Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brady is so silly!

Brady ABSOLUTELY loves animals. He actually has a couple of different animal books that he can sit and look at for hours. The other day he actually got mad at me because I wasn't paying attention to him when he was pointing to one of the animals.
This morning I put him in the high chair to eat breakfast in the living room. I then put on the movie " SPIRIT- The Last of the Cimarron" (or something like that) It's about wild stallions and Brady loves it!! He has even started acting like a horse- where he gets on his hands and knees and neighs.Brady spilt his cereal all over the floor and when I got him out of the highchair I then got on my hands and knees to pick it up. Brady the silly boy he is, came up behind me and tried to climb up onto my back and "neighs" again! Haha! He was trying to be a cowboy and me the horse!!! Oh I just love that little boy!
PS... *He also ROARS like a Lion
*OW'S (meow) like a cat
*MOOS like a cow
*BAA like a Sheep
*OOHH, OOHH like a Monkey

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