Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh she loves Oreos!

Because it was Emma's 8 month "birthday" we decided to give her an oreo.... This is like the first "real" people food she has eaten and boy did she love it!!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pics of Emma

Emma is 8 months old Today! Can you believe it?! She is getting so big.
She doesn't crawl or walk yet.
She is very good at sitting by herself. She is getting more daring by looking around at what is going on!
She is now 15lbs 6.4oz (weighed a couple of days ago)
26 1/2 in long!

The other day I put Emma in the walker so that I could get some things done. It is alittle hard for her to move around on carpet; the toys become her best friend. As you can see from the picture Emma fell right to sleep while sucking her thumb! Emma is such a laid back little girl, very low key. She didn't even cry or get fussy because she was tired!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

up date

I have to appologize I never did complete for the whole month of November everything that I am thankful for. Don't get me wrong! I am very grateful for the wonderful life that I am living and the many opportunities that I have to recognize the many great blessings in my life!

We had a great thanksgiving. Around 2pm we went to Jason's grandparents house and visited with all of the family. Unfortunately, we didn't stay very long. My family was having their thanksgiving dinner at 5:30pm and so we needed to get going around 4pm so that we could help with dinner and the good yummies. My mom always goes above and beyond in everything that she does! It was all very yummy! I am just so thankful for my family! It has become a tradition in my family over the past couple of years to stay up all night, thansgiving night and plan for BLACK FRIDAY! I love black friday! Unfortunately, with kids, a few of us didn't stick it out. I went to bed about 10pm and was up at 2:30am to prepare for the never ending shopping! My parents are wanting to the grand kids one of the power wheels for Christmas. Since, they had them on sale at Wal-Mart for $88 you couldn't beat that price! I had to try and hurry and be in line for one of those as soon as possible. I had dropped the kids of Jason's parents house at 3:30am (Jason had to work that morning) I just so happened to be the 2nd one in line for one! yay! They had the toys all spread out, so it was actually some what decent. There were a couple of ladies standing behind the 4 of us and kept threatening that they were going to take it out of our hands. Are you kidding me? Luckily enough, the 4 of us got ours. I went in to Black Friday with about 20 people to shop for and got all but 6! I did pretty good, even with every one and their dog shopping! Around 7am Jason calls me and says that his car won't start. Great! So, I drive back home, he uses my key and it works! Long story short, I had to drive him to work. After I was done shopping I hung out at Jason's parents house. The kids really do enjoy being with their grandparents and Jessica is down, so it is nice being with her and her kids. I waited until Jason was getting off of lunch. Around 1:15pm I still hadnt heard from him. He is suppose to be a lunch by now. Come to find out, the company brought pizza over. I could have been at home taking a nap! I was a little irritated with him! :) It was not really that busy at work, so they let him off at 2pm. The rest of the day we all slept. When we got home, we put the kids to bed, I fell asleep around 3pm and didn't wake up until 5pm when the kids woke me up!

I went and saw New Moon with my sisters and Jessice. Absolutely loved the movie! I really enjoyed the books and the movie kept me in awe the whole time! I seriously has to come home and start reading the Eclipse book just so I could prepare for the movie in June! So exciting! I told Jason that in a couple of years, my christmas present will be the complete series! I just can't wait!
On Saturday the 28th my whole family and I went into town to get our family pictures done. We had to be their by 9am. What were we thinking waiting till the last mintue! We really didn't tell what every one was wearing... We just had to wear Black, Maroon and Khaki. It serisously worked out so well. (pictures to come) All of the son in laws happened to wear a black button up shirt with khaki pants and my dad a maroon shirt with black slacks. Brady wore a pin stripe black suit with a maroon tie. He looked really handsome. My baby is not so baby anymore. I cant wait to see the pictures! Unfortunately, I guess it was too early for Brady to cooperate because he obviously didn't get the memo. He didn't want his picture taken! Hopefully we got a few good shots! I plan to use these pictures to send out Christmas Cards!

I consider today to be day 2 of being a stay at home mom! I am absolutely loving it. I think that I am actually happier. You are all probably thinking.. One day you will wish that you were still working! That may be the case but until then, it will be about my family 24/7! I just love it so much! It saddens me to know that I have missed out on so much with Brady and Emma as they are getting older. Brady is continueing to learn new words and trys really hard to say everything that you say. Emma is almost 8 months old and still really tiny! I just love being a mom!

