Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am so behind on blogging but I posted about 10 different posts... Enjoy. More to come!

Precious Moments

One night, more than likely we had come home from our parents house and Emma had fallen asleep on the way. When we had taken her out of carseat to change her and put her to bed, she was so tired that she just rolled over and stayed asleep on her face. I thought it was so cute that Jason wanted to sleep next to her.
Emma and her cousin Connor... Need I say more?!
Brady and Emma one morning were playing together and Brady thought it would be fun to put Emma's dress hats on her. Don't you love their pajamas? No, Emma is not pulling herself up yet, I had to stand her up, but she does good staying there.
I stuck Brady and Emma in Brady's room for some quiet time and have them read their books. A picture is worth a thousand words!

One evening Jason was calming Brady down by pulling up the internet on his phone pictures of tractors. He wanted to see Green ones, Yellow ones, Red ones, etc... Brady loves to look at tractors, animals, etc...

Oh Crap!

Sorry this is a little disgusting but worth blogging. One afternoon, Emma had a major blow out. I let her finish before I changed her; boy was it hard to take the onesie off without getting it every where. Yes, I ended up having to throw the onesie away because there was no hope for it. As you can see it, it got all the way up on her face. I got her naked and had to rinse her in the shower. It is so crazy how much can come out of a little girl!

Baby wanna be

Emma doesn't use a pacifier anymore, but my nephew connor does. One morning I watched Connor for my sister Terica and Brady wanted to be a baby like Connor. I have Emma's old pacifiers on the bottom shelf and Brady loves to come and show me. I think some times he does it because he knows that I don't like it. Thankfully, he only likes to play with them.

5 Generations

We had the opportunity to take a 5 generation picture back in January for Ashli's wedding. I am very thankful for my family and the ability to make this possible. Top to Bottom: Me, My mom, My grandma aka Nena, My great-grandma Nana, Emma and Brady

Faces of Emma

As you can tell, these pictures was before her 2nd lip repair.

It is so stinkin' funny.... Emma loves to squint her eyes and give the biggest grin!

Emma has such wild hair! Please excuse it, this was her eating for breakfast!

The next Bobby Flay!

Brady likes to get his water from his cup and put in a pot and says he is cooking!

Sorry.. the pictures messed up just a bit, owell! Brady has become very independent lately. As you can see from the pictures, he has to be the one to peel his carrots (he loves fruit and vegetables) and when he has done what he can, then he asks for help.

One morning, instead of eating his bowl of kix for breakfast, he grabbed a pan and wanted to make his own breakfast.

My mom has gotten other pictures of Brady with his apron on and a spatula in his hand. One evening while we were making dinner at my parents house, my mom found Brady in the appliance pantry pouring his cup of water in the sauce pan and stirring it, then would put the lid on, take it off, stir it, again and again.

Making Progress....

Still no crawling but now she gets up on all fours and just stays there and is not sure what to do after that. When she gets in the "stink bug" position she starts crying because she can't move. On the plus side, she loves to walk with help. When she walks, she looks like she has peg legs! She doesn't like to be held; she wants so bad to be mobile. Until then.....