Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 days late!

Well today is April 2nd and still no baby. Yesterday I went to the dr's to get a NST done. Dr. Cepeda said everything looked great... A few contractions here and there-but nothing to put me into labor.
I decided to play a trick on Jason-you know... being April Fool's and all... After my appt. I had told him we were on our way back home to get our stuff and we needed to report back to the hospital because my contractions were really close and she could come soon. He of course is at work and kind of hesitated leaving. He asked if he needed to be there ASAP or would it leave him enough time to finish up at work? I just assumed that he would leave ASAP, so I got a little mad that he was questioning leaving. I told him he could wait until we actually make it back to the hospital. He then responds with "OK." So, finally I told him, "You are not responding like I thought you would, SO...APRIL FOOLS!" He then called me a "Loser!" I thought it was pretty funny.
After my NST I had to make an appt with Dr. Chang for Monday morning just in case if I don't go into labor by this weekend. Thankfully, he is on call this weekend. You know, the doctors always figure your due date based upon your last period-given me March 31st but when I got my first ultra sound done, the dr said my due date is April 6th. April 6th (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was restored)is one of the reasons why we wanted to name our baby Emma. So now that we are getting closer to April 6th we are really hoping that this may be the day we can bring her into our life. Any ideas to make this happen? Nothing has worked for me, so far...

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  1. I love your layout of the blog. Looks great. You caught on fast! Dr. Cepeda and I gave you our suggestions, so now all you gotta do is get Jason Involved. Glad to see you are blogging. I am so excited! Love ya Mom