We had planned to have Emma's surgery yesterday 12/2/2009. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Since I quit my job I had Presbyterian Heath Plan as my Primary insurance and Lovelace Salud as my secondary for the kids. I was not told to call Lovelace to make them my primary nor didn't I think to make the call. Dr. Cuadros is such a fine doctor that he really didn't want us to be stuck with a VERY HIGH bill so he said to call back when everything is in order. He said if we didn't have insurance it would cost us about $50,000! YIKES! Until Jason's company has open enrollment, I think in February, we will be ever grateful for medicaid. Because we already had a surgery date, once we get everything in order, we will call them to schedule a date and we will be on the priority list. I am thinking it will atleast be a month or so. I was actually bummed that it didn't happen yesterday. I even got so emotional, I cried! I am such a baby! But, everything happens for a reason. I am some what grateful they didn't do it because Emma has been sort of sick. They would have been ok with the surgery but everything happens for a reason.
Oh, when we were about to leave for Albuquerque for Emma's pre-op and ENT appt, I was trying to get Brady dressed and he tripped over my leg and hit his hard kind of hard. He finally calmed down, he was all dressed and decided to throw up every where. He of course wanted to be comforted so I got throw up on me. Thankfully my mom was there to help. He again throws up 4 different times before Lillie got there to take him for the day. I called Dr.Horn at the Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, I told them I was going to be running late. My appt was at 1145am and we didnt leave our house until 9:20am! They told us if we were not there on time, we could not be seen until 1pm. That wouldn't work because Dr. Cuadros was at 145pm on the other side of town. Luckily enough, we prayed before we left and Heavenly Father made it possible for us to be there with 10 minutes to spare. When Dr. Horn checked her ears, sure enough, the right side is clogged with ear wax and the left ear-the tubes are both pretty much shot. So, whenever we do the surgery, she will need to have tubes put in again.

Life has been pretty great! We have all of our Christmas Decorations put up. I decorated the inside of the house all by my self. Brady wanted to help, but with me holding me. Even though he is a tiny kid, he does get heavy. Brady thinks it is the coolest thing to see the tree lit. As Brady says, "WOW!" He is getting a little better at his colors. Although, he thinks every color is Blue! Brady also loves to watch any of the Santa movies. He has a mirror cling of Santa in his bedroom and he likes to carry it around saying,"Santa, Santa..." He loves every fake Santa but when we take him to the Santa in the mall. No thankyou! When he is not so close he is better! After a couple times of visiting with him, he slowly starts to warm up to him!

My sister Ashli and her fiance Daniel will be getting married in less than a month. There is so much to do in so little time! Luckily, this weekend is free! Next weekend the 12th is her Bridal Shower, the 19th-she is taking out her endowments at the temple, the 26th-Her Bachelorette Party and then the next weekend, the 2nd of January they will be sealed for all time and eternity in the Mesa, AZ temple.

This is what is going on in our life right now. We are all doing really good and couldn't be happier!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful for...

1.BABIES- Yesterday as I was sitting at the dinner preparing for today's Thanksgiving Dinner, I couldn't help but overhear my nephew Connor laughing. My sister Ashli was making him laugh. I am thankful to hear my nephew and my babies laugh! They are such great joy to hear!

2. AMERICA- Today I am thankful to live in free country who let's me have the ability to celebrate this special holiday, Thanksgiving! Any holiday at that!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am thankful for...

My Goodness! I think we definitely take for granted the many wonderful blessings given to us each day. I again am behind on writing something that I am thankful for each day and so now I need to write 6 different things I am thankful for...
  1. Friends-I don't hang out with alot of my friends like I would like to. We all have different priorities but I am thankful that when we do get together we have such a great time. We have been able to have girls night staying up way late and enjoying every minute. I am very thankful for my friends.
  2. Brady-The words can not express the love I have for my little man. He is an absolutely wonderful blessing. I love Brady so much. He knows how to make me laugh-he is such a character. He is growing up so much and I am so thankful that he is my baby. He loves to snuggle, kid around, be mischevious, give kisses and hugs, play, laugh, cry; be everything that you want him to be. I don't know what I would do without him.
  3. To be stress free-(well majority of the time) I am thankful that my little family and I were able to do nothing on Saturday the 21st. We enjoyed the movies, playing around, naps and being stress free. Each day is precious and to be lived to the fullest!
  4. The Gospel-I don't know what I would do or where I would be without the Gospel in my life and I am so thankful because of it the life I live. I am thankful that Jesus Christ is my Rock and my salvation. We don't know when our last day is going to be here on earth. It could be today, tomorrow, 5 years from now, etc... That is why I am so thankful to have the Gospel in my life to know that I need to Endure to the End, so that I can return and live with my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ again. We need to be an example to those around us. Teach our children who are Savior is, who our Father in Heaven is.
  5. My parents- They mean so much to me. They do so much for me and my family. I love my mom and dad so much! Thank you for everything!
  6. My coworkers-I am thankful that even though tomorrow will be my last day at work, I am thankful that they put together a little going away party for me. They even invited my mom, mother-in-law (who brought my kids) and Jason! I am thankful that they were able to show their appreciation for me and actually tell it to me. I am really going to miss them and the company but I am thankful to move forward and have no reason to look back.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a weekend!

