Thursday, May 21, 2009

Come what may and love it

So, a few weeks ago my mom came over to help me with Emma and Brady. When she got to the house, I was eating a bowl of captin crunch, while watching Brady play with his toys and feeding Emma. My mom had decided to bring me a breakfast burrito and I decided to eat that instead of my bowl full of cereal. The first couple of weeks of Emma's life she seemed coliky and I was talking to Shannon giving me pointers on how to deal with it, My mom continued to feed Emma and stupid me, left the cereal on the coffee table. All of a sudden, Brady decides to eat from my bowl and then notices that he can pick it up-next thing I knew... Captin Crunch cereal all over the table. I had to step away from talking to Shannon and I just looked at my mom like, "Oh My Gosh!" My mom too got a little frustrated cause this coffee table used to be my Great-Grandma Syl's-so it's very old... The better the condition, the more use out of it! Then all of a sudden, she remembered a quote-who at the moment I can't think said it-

All of a sudden we both started laughing cause what turned out to be a frustrating moment turned out to be funny cause you look at Brady and he is trying to bob for cereal and trying to suck up the milk... You can only imagine what he looked like :)

This very same incident happened again this morning... Only this time, I am by myself, pumping and feeding Emma. Brady was eating out of one of his bowls that are suppose to stick to the table-cheerios all over the floor and milk all over the table. This morning I was already recovering from a bad day yesterday-Alot of emotions flying everywhere and to see milk and cereal all over, it did raise my blood level again... COME WHAT MAY AND LOVE IT.... I have come to realize that little toddlers running around are going to make a mess-that is what they do. I have also come to realize that I use more energy trying to keep the house clean all day, when Brady turns around and pulls things out of their place. COME WHAT MAY AND LOVE IT has helped me realize that my baby, Brady, could be in a situation where he can't move and walk around or have some disability that could make none of this happen. I am so thankful to be a mommy and a wife and accept those responsibilites and be rewarded every minute of my life.

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