Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monkey See... Monkey Do!

*Last night, I put on the movie "Happy Feet" Brady really enjoyed it and loved when the music came on, he automatically starts dancing! His form of dancing is waving his hands up and down in the air! Poor kid got his lack of dance skills from his parents! :) If you all remember the movie, the penguin Mumble, has the talent to dance not sing; it's more of tap dance... but you get the idea. As mumble was dancing, Brady was standing in front of the TV bouncing his leg up and down! He was trying to dance like Mumble! It was so cute!!!

*After the movie was over with we went outside and played on the swing for alittle while... As time got closer to bedtime, I brought him inside and sat him down with his books so that I could get his PJ's together and get him ready for bed. Besides, Books keep him entertained and calm! As he was sitting there reading his "Letters" book, He got to the end of book with "X, Y, Z" (each letter has an object of somekind relating to that letter. After the letter Z was done, they show pictures of all the objects from A-Z) and as he was sitting there, he looks up at me and says "uuhhh"(That is his word for wanting to know what something is) and points to the Z for Zebra (I tell him Zebra) and then on the next page he points to the other Zebra! He went back and forth pointing to the Zebra! He Put TWO AND TWO together!! I was so proud of him!

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