Thursday, September 3, 2009

The ReCreation by Dr. Cuadros

It didn't seem like the end of August would ever get here and now it is already September 3, 2009 and Emma is done with her surgery and the stitches are taken out.

We had to be at Presbyterian Hospital at 10am and when we left Bloomfield we forgot about the road construction so we were getting a little scared if we were going to make it on time. Just before we got to the hospital, like a block down, Brady decides to throw up every where. I tried cleaning up, but once I got a whoof of the smell.... YUCK! My dad is so great, he ended up cleaning the mess. Before we left, I had gotten this feeling that I should bring Brady and extra pair of clothes... Do you think I did? Nope! I totally forgot. We get to the hospital right at 10am and we started rushing because we didn't know if they were waiting on us... We go to inpatient registration and they told us just to get stitches out, we need to go to outpatient reg. We walk over there and this lady had no idea what we were talking about. I told her that Dr. Cuadros is going to do it and she said we need to go to his office.. we just didn't think that was right. So, my mom got frustrated with her and walked off.. I just stood there, like what do I do? and then told her to have a good day! We then found a nurse and she told us that there is a building that Dr. Cuadros meets in just a block from the hospital where he usually meets. Because we were already running late, we decide to walk; we didn't get very far when my mom decides to call Dr. Cuadros office. They told us to go the surgical entrance where we went last week. By that time is was 10:10am. We appologize for being late. The nurse said that is ok because she is not scheduled to get the sutures (stitches) out until 12pm. Are you kidding me? I didn't know that we were going to have to wait that long. Plus, that has got to be really hard on a baby when they have to start fasting at 5am and stop having water at 9am. So, overall, she has had to go for almost 7hours of fasting and then who knows how long after when she recovers.

My dad finally walks in with Brady and boy did he stink. We decide to go the gift shop to see if we could find something for him to wear. The smallest thing I found for him was a 10-12 shirt for kids. I laughed so hard-I needed that laugh. Brady reminded me of a little kid who puts on their parents shirts and wears them to bed. See...

Everybody got a kick out of him! There was nothing else that we could do.
Preparing Emma to get the sutures out took like an hour or longer. They weighed her and she now weighs: 11lbs 0.1oz! She gained alittle over 7oz since last wednesday.
I of course, had to put Emma to sleep so she would stop crying and calm down. Poor girl. When Dr. Cuadros would be taking out the sutures, he said that he would get another look at her palate-as you recall in surgery blog he saw that she has a submucous palate aka soft palate and it would be best to have surgery on it and repair it just in case if something down the road was to happen. The whole procedure ended up taking about 15min. Dr. Cuadros came in said that everything went really well. Emma was still asleep but it would be good to have her see you when she wakes up. He did give us some good news; while checking out the palate he actually noticed that the palate is actually not as bad as he thought. We would just need to check it out everyonce in a while and then; he really thinks that we wont need to do surgery on it. Yay! When we met up with Emma she was not asleep and the nurse was trying to get her to calm down. I put her in my lap and she fell back asleep. I guess it's just Mommy's touch. :) Once she was able to eat, she gobbled down the pedialyte and formula-It was close to 8oz! That is ALOT!


Right before surgery 08/26/09
Today 09/03/09
It is still a little swollen, and the suture line will be red for awhile but everything will be better in no time. We just now have to prepare to do the right side of her lip. That won't be for a couple of months atleast.


  1. wow! what an adventure! Emma looks fantastic though!

  2. She looks beautiful. :) Always has