Wednesday, March 25, 2009

6 days to go

So after many days of thinking about doing a blog, my mom and I finally broke down and did it... but, where do I go from here? Jessie? Staci? Help? I have always loved writing in my journal and since Brady was born, I have not had the time or energy to post anything. Hopefully, now that I have created a blog, I will be better about journaling...

So, I have 6 days to go in my pregnancy. I am tired, uncomfortable and yes I would love for her to come now, but since I have a baby shower held in my honor on Saturday... I really want her to come anytime after my shower. Is that possible? Do you think she will be obedient?

It is really hard being 39 weeks pregnant and trying to take care of a 1-year old. What were we thinking? Jason and I have come to an agreement and we will think about having another baby once Emma starts walking. To be honest, I will soon be having 2 babies and I can only imagine the stress and tiredness yet to fall upon us, I would not take it back for one second! Bring it on!

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