Tuesday, December 21, 2010


About a month, I would write down some of the things that Brady would say that just crack us up. Here are a few:
*Brady-"I want to watch the deer movie. Mom, where is my gun?"
Brady-"So I can shoot the deer!"

*Mom-"Brady I have had enough..."
Brady-"What are you talking about?"

*Brady-"Are the coyotes out right now?"
Mom-"No, it's still light out."
Brady-"The coyotes come out at night. "
Mom-"Ya, they come out to eat naughty boys like you."
Brady-"And mommy, daddy and Emma"

*Brady gives me a kiss and then says, "we're married"

*"Mommy is having a baby and Emma will when she is married."

*10-18-10-(Had another ultrasound)-Nahnie-"What's your baby brothers name?"
Brady-"Um.... Comet"
(Everything that is ready for the baby, Brady believes it is for baby comet.)

*Dad-"Brady, when is Santa coming?"
Brady-"Santa is coming to town!" (While singing the song)

*Dad-"Brady do you know when we celebrate Christmas?"
Brady-"On Thursday!" (I didn't even know he new some of the days of the week)

*Mom-"Brady, now that you went poop in the potty, we need to wipe your butt."
Brady-"Ok. Don't get your hands dirty. "

*(I am changing my nephews diaper who is 17 months old)
Brady-"Oh, Connor has a penis just like Brady does."
Mom-"Yes, all boys have a penis"
Brady-"Connor has a baby penis and I have a Big Huge Penis!"

*12-5-10-Brady-"Its not dark"
Daddy-"It is dark outside."
Brady-"No. It is dark brown"

*12-6-10-Brady-"What is that man doing?"
Nahnie-"He is shoveling dirt."
Brady-"Yah, that's right!"

*12-9-10-Brady-"Did Emma go poop?"
Mom-"Yes, Poop and Pee"
Brady-"Gross Emma! Bleh- You just made me puke!"

*12-20-10-Mom-"Are you going to sit on and talk to Santa tonight?"
Mom-"What will you ask Santa for Christmas?"
Mom-"What else?"
Brady-"Strawberries and Oranges!"
(I guess instead of buying gifts we should have just bought him food!)

I just love my little Brady. He cracks me up every day with the things that he says. I can't believe he is going to be 3 in March. My little boy is growing up so fast! He is a 2 1/2 year old who is like going on 10! I will have to post next time of the little smarty pants he is!

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