Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We have a solution!

Do you remember when I posted about Brady and his throwing his food habits? If not, you will need to find it.. haha! I am not sure how to make a shortcut for it! Anywho... Brady has a problem with throwing his food either when he is done or when he is in that mood. I have become frustrated with it and I believe we have found a solution. When Brady was becoming familiar with the button to turn on and off the tv, we had enough of it and didn't want him to do it anymore... So, we would squirt him with a water bottle. Yes, it does sound cruel, but it worked! We decided to see if squirting him again, would work and sure enough.... IT IS WORKING! When he would throw his food, we would squirt him. At times, he is not to fond of it. At this point, when he is about to throw his food, we threaten him with the water bottle and he does something else with it; either eat it or put it back on the tray. Hey, it works!

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