This last weekend, Jason and I went up to Albuquerque to celebrate a month early our 3 year anniversary. We wanted to be there by 3pm so that we could go to the temple, get our tickets for Saturdays college football game and have quality time together. Unfortunately, we got stuck in Lybrook for an hour because there was a drunk driving accident that killed one person and left others injured. It was scary to see 3 different helicopters leave the scene.
We then got into Albuquerque and Jason's cousin contracts for UNM and always gets passes to the games. We picked up our tickets and fortunately Olive Garden was right there, so that is where we ate. I love Olive Garden. I was a little bit daring and ordered something new for the first time, in I can't tell you how many years. I had a dish called Pork Mellanese (sp?) It was actually pretty good. The pork had scallop bread crumbs or something like that, so that whole time I had to convince myself that I was not eating fish, that's what it looked like. I ate really slow, thinking I was going to bite into a bone. I am pathetic huh?! (I can't stand fish!) Jason and I really enjoyed talking about the last 3 years and the years to come. I love my best friend and husband, Jason!

This picture leads to the door to our hotel room. We stayed at the raddison. We always price it out at and I get it for $40-45/night. We even slept on sleep number beds! It was not that comfortable, because I couldn't find my right number! I just loved that we had a walkway/bridge that had a pond full of fish!

We unfortuately didn't make it to the temple and yes that is my fault. Since we didn't go Friday, Jason wanted to go Saturday at 7am. Ugh, I really didn't want to get up that early. To this day, I regret it. I should never deny the opportunity to go to the temple. Jason was not to happy with me. You know, everytime Jason and I want to do something, the two of us, something always has to go wrong. Thankfullly, we always get through it, but its getting through it that is always a pain in the butt!

On Saturday we went to the BYU vs. UNM College Football game. I really loved it. I had to warm up to it. It was pretty cold! I unfortunately was wearing flip-flops. Not the greatest! The game was getting good when the BYU fans would cheer B! Y! U! the UNM fans would chant SUCKS! afterwards. That really got my blood running! Jason had told me that UNM has a record of like 0-9; so when UNM fans would say "SUCKS" we would say "ZERO WINS" as loud as we could. Oh, we did have UNM fans all around us and to be honest, I didn't scared once. haha! Hey, If you are going to talk crap to the opponents fans, you have got to be able to get it in return. Daniel had told me that one of the guys standing below us was even flipping BYU fans off! There were 3 guys below us and to the left that were saying SUCKS and trying to be tough, so I started yelling at them "ZERO WINS... ZERO WINS!" One of the guys actually turned around and looked at me and threw his hands in the air like he wanted to start a fight. I just looked at him like "Are you kidding me?" So, I said "That is right.. ZERO WINS!" He was trying to be tough and I yelled at him "GROW UP!" He never turned around after that. Another guy was yelling at the BYU fans that we were "OVER RATED." Oh, it was all great fun! A family of BYU fans were a couple rows above us and such humbled people were saying "well, UNM tried!" He kind of annoyed me! haha :) At the end of the game-about a minute left, there was this BIG GUY in the bleachers to my right that started yelling and flipping and cussing at the BYU fans. I looked at Jason and said. That needs to stop. When the game was over with, he was still yelling some foul language and I made him stop!!! I got his attention and said "Hey, there is no need for the cussing and flipping them off. I don't appreciate it and it needs to stop." While I was doing this, I was shaking my finger at him and so he started mocking me. He then told me that is "it was a ***** football game and he will say anything and everything that he wants." There were kids all over. Nobody needs to hear this and I didn't appreciate it. Before you know it, Jason was in front of me yelling at the guy that he no respect for women and that he should not be talking to her like that. So, that guy was telling us to meet him in the parking lot. He said "us 4 against him!" It probably would have taken us 4-HE WAS A BIG GUY!!! So, that is when Daniel got up. The guy then backed down and decided to ask what team we were cheering for? Are you kidding me?!?! It does not matter what team you are for, there is no need to cuss! I didn't care who was around me. I think this was the first time in my whole life when I stepped out of my box and stood up for what I believed in. I don't think that I have had a situation like this,but I am really glad I did it!
When we sat back down, there were two UNM fans in front of us and turned around and said, "We are not all like that." It is very unfortunate, that stupid people ruin it for alot of good people! BYU did win, of course! But it was a close call! To be honest, if the kicker from UNM hadn't missed the extra points, I am pretty sure they would have won!

