Monday, May 11, 2009

One Month Old

I have to apologize... I had gotten a new blackberry curve and I have access to the internet, but for some reason when I try to post this never ending blog, it would not let me... 3rd time is a charm! (let's hope)
(Emma the day she was born)

Last week Emma turned 1 month old! It sure has flown by and I have enjoyed every minute of it....sometimes

For the first week of her life, it was a little complicated. We thought she was cauliky and so you know what that means...

Baby constantly crying + Lack of sleep for mommy and baby = Very irritable and Very little Patience

Jason had made the comment that Heavenly Father had blessed us with such a good baby (BRADY) that we decided that we needed another one and so HE tricked us with a little Monster! (Jason has/had very little patience for her crying. He said he has put his foot down-We are done at 2 kids-No More! I say-I Don't Think So!) We had been giving her Mylacon/Gripe Water (SP?) to help with the gasiness. That seemed to help but it also seemed to make her throw up as well... After a week of trying to keep our cool, things seemed to work in our favor. Emma is getting a lot better. She only cries when she is Hungry, needs a Diaper changed or when Brady is a little Rough with her!

Emma is a strong little girl... Since the day she has been born she has been able to hold her head up for quite awhile. She even has quite a strong set of lungs!!! Majority of the time I let her cry for just a little while, especially after a nap, she sometimes after a nap falls asleep after a little drink... that's the reason for crying. Brady is really good with her. When she is crying, sometimes he feels sad and wants to cry as well. When she is crying he will look at me with her bottle or pacifier in her hand and want to give it to her and says "Emm" He is very close to saying her name.
I unfortunately have stopped nursing Emma. Yes, we have been very fortunate with Emma's lip that she has the ability to nurse. When I was nursing her in the hospital, all of the nurses were very impressed with her ability to eat/suck. In the beginning when I was nursing, she would latch on for about 5 minutes, let go and for some reason had a hard time latching back on. So, I would give her a bottle of pumped milk and she would fill herself up that way. I wanted to make sure she got the recommended the amount to eat, so I would give her the bottle. She is now used to the bottle; no nursing for me, but a lot of pumping. Jason and I figure as long as she is still getting breast milk one way or the other, we are ok with her not nursing.
When Emma was born she weighed 6lbs 7.5oz. The doctors hope that at the two week appt they have gained back to their birth weight. That was not the case for Emma. She only weighed 6lbs. For awhile she did take forever to eat. It seemed like she would eat an ounce, fall asleep, eat another ounce an hour later and so forth. Sometimes, after a 3 hour nap, she would wake up to only eat half an ounce. We would try to give her more, but with her tongue push the bottle out and give this face that she didn't want it. The following week we went in for a weight check and did a bit better. She was at 6lbs 4oz. I had dropped Brady off at Jason's parents house and I decided to leave the diaper bag, plus I had changed her not to long before we left. I was only going to do a weight check and then go home. I could change her at home. When I was getting her all naked, I realized she had a very dirty diaper and nothing to clean her with. We had to use a paper towel-Ouch! Just so she would not get stuck to the diaper, the nurse recommended using a pad to protect her. Poor Emma-1 month old and already had used her first pad! She did much better with this weight check 6lbs 10oz. The doctor wants her to gain 8oz a week, so its slowly getting to where they would like her to be. She has not quite made it 2 1/2-3oz at every feeding, but after every ounce we have to burp her or else she spits up or throws up everywhere! It is a little hard, cause with Brady he could pretty much burp on demand! Emma, not so quite! My mom was actually happy that after so many tries, she was able to get a burp out of her.
When Emma was born she had to get the hearing test done... The results came back that she didn't pass it nor did she fail it. On May 5th, I had to take her to the hospital to get the hearing test done again. They wanted her to be asleep for this.. I have not quite gotten her on schedule, I was afraid she would not be asleep. After her weight check, I fed her and on the way to the hospital she seemed to be asleep. She of course wakes up when she realizes that she has something in her ear. The nurse had to keep trying, but the test would not work. She said when it works and when babies can hear they usually open their eyes or flinch or do something. Emma hardly ever moved. There was a picture of two babies that had hearing aids and I was alittle scared that we were going to have to experience that. Finally the tests worked for both ears, but according to the tests she again didn't pass it nor did she fail it. At the bottom of the computer screen I kept seeing the word "Rejected" I was getting worried. Emma needed to pass 4 of the 6 and that didn't happen. The nurse left me with good words... "Emma can hear, she just has tiny ears and still some liquid in them that is why the test keeps refering." We have to go back in a couple of weeks to take the test again.
Emma has brought a lot of joy into my life... I can't wait for the months/years ahead.

Emma One Month Old!

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  1. Hey there missy!

    I am glad to hear that things are going well!

    Some words of encouragement, Crew kept on "not passing, but not failing" his ear checks also. He FINALLY passed. Don't let it worry you, your nurse is right, they can have left over fluid in their ears for a while.

    If you need anything, let me know!