Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My baby girl is growing up so fast! Last night I layed her down on the play mat while I pumped and out of the corner of my eye I noticed the toy rings were moving, I check and sure enough... Emma had a hold of them! We thought maybe she was waving her arms and she got caught, so Jason helps her let go and couple of seconds later, she grabbed ahold again! She is 7 1/2 weeks old... before I know it, she is going to be 7 1/2 months old!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

On Monday morning Jason had woken up early to go golfing. When he got home it gave me the chance to jump in the shower while Brady and Emma were taking a nap. As I was jumping in the shower Emma started to wake up, I told Jason, "She is yours!" When I got out of the shower, I came into the living room to find this kodak moment! Jason just loves his little girl! Emma just loves her Daddy!

Here is Jason and Emma. Jason has found a new way to hold Emma's pacifier and still love on her!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Come what may and love it

So, a few weeks ago my mom came over to help me with Emma and Brady. When she got to the house, I was eating a bowl of captin crunch, while watching Brady play with his toys and feeding Emma. My mom had decided to bring me a breakfast burrito and I decided to eat that instead of my bowl full of cereal. The first couple of weeks of Emma's life she seemed coliky and I was talking to Shannon giving me pointers on how to deal with it, My mom continued to feed Emma and stupid me, left the cereal on the coffee table. All of a sudden, Brady decides to eat from my bowl and then notices that he can pick it up-next thing I knew... Captin Crunch cereal all over the table. I had to step away from talking to Shannon and I just looked at my mom like, "Oh My Gosh!" My mom too got a little frustrated cause this coffee table used to be my Great-Grandma Syl's-so it's very old... The better the condition, the more use out of it! Then all of a sudden, she remembered a quote-who at the moment I can't think said it-

All of a sudden we both started laughing cause what turned out to be a frustrating moment turned out to be funny cause you look at Brady and he is trying to bob for cereal and trying to suck up the milk... You can only imagine what he looked like :)

This very same incident happened again this morning... Only this time, I am by myself, pumping and feeding Emma. Brady was eating out of one of his bowls that are suppose to stick to the table-cheerios all over the floor and milk all over the table. This morning I was already recovering from a bad day yesterday-Alot of emotions flying everywhere and to see milk and cereal all over, it did raise my blood level again... COME WHAT MAY AND LOVE IT.... I have come to realize that little toddlers running around are going to make a mess-that is what they do. I have also come to realize that I use more energy trying to keep the house clean all day, when Brady turns around and pulls things out of their place. COME WHAT MAY AND LOVE IT has helped me realize that my baby, Brady, could be in a situation where he can't move and walk around or have some disability that could make none of this happen. I am so thankful to be a mommy and a wife and accept those responsibilites and be rewarded every minute of my life.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

14 Months Old


Oh My Goodness! It seems just like yesterday I was having my first baby-Brady Quinn Tucker! Today he is now 14 months old and the time has sure flown by fast.

Brady brings such great joy to my life... It is so amazing how you can be having a rough day and one little thing your baby does just brightens up your day! I remember when Peek-A-Boo was a fun game for him and one night I was really have a hard time with everything... Mind you, I was pregnant and had to take care of Brady myself while Jason was at work or school or church so he came home late... I was just overwhelmed. Brady was standing in between my legs and all of a sudden I just started crying, I covered myself from Brady cause even though he didn't understand, I didn't want him to see me like this; all of a sudden, I hear him laughing cause he thought I was playing Peek-A-Boo with him! You just can't help but love him so much!

It is just so crazy to know that when I was 14 months old my mom had my twin sisters Terica & Tiffany. I give her props! Brady is a handful and trying to take care of him and a newborn-Goodness! I am tired! You go Mom! :)

At 14 months you are:

Getting into everything-The other day, I was feeding Emma and I could hear you playing around in the kitchen. You brought in the living room a pitcher and my first thought was, "The pitchers go in the top cabinets, how did you get that?" So, I walk into the kitchen and find you in the cabinet playing around!!


  • You love to turn the t.v. on and off-You always happen to turn it off right when a "Good"part is about to happen!

