Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Emma is 6 Months Old!

OH MY GOSH! Can you believe it? Emma has made it to her half way to a YEAR mark!! What a joy she has been!

12lbs 13.9oz ~ 24 3/4in
*She constantly smiles at you!
*She is so easy to put to sleep. You get her ready for bed, put her in bed and she will turn to her left and fall right to sleep.
*She thinks it is so funny when Brady sneezes
*She can still fit into 0-3 month clothes (depends on the outfit)
*We have introduced her to solid foods and she likes: Green Beans, Carrots, Hawaiian Delight and Pears (not a picky eater)
*She drinks 5oz of formula every 2-3 hrs; depending on the day!
*Loves to suck her thumb, hardly takes the pacifier
*She can HOLD her own bottle!
*She drools all the of the time, but no teeth yet
*Takes atleast 5 cat naps through out the day
*She loves to watch you while you talk
*She does not like to sit; she would rather stand
*When laying down, she tries so hard to sit up (She is going to great abs!)
*She will roll over every once in a while
*She loves to grab things and put them in her mouth
*When she is trying to grab something and no luck, she will suck her thumb, try again-no luck and then suck her thumb, etc...

Before her shots

After her shots. Poor thing!

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