Monday, October 26, 2009

Connor and Emma at Sutherland Farms. She was trying really hard to grab Connor's hand. Can you believe that they are 3 months apart?!?
Brady has become such the climber! I think that because he has short legs, it had made it harder for him to get onto the couch, etc... The other night, he climbed on to the walker and got right in. Silly kid!

Doesn't Emma have such wild hair? She has all of this hair right on the top of her head; I enjoy the many things that we can do with her hair, but once you take the pony tails out-WOW!

On Friday afternoon, I was making some cakes for the cake walk for our Ward Halloween party. Brady decided to get a spatula from the drawer and started banging on the counter. I grabbed for the cake, already frosted, so he wouldn't knock it down. What I didn't realize was the sprinkles sitting there and an easy target. Brady hit the sprinkles and they went flying everywhere!! I looked down, took a deep breath and just laughed. I told him we needed to sweep the mess... As you can tell by the picture... He tried using the spatula to sweep the mess into the dustpan!

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