  • You say "dada" when you are crying or don't get your way. Which is kind of funny cause Dada doesn't give you your way!

  • You constantly say "momma"

  • You like to play with the remote and point to the t.v.

  • You like to watch "Handy Manny" and "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"-after Handy Manny is over with and Mickey Mouse comes on you look at me and just smile!

  • Daddy and I just got new phones so we gave you our old ones to play with-When you have the phone we will ask you "Who is it?" and you will open the phone and put it to your ear and start talking!

  • You are a vain little boy! In your room, you have a full body mirror and you always stare at your self and say"HI"

  • You still wear 6-9 months clothes but 12 months fit just as good! You still wear size 2 shoes

  • You still drink from the bottle-Yeah, that needs to be changed! When we give you a sippy cup, you will drink from it for just a little bit, but when it is not your bottle you cry and cry until you get your way.

  • On the boppy it has fish, turtles, crabs, bubbles, octupus, and sharks; when I ask you where the fish, turtles or bubbles are you seriously think about it, point to it and say "ooh"

  • One day while pointing to the bubbles, I asked you to say "bubbles" and you said "bub"

  • You love to be outside!

  • When we ask you "How does a Monkey sound?" You will say "OO,OO"(however a monkey sounds)

  • You eat strawberries like they are going out of style and eat apples like a mouse-holes everywhere! You also love bananas

  • You sleep from 8pm to 8am and sometimes longer. You nap at 10am till noon and then again from 2pm to 4pm. You are cranky if you don't sleep!

  • You are so great with Emma! You give her, her bottle when she cries and you love to kiss and hug on her!

I could go on and on about what a sweet little spirit you are, but mommy has other things to do!


P.S. Emma is FINALLY over 7lbs. We went in for another weight check and she weighs 7lbs, 3.5 oz YAY!!!

(6 weeks old)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Emma's baby blessing

So, I am a little late....
On May 3rd, we had the opportunity to bless Emma. She looked absolutely Beautiful... Very Angelic.

(Isn't she just so Beautiful?)

Jason's mom, Lillie had bought her dress up in Utah and the bow I had to make. Lillie had also gotten her some shoes and headband to match, but poor Emma's head is still too small that the headband does not fit, so I made this one for her! (I know realize I have somewhat a creative side)

When I was a baby, a dear friend of my mom's had given me a baby bracelet and all this time, my mom kept it until the right moment. I am so thankful to have a little girl to pass this down to...

The blessing turned out great! I am so thankful for Jason and the power of the Priesthood... I am so proud of him and the opportunity he has to bless our children. I just love Jason! We were able to have a few family members make it for this special occasion.. I forever grateful to Nena and Aunt Shawn for the long journey to get here. We were able to get a 4 genereation picture, unfortunately Nana was unable to come or it could have been a 5 genereation picture.

My Family (Travis, Terica, Ashli, Jason, Emma, Me, Brady, Tiffany, Nena, Aunt Shawna, Mom & Dad)

The day of Emma's blessing turned out really great. After Sacrament we had everyone come over for lunch-Lasagna, Salad, bread, the works! It was nice for everyone to have a chance to hold Emma and watch their expression as they held her!

I am so thankful to be a mommy and a wife!

Why I love life!!

Brady is so good with Emma. He is constantly loving on her! When we have Emma still in her carseat at home, Brady will move the blankets out of the way and try to hug her and kiss her. Sometimes he just wants to lay his head on her lap!

Monday, May 11, 2009

One Month Old

I have to apologize... I had gotten a new blackberry curve and I have access to the internet, but for some reason when I try to post this never ending blog, it would not let me... 3rd time is a charm! (let's hope)
(Emma the day she was born)

Last week Emma turned 1 month old! It sure has flown by and I have enjoyed every minute of it....sometimes

For the first week of her life, it was a little complicated. We thought she was cauliky and so you know what that means...

