Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Labor and Delivery

What an adventure! It all started Saturday morning around 7:30 when I got a voicemail from the Hospital telling me to not come just yet to be induced.. They didn't have any room. I had no idea what they were talking about.. I didn't plan to be induced. Apparently Dr. Chang had me on the books for Saturday.. Monday at my appt we had talked about inducing over the weekend if nothing happens during the week. So, After I had gotten this phone call and telling them that I didn't want to get induced-I wanted her to come when she was ready. All day Saturday I felt guilty- I don't know why?
I called the hospital to see if maybe they could induce me Sunday evening. We really wanted Emma to be born on April 6, 2009 and with the way Brady took 27 hours, I figured we would get our way. Well that didn't happen... They said Dr. Chang can induce Sunday morning at 6:30. I hesitated with that time... Trying to get up and get everything ready and have Brady taken care before 6am was going to be hectict, so I asked if 8:00 am would work? She said ok. Jason was cool with it, but he really wanted an April 6th baby. I wish I could give him his way, but when you are already 5 days late-you will do anything to grab ahold of the next opportunity and run with it.
One of Jason's co-workers was leaving and so they all got together and went out. Jason came in at 1am. Before Jason had woken me up, I could feel some pain coming on, but I tried to ignore-maybe I was dreaming. Once Jason woke me up, I felt those pains.. I was not dreaming. For an hour those pains "contractions" were about 6-7 min apart. From 2-2:30 they went to 5 min apart and I told Jason, "I am calling the hospital-these contractions are starting to hurt." The nurse told me I was probably experiencing "False Labor Pains" When the contractions are 3-5 min apart-that was when we needed to head to the hospital, until then she suggested:

  • Drinking a liter of water

  • Taking a warm bath

  • Sleeping on my left side

When I drank the water, the contractions slowed down and went to about 10 min apart. When I was awoken from the next conctraction, I decided to get the in the tub. It was really relaxing, but the contractions went to 5 min apart. This might sound gross but, when I got out of the tub, I noticed the mucus plus had fallen out-Not quite how I expected it to look like. Once I was out of the tub and dressed it seemed like the contractions were every 5 seconds. I had a hard time standing. I wanted to lay on the bathroom floor next to the heater and try to sleep, but decided to get into bed. I prayed to fall asleep and before you know it, I think I slept for an hour-if that. Around 5am the contractions were getting alot closer. Poor Jason, he was getting very little sleep-he started monitoring the contractions. Thankfully he was there to rub my back, hold up my belly when a contractions was happening-that really helped and he had a hand to squeeze and keep me calm. The first two contractions would come every 3-5 min and then the 3rd would not come until 6 or 7 min later. Around 6am I was really hurting... All I wanted to do was cry. We had originally planned to take Brady out to my parents around 7am, but I made Jason call and tell them to get here NOW! Of course, the pain I was feeling, felt like Ashli had taken forever to get to the house. She did inform me that a cop did flash his lights warning her to slow down! We finally left the house around 6:30am and now the contractions were about 3 min apart. We have a dirt road and everytime I tell Jason to drive slow, but this time-I was getting a little irritated that he was driving slow and made him gun it!

Jason had drove 70mph the whole way and it felt forever! I held Jason's hand through the contractions-thankfully he was trying to keep my spirits up-He was trying to entertain me, but everytime I laughed it just hurt. I was holding his hand with my left and after a contraction he complained that his hand hurt! He has no idea what pain is! He also was surprised that I do indeed have muscles-He told me that I can open my own jars now! Just before we made it to the hospital, Jason decides to take a short cut that I was not aware of... He started slowing down and I am questioning myself, "Why the heck is he slowing down when the light is green?" That was when I realized he was texting-so I think he was paying more attention to that. I pushed on his leg trying to make him go faster and irritated that he wasn't. When we walked a couple of steps from the car-I was having a very painful contraction and just cried. We made it into the hospital doors and had another one. We made it to the 5th floor-they asked me a few questions, asked me to get on the scale, which during that time I was having another contraction. The nurse asked me to let go of the wall, to get an accurate reading-but that was a little difficult.

I finally got undressed and going around 7am. By then my parents made it to the hospital. You know one thing that really IRRITATES me I have decided? Having a contraction and trying to answer the millions questions the nurse is asking. I was so out of it that when the nurse asked me my preference of religion-I said I didn't have one. Hello?! My answer should have been LDS! I really liked my nurse Louise. She happened to be Travis's Aunt. Small World! Dr. Chang came in to check me- I was already dialated 7cm. No wonder I was hurting. The nurses wanted to know if I needed anything. All I wanted was an epidural. Unfortunatley I was too late, so no epidural for me. They did give me a low dosage of Statal. That did not help either. It came into effect after she was born and I was totally out of it. Louise had recommended to go onto my left side-that will speed things up. The contractions got worse! All of a sudden, I told them that I felt like I needed to Poop! They informed me that was the nerves working down there. After another contraction had come and gone (they lasted about 90 sec)I realized that I was pushing and said "SHE IS COMING OUT!" Dr. Chang and all of the nurses told me to stop pushing. Uh, that is a little hard to do. Try not to push when a baby is coming out! Right!! So, I had to try to suck in and stop her from coming out. In all of this, they are trying to get me to go back to my back, lower the bed, get the baby station ready, get Dr. Chang dressed, etc... They were not prepared!!! She was coming out faster then they were moving. I did raise my voice a couple of times-that was when Dr. Chang said I was just waisting energy and told me not to do it. I closed my eyes and tried my very best to listen to every thing they were saying. There was mechonium (sp?) involved, so when Emma's head came out, I couldn't push anymore. They wanted to clean her mouth out to make sure there were no problems. I was later told that the umbilicol cord was wrapped around her neck as well-but there were no problems with that. After 3 pushes and at 8:22am Emma Rae Tucker was born!!

  • Emma Rae Tucker born at 8:22am

  • 19 inches long

  • 6lbs 7.5 oz



  1. Hi Afton!!!

    What an intense birth story!! I am so happy for you guys!! Now all you need to do is post some cute pics of Brody and Emma together! I hope you guys are doing well!! If you need anything, let me know!!!


  2. Thanks for sharing! Even though I was there(for most of it) it seems so neat to read the story and relive it. I love you so much and I am soooooooo thankful that you had Dad and I in the delivery room for both Brady and Emma's arrivals! Truly an experience I will treasure all my life and be forever grateful for. Thank you and Jason(and Heavenly Father) for making my dreams come true of becoming a Grandma. I love my little grandkids so much and would do anything for them! You truly are an AWESOME mom and you are right, she is the most beautiful little girl! Keep on blogging!

  3. Wow! You had a crazy time! I don't know much about full on contractions since they had to induce me. She is beautiful andI hope to see you all this summer!