Tuesday, May 19, 2009

14 Months Old


Oh My Goodness! It seems just like yesterday I was having my first baby-Brady Quinn Tucker! Today he is now 14 months old and the time has sure flown by fast.

Brady brings such great joy to my life... It is so amazing how you can be having a rough day and one little thing your baby does just brightens up your day! I remember when Peek-A-Boo was a fun game for him and one night I was really have a hard time with everything... Mind you, I was pregnant and had to take care of Brady myself while Jason was at work or school or church so he came home late... I was just overwhelmed. Brady was standing in between my legs and all of a sudden I just started crying, I covered myself from Brady cause even though he didn't understand, I didn't want him to see me like this; all of a sudden, I hear him laughing cause he thought I was playing Peek-A-Boo with him! You just can't help but love him so much!

It is just so crazy to know that when I was 14 months old my mom had my twin sisters Terica & Tiffany. I give her props! Brady is a handful and trying to take care of him and a newborn-Goodness! I am tired! You go Mom! :)

At 14 months you are:

Getting into everything-The other day, I was feeding Emma and I could hear you playing around in the kitchen. You brought in the living room a pitcher and my first thought was, "The pitchers go in the top cabinets, how did you get that?" So, I walk into the kitchen and find you in the cabinet playing around!!


  • You love to turn the t.v. on and off-You always happen to turn it off right when a "Good"part is about to happen!

  • You say "dada" when you are crying or don't get your way. Which is kind of funny cause Dada doesn't give you your way!

  • You constantly say "momma"

  • You like to play with the remote and point to the t.v.

  • You like to watch "Handy Manny" and "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"-after Handy Manny is over with and Mickey Mouse comes on you look at me and just smile!

  • Daddy and I just got new phones so we gave you our old ones to play with-When you have the phone we will ask you "Who is it?" and you will open the phone and put it to your ear and start talking!

  • You are a vain little boy! In your room, you have a full body mirror and you always stare at your self and say"HI"

  • You still wear 6-9 months clothes but 12 months fit just as good! You still wear size 2 shoes

  • You still drink from the bottle-Yeah, that needs to be changed! When we give you a sippy cup, you will drink from it for just a little bit, but when it is not your bottle you cry and cry until you get your way.

  • On the boppy it has fish, turtles, crabs, bubbles, octupus, and sharks; when I ask you where the fish, turtles or bubbles are you seriously think about it, point to it and say "ooh"

  • One day while pointing to the bubbles, I asked you to say "bubbles" and you said "bub"

  • You love to be outside!

  • When we ask you "How does a Monkey sound?" You will say "OO,OO"(however a monkey sounds)

  • You eat strawberries like they are going out of style and eat apples like a mouse-holes everywhere! You also love bananas

  • You sleep from 8pm to 8am and sometimes longer. You nap at 10am till noon and then again from 2pm to 4pm. You are cranky if you don't sleep!

  • You are so great with Emma! You give her, her bottle when she cries and you love to kiss and hug on her!

I could go on and on about what a sweet little spirit you are, but mommy has other things to do!


P.S. Emma is FINALLY over 7lbs. We went in for another weight check and she weighs 7lbs, 3.5 oz YAY!!!

(6 weeks old)

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  1. Oh how sweet! And what an amazing mom you are. I can't wait for Emma to have her surgery so you can STAY HOME and ENJOY your kids all the time! How exciting!
    And yes, kudos to your mom! She did a great job having all you girls so close together.
    I LOVE BRADY'S haircut! He looks like a little boy! Still a baby, but growing so much. Oh how time changes everything! (And everyone!) Love you! Hope to see you in 2 weeks! ~ Aunt Jen