Friday, October 23, 2009

Snowflake, AZ

This last weekend we went to Snowflake, AZ for my cousin Caspur and his wife, Ashley's wedding and my cousin Shada and Taylor's baptism! What a great weekend, but it happened so fast!

We didn't leave until friday evening, which meant that we didn't get to snowflake until 9pm or so. It is about a 4 1/2 hour drive, but luckily we gain an hour there.
It was very interesting to see the way Ashli and Daniel acted towards one another; Jason and I drove with them and they were all lovey dovey towards one another and Jason and I... not so much. It is true when they say when you are getting married that "Love is blind." I do love Jason with all my heart, but we have never really been lovey dovey towards one another. This was an eye opener to me and I just think that it doesn't matter how many years you have been married, you should always be affectionate towards your spouse. I love you Jason!

Saturday morning we woke up and got ready for Shada and Taylor's baptism. It was the coolest thing ever! (Sorry no picture of them) ON the way to the baptism, my dad was driving in front of us, then us and then a little ways back, was my mom and nena. It was getting close to baptim time and so we kind of needed to hurry. My dad passed this car and when the opportunity came up, Daniel went to pass the car also. As we were passing, we all of a sudden see a white truck and horse trailer passing at the same time. Daniel didn't see him-apparently the truck was in Daniel's blind side and he didn't see him. Do you see where this is going? Daniel and the truck hit and luckily no one got hurt. Well, just Ashli's outside mirror and the vehicle is a little scratched. Snowflake is a very SMALL town. How could we have crashed into someone? There is very little traffic. This town is so small that we actually crashed into one of our cousins, Logan! He too was on his way to the baptism. He actually had to speak! We had pulled over and checked out the damage and then went on our marry way. We saw logan pulled over and he was freaking out because he thought when we pulled over that, after we hit, that we had rolled. So, he was scared that we all had caused a huge collision. Everything was totally fine!

It seemed like forever before Caspur and Ashley got married. It was at 4pm and, to me, I would have a hard time being patient if I was the bride waiting! For them, the waiting was totally worth it.
Such a cute couple! haha

Waiting for the wedding to start! Doesn't this look like she is going to give me alot of attitude growing up? (maybe not) Happy! The anxiously awaiting Groom!
What a cute couple!

I had to take a picture of this... Can you see what it is? It is a beer bottle under the seat of the wife of the bestman. She was drinking as much as she could before the wedding started! To me, it seemed a little tacky!
All of Caspur's brothers, except for the one in the plaid. Don't know who that is!

After the wedding and the kids couldn't wait to go jump on the trampoline. Brady wanted to be a big boy! He doesn't quite understand the concept of jumping, though. He stayed on the side as much as possible.He had enough!
Aunt Ashli and Brady Dancing the night away!

Can you tell we were a little bored! Jason is looking on the internet on his phone and I am playing with my hair. Do you like my hair? Ashli did it and I had to step WAY out of my comfort zone to wear it like that all day! She put one of those bump its in it and so it was just different and something that I was trying really hard to get used to.

My WONDERFUL and HOT husband!
It was the funiest thing ever! Somehow a strawberry had landed on the floor and Daniel had no idea. So he stepped on it and made quite the mess! We laughed so hard, because if you look closely, it looks like Daniel was having "Women Problems" haha! Daniel got quite red!

Brady had a hard time eating the cake with a fork. I think because they had stuck it in the fridge. Anywho, he got impatient and decided to eat the whole thing with his hands!

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