It really was a great weekend! I enjoyed the time with Daniel and Ashli. I am so thankful for Jason for being my protector! To be honest, I was not one bit concerned about the UNM fans wanting to cause a fight. I got to thinking about it and I think that when you become a mom, you learn to be more aggressive and no matter what you should always stand up for what you believe in.

I am thankful for...

So I am a little behind... Saturday the 14th-Wed the 18th
  1. I am thankful for Good American Sports! I really didn't get into watching sports that much until I married Jason and sometimes I enjoy when I know what is going on! I love the competition, addrenanlin, cheering, food, etc... I love it!
  2. I am thankful for Sunday dinners. Every Sunday, all of my family and I get together and enjoy one another's company. I like to think that we have a grand dinner-which is so yummy, thanks to my mom. I love the spiritual uplifting, the laughter and each member of the family.
  3. I am thank for my mom and mother-in-law. They make such a great sacrifice for Jason and I so that we can work and they take the time to watch our kids. I hear about the price for daycare and I am very thankful that we don't have that financial burden. I know that it is really not a sacrifice for them; they love watching Brady and Emma but it still is really appreciative.
  4. I am thankful for my Heavenly Father! Last night my sister and Daniel were hit by a buck while driving and even though they had to tow their car to get it fixed, I am grateful that they are ok. My Heavenly Father is aware of our surroundings and He watches for us and see what is best. I am thankful that we pray to stay safe and our prayers are always answered. Everything happens for a reason.
  5. Today I am thankful for Answered Prayers. I am forever going to be thankful for this. I am indebted to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Since I have put in my two weeks here at work, I know that this is what I should be doing. Financially it might be tough every once in a while, but since I have put in my notice, randomly this month we have gotten an extra $150.00 put into our bank. When we are doing what is right, we are blessed in more ways than one!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Today I am Thankful For....

My heart is so full of gratitude this day and I have so many things to be thankful for. I would feel awful if I didn't share my feelings.

I am thankful for my baby girl Emma. I am thankful that she has chosen Jason and I to be her parents. Emma has brought great Joy into my life, Patience, A Humbled Heart, etc...
When Jason and I found that we were having a girl, we were very excited. The time getting our ultra sound done took quite a while and we didn't think anything of it. That is when we found out that Emma was going to be born with a cleft lip. I broke into tears. I cried because there was something wrong with my daughter and there was nothing that I could do about it. Jason had to leave to get back to work and so I had to get the rest of the info all by myself. I cried waiting for the doctor. I kept picturing in my head the pictures of children with cleft lip/palates and the tears kept pouring. As I was trying to calm myself, I knew with out a doubt that Emma was there telling me, "I Am A Child of God." My baby girl Emma is a daughter of God and no matter the health problems or anything else that may incure, My love for her would not change.

I had told some people of Emma's condition and their stories made me so much more humbled. I could have had an unborn baby who I miscarried, stillborn, have heart problems, major birth defects and so forth. Heavenly Father has given us trials that only make us stronger. He doesn't give us anything that we can't handle.

I am so grateful that Emma has taught me so many great things and she is only 7 months old. I love you Emma.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am thankful for...

Today I am thankful for:

I am really thankful for good health. I have been blessed to have the strenth and the ability to overcome sicknesses that have hit the rest of my family. I am thankful that I have the energy to keep up with my kids and take care of my family all in good health!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am thankful....

I have noticed alot lately on Facebook people posting each day something they are grateful for.

