Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jason's family came to visit....

The week of the 17th of August Jason's sister, Jessica and family came down from utah. It was nice to visit with them again and we really enjoyed the fact that they were seeing Emma for the first time and we were seeing McKenna for the first time. (Besides pictures) It was nice to have a family get together. We were also able to celebrate Bryce's 3rd Birthday! You know I got to thinking about it... When Bryce was first born, Jason and I were engaged. When Bryce tunred a 1yr old, I was a couple of months prego with Brady. When Bryce turned 2, Brady was born and I was prego with Emma. And when Bryce turned 3, I now have two kids and NOT PREGNANT! We celebrated Bryce's birthday at a park and watching Brady play all over the play sets made me realized that 1) He needs to play at the park more often and 2)I can't wait for him to climb up and down and I not be so paronoid.
Bob & Lillie-Grandparents with all the grandkids! Emma enjoyed watching McKenna!
When we were having a family dinner one night, I wanted to show Jessica how to make bows for McKenna's hair. I love to make them for Emma-plus she looks so cute! Both Jessica and Monica (Daniels girlfriend) were able to make one. Jason thought it was cool for me to share a talent of mine. Emma was born in April; Jason cousin, Heather, had Matthew in May; Jasons cousin, Amanda, had Aviana in June and Jasons sister, Jessica, had McKenna in July. It was a major BABY BOOM for that family. Because the babies were born one month after another they decided to have a combined baby shower for everyone but Emma. We have been greatly blessed to have plenty for Emma but it would have been nice to be included. Owell, it's over and done with. The baby shower was nice. Their cousin Tia, I believe, made these awesome cakes for each baby and boy do I wish I knew about her during my wedding preparations. She did an awesome job! Because there were three girls born, I bought an outfit for each of them! We needed a picture! I married into a family that one side of the family is not very tall. So, as you can see by the picture that I just totally overpower the girls. I just look big all around. The majority of Jason's family lives here and so they decided to bless McKenna here. She looked so cute! Sacrament meeting was very nice besides the fact that Brady was being a brat and very disruptive. Now that Bryce is three he now getd to chew gum and when Bryce would walk up and down the row Brady saw his gum and wanted so badly for a piece. He didn't get gum but he did get a dum dum sucker-yay! Boy did he make a mess.We had a family luncheon afterwards and boy were the brisket sandwiches DEEELICIOUS! I really enjoyed the family time even though it was not every day.

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