Monday, May 18, 2009

Emma's baby blessing

So, I am a little late....
On May 3rd, we had the opportunity to bless Emma. She looked absolutely Beautiful... Very Angelic.

(Isn't she just so Beautiful?)

Jason's mom, Lillie had bought her dress up in Utah and the bow I had to make. Lillie had also gotten her some shoes and headband to match, but poor Emma's head is still too small that the headband does not fit, so I made this one for her! (I know realize I have somewhat a creative side)

When I was a baby, a dear friend of my mom's had given me a baby bracelet and all this time, my mom kept it until the right moment. I am so thankful to have a little girl to pass this down to...

The blessing turned out great! I am so thankful for Jason and the power of the Priesthood... I am so proud of him and the opportunity he has to bless our children. I just love Jason! We were able to have a few family members make it for this special occasion.. I forever grateful to Nena and Aunt Shawn for the long journey to get here. We were able to get a 4 genereation picture, unfortunately Nana was unable to come or it could have been a 5 genereation picture.

My Family (Travis, Terica, Ashli, Jason, Emma, Me, Brady, Tiffany, Nena, Aunt Shawna, Mom & Dad)

The day of Emma's blessing turned out really great. After Sacrament we had everyone come over for lunch-Lasagna, Salad, bread, the works! It was nice for everyone to have a chance to hold Emma and watch their expression as they held her!

I am so thankful to be a mommy and a wife!

Why I love life!!

Brady is so good with Emma. He is constantly loving on her! When we have Emma still in her carseat at home, Brady will move the blankets out of the way and try to hug her and kiss her. Sometimes he just wants to lay his head on her lap!

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