This is something that I would like to do. I know that I am 11 days behind so I will post 11 things that I am thankful for today and each day until the end of November I will post another thing that I am thankful for!

  1. My Family-They have been a great help to me and my little family. They always make a huge sacrifice for us and I really do appreciate that. I love my family.
  2. My kids! They bring such great joy into my life and I am so thankful that they are my children :)
  3. My Husband! He is my best friend! I am thankful for him always being there for me, comfort me, a shoulder to cry on, holds the Priesthood, Provider!
  4. Prayer-I am so thankful to know that my prayers are always answered. My Heavenly Father knows what is best for me and my family and we have been truly blessed.
  5. My job-It has been a blessing to have a part time job that helps bring in some extra income. But I am truly thankful for in a couple of weeks to have a full time job being a mom! I have put in my two weeks notice and looking forward to the future.
  6. My Testimony! Jesus Christ is my rock and my salvation! I am thankful for the knowledge I have, that will help me to Endure to the end and return one day and live with my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.
  7. The house that we live in! Right now there is no way that we could afford a home of our own. I am thankful that my great-grandma Syl had left us her home that we may have a place to live and grow.
  8. Veterans! Those Men and Women who have made a great deal of sacrifice so that I may live in a Free Country.
  9. Jason's job-Times are really tough for the economy and I am very thankful that Jason still has a great job to go to everyday.
  10. The opportunity to be a MOM! I see people every day that have a hard time getting pregnant and I am so thankful that is not the case for me. Bringing children into this world has been a dream of mine and so grateful to know that it is possible.
  11. Temple Marriage! Jason is my best friend and I am so happy to know that are married for all eternity. I don't know what I would do without him. I am thankful for the gospel; to make this possible!

What are you thankful for?

She is growing up!

My little Emma is growing up so fast! She is now 7 months old and finally has upper body strength to sit up by herself.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The little stinker

This morning before we left to my parents house to drop the kids off for work, Brady kept wanting some fruit snacks. I told him No and that he could have them after lunch when we get to Nahnie and Papa's house. Five minutes would go by and he again would ask. I again, would give the same response.
On the way to my parents, I could hear paper figiting in the back seat...
So, I (very carefully) take a picture of the "little stinker." Brady was trying very hard to open the fruit snacks and succeeded!

I was pretty upset with him. He did, when we got to Nahnie's house, did go and sit in timeout.

Happy (sick) Halloween


Brady the Cowardly Lion

Emma the cute Lady Bug

This year was a Halloween event to remember. We were able to have some celebration by going to the ward Halloween party. Both Brady and Emma won a piece of candy for making their ball roll into a pumpkin. (that was one of the games for the kids 4 and under)(oh and Emma had help)

Unfortunately, Both Brady and Emma had gotten sick. I believe it is the swine flu. Everyone that I have talked to that were diagnosed with the swine flu had the same symptoms as Brady and Emma. The only thing that we can do to control it it give them Tylenol. As you can see by the picture.. Brady kept a handkerchief in his back pocket the whole entire time. There is constant nose wipeing. Poor Kids.

I told Jason... Next Year, for sure, the kids will NOT be sick. I want to be able to go Trick-or-Treating!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Connor and Emma at Sutherland Farms. She was trying really hard to grab Connor's hand. Can you believe that they are 3 months apart?!?
Brady has become such the climber! I think that because he has short legs, it had made it harder for him to get onto the couch, etc... The other night, he climbed on to the walker and got right in. Silly kid!

Doesn't Emma have such wild hair? She has all of this hair right on the top of her head; I enjoy the many things that we can do with her hair, but once you take the pony tails out-WOW!

On Friday afternoon, I was making some cakes for the cake walk for our Ward Halloween party. Brady decided to get a spatula from the drawer and started banging on the counter. I grabbed for the cake, already frosted, so he wouldn't knock it down. What I didn't realize was the sprinkles sitting there and an easy target. Brady hit the sprinkles and they went flying everywhere!! I looked down, took a deep breath and just laughed. I told him we needed to sweep the mess... As you can tell by the picture... He tried using the spatula to sweep the mess into the dustpan!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Snowflake, AZ

This last weekend we went to Snowflake, AZ for my cousin Caspur and his wife, Ashley's wedding and my cousin Shada and Taylor's baptism! What a great weekend, but it happened so fast!