Baby constantly crying + Lack of sleep for mommy and baby = Very irritable and Very little Patience

Jason had made the comment that Heavenly Father had blessed us with such a good baby (BRADY) that we decided that we needed another one and so HE tricked us with a little Monster! (Jason has/had very little patience for her crying. He said he has put his foot down-We are done at 2 kids-No More! I say-I Don't Think So!) We had been giving her Mylacon/Gripe Water (SP?) to help with the gasiness. That seemed to help but it also seemed to make her throw up as well... After a week of trying to keep our cool, things seemed to work in our favor. Emma is getting a lot better. She only cries when she is Hungry, needs a Diaper changed or when Brady is a little Rough with her!

Emma is a strong little girl... Since the day she has been born she has been able to hold her head up for quite awhile. She even has quite a strong set of lungs!!! Majority of the time I let her cry for just a little while, especially after a nap, she sometimes after a nap falls asleep after a little drink... that's the reason for crying. Brady is really good with her. When she is crying, sometimes he feels sad and wants to cry as well. When she is crying he will look at me with her bottle or pacifier in her hand and want to give it to her and says "Emm" He is very close to saying her name.
I unfortunately have stopped nursing Emma. Yes, we have been very fortunate with Emma's lip that she has the ability to nurse. When I was nursing her in the hospital, all of the nurses were very impressed with her ability to eat/suck. In the beginning when I was nursing, she would latch on for about 5 minutes, let go and for some reason had a hard time latching back on. So, I would give her a bottle of pumped milk and she would fill herself up that way. I wanted to make sure she got the recommended the amount to eat, so I would give her the bottle. She is now used to the bottle; no nursing for me, but a lot of pumping. Jason and I figure as long as she is still getting breast milk one way or the other, we are ok with her not nursing.
When Emma was born she weighed 6lbs 7.5oz. The doctors hope that at the two week appt they have gained back to their birth weight. That was not the case for Emma. She only weighed 6lbs. For awhile she did take forever to eat. It seemed like she would eat an ounce, fall asleep, eat another ounce an hour later and so forth. Sometimes, after a 3 hour nap, she would wake up to only eat half an ounce. We would try to give her more, but with her tongue push the bottle out and give this face that she didn't want it. The following week we went in for a weight check and did a bit better. She was at 6lbs 4oz. I had dropped Brady off at Jason's parents house and I decided to leave the diaper bag, plus I had changed her not to long before we left. I was only going to do a weight check and then go home. I could change her at home. When I was getting her all naked, I realized she had a very dirty diaper and nothing to clean her with. We had to use a paper towel-Ouch! Just so she would not get stuck to the diaper, the nurse recommended using a pad to protect her. Poor Emma-1 month old and already had used her first pad! She did much better with this weight check 6lbs 10oz. The doctor wants her to gain 8oz a week, so its slowly getting to where they would like her to be. She has not quite made it 2 1/2-3oz at every feeding, but after every ounce we have to burp her or else she spits up or throws up everywhere! It is a little hard, cause with Brady he could pretty much burp on demand! Emma, not so quite! My mom was actually happy that after so many tries, she was able to get a burp out of her.
When Emma was born she had to get the hearing test done... The results came back that she didn't pass it nor did she fail it. On May 5th, I had to take her to the hospital to get the hearing test done again. They wanted her to be asleep for this.. I have not quite gotten her on schedule, I was afraid she would not be asleep. After her weight check, I fed her and on the way to the hospital she seemed to be asleep. She of course wakes up when she realizes that she has something in her ear. The nurse had to keep trying, but the test would not work. She said when it works and when babies can hear they usually open their eyes or flinch or do something. Emma hardly ever moved. There was a picture of two babies that had hearing aids and I was alittle scared that we were going to have to experience that. Finally the tests worked for both ears, but according to the tests she again didn't pass it nor did she fail it. At the bottom of the computer screen I kept seeing the word "Rejected" I was getting worried. Emma needed to pass 4 of the 6 and that didn't happen. The nurse left me with good words... "Emma can hear, she just has tiny ears and still some liquid in them that is why the test keeps refering." We have to go back in a couple of weeks to take the test again.
Emma has brought a lot of joy into my life... I can't wait for the months/years ahead.

Emma One Month Old!