Saturday, April 3, 2010

Valentines Day

Oh My Gosh! I just realized that I never posted about Valentines Day and that was a couple of months ago. Goodness!

A friend had posted about this craft she made for the Valentines Holiday. I saw it and fell in love! Ever since I have been home with my kids, I for some reason have been wanting to become more crafty. I am horrible because I am not that creative but I was really happy with the way the this project turned out. It is hearts on a string, strung from the ceiling.

Emma 10 months old and so stinkin' cute!
For breakfast, Jason made heart shaped pancakes with pink food coloring! I do enjoy that he likes to cook/bake. Brady sure does love pancakes.
For Valentines I didn't get to extravagent for gifts. Just a stuffed animal and skittles for Brady and nail polish for Emma. It was kind of funny because when they woke up, Brady found the gifts right away and didn't care to much about the stuffed dog. He was just so excited about the skittles.

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  1. I'm so glad the hearts turned out for you! It was such an easy and fun project!