We didn't leave until friday evening, which meant that we didn't get to snowflake until 9pm or so. It is about a 4 1/2 hour drive, but luckily we gain an hour there.
It was very interesting to see the way Ashli and Daniel acted towards one another; Jason and I drove with them and they were all lovey dovey towards one another and Jason and I... not so much. It is true when they say when you are getting married that "Love is blind." I do love Jason with all my heart, but we have never really been lovey dovey towards one another. This was an eye opener to me and I just think that it doesn't matter how many years you have been married, you should always be affectionate towards your spouse. I love you Jason!

Saturday morning we woke up and got ready for Shada and Taylor's baptism. It was the coolest thing ever! (Sorry no picture of them) ON the way to the baptism, my dad was driving in front of us, then us and then a little ways back, was my mom and nena. It was getting close to baptim time and so we kind of needed to hurry. My dad passed this car and when the opportunity came up, Daniel went to pass the car also. As we were passing, we all of a sudden see a white truck and horse trailer passing at the same time. Daniel didn't see him-apparently the truck was in Daniel's blind side and he didn't see him. Do you see where this is going? Daniel and the truck hit and luckily no one got hurt. Well, just Ashli's outside mirror and the vehicle is a little scratched. Snowflake is a very SMALL town. How could we have crashed into someone? There is very little traffic. This town is so small that we actually crashed into one of our cousins, Logan! He too was on his way to the baptism. He actually had to speak! We had pulled over and checked out the damage and then went on our marry way. We saw logan pulled over and he was freaking out because he thought when we pulled over that, after we hit, that we had rolled. So, he was scared that we all had caused a huge collision. Everything was totally fine!

It seemed like forever before Caspur and Ashley got married. It was at 4pm and, to me, I would have a hard time being patient if I was the bride waiting! For them, the waiting was totally worth it.
Such a cute couple! haha

Waiting for the wedding to start! Doesn't this look like she is going to give me alot of attitude growing up? (maybe not) Happy! The anxiously awaiting Groom!
What a cute couple!

I had to take a picture of this... Can you see what it is? It is a beer bottle under the seat of the wife of the bestman. She was drinking as much as she could before the wedding started! To me, it seemed a little tacky!
All of Caspur's brothers, except for the one in the plaid. Don't know who that is!

After the wedding and the kids couldn't wait to go jump on the trampoline. Brady wanted to be a big boy! He doesn't quite understand the concept of jumping, though. He stayed on the side as much as possible.He had enough!
Aunt Ashli and Brady Dancing the night away!

Can you tell we were a little bored! Jason is looking on the internet on his phone and I am playing with my hair. Do you like my hair? Ashli did it and I had to step WAY out of my comfort zone to wear it like that all day! She put one of those bump its in it and so it was just different and something that I was trying really hard to get used to.

My WONDERFUL and HOT husband!
It was the funiest thing ever! Somehow a strawberry had landed on the floor and Daniel had no idea. So he stepped on it and made quite the mess! We laughed so hard, because if you look closely, it looks like Daniel was having "Women Problems" haha! Daniel got quite red!

Brady had a hard time eating the cake with a fork. I think because they had stuck it in the fridge. Anywho, he got impatient and decided to eat the whole thing with his hands!

Sutherland Farms

On the weekend of the 10th, majority of my family got together and went to Sutherland Farms in Aztec. Brady totally loved the animals. He kept trying to put his hand in the fence to touch the animals. A goat almost got Brady's fingers. That would have been a great treat! It was a very nice weekend and it was much needed. (Note to self: don't wear flip flops when picking pumpkins. I constantly felt a goathead on my feet.)

Brady loved playing in the corn! He thought it was weird that he had a hard time walking in it.

Brady enjoyed Aunt Ashli burying him in the corn! It was pretty funny to watch!
He had corn EVERYWHERE!
Connor didn't know what to think!
We then decided to go through the corn maze and can you believe it? Brady actually led us the whole way out. I loved how his brain was working... He came to a fork and would look at both ways and then made his own decision. I seriously think we were in there for maybe 5 minutes-if that!

For a moment... Emma was actually standing by herself!

Our little family :)

Nahnie, Connor, Emma & Brady

She was more interested in the weeds! She was trying so hard to pick one.

Dang! I just realized that I didn't get a picture of Brady and Emma with their pumpkins. Brady picked a pumpkin for Emma that was the size of his head, ok, a little smaller. Because it was so small, they didn't even charge us for it!
We had a great time! I can't wait for next year!