST parents in the world!

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