Monday, July 20, 2009


Brady is such a smart little boy! This morning as I was straightening up the house, I could hear Brady in his room. When I went in there, he was standing up waiting for me- I love to see him like that! Anywho, I asked him if he wanted out and he said, "yes" So, then he starts climbing on the rails trying to get out, luckily enough there is like an end table with his nightlight and cd player right next to his crib, so when his foot slipped that is what he landed on instead of falling in between the bars. He looks at me and says "oww." I pulled him out of the crib and instead of walking towards the living room, he walks to his books and started reading! I tried to be sneaky, but when the camera clicked he turned around and decided he was done! When Brady is cranky, we will pull out a book and start reading, sometimes he just likes to be by himself and read. My mom has his books on the bottom shelf at her house and when she would ask him to go get a book, he would walk right to them. So, I decided to move his books from one of the top shelves to the very bottom shelf so that he can get them. It is kind of nice when I need to get things done, I will ask him to go read a book and sure enough, he will walk to his room and read!
He is 16 months old now and this is what Brady does:
*Loves to say "HI"
*You will go up to people, especially in church, and shake their hands
*When asked if hungry-you walk straight to the fridge
*You are finally a cousin
*You say "bye"
*You are developing a "Fake" laugh! (When you "fake" laugh I tell you, "you are so silly!" and then you fake laugh again)
*You sometimes get stingy about your hugs and kisses
*When Emma is crying you will look for her bottle or pacifier and try to give it to her-You can't quite connect the bottle to the mouth yet.
*You love to feed yourself (When I feed you, you act like you are done, but when you have the spoon or fork, you will eat the whole thing)
*You love to water the garden with nahnie and papa (you even get to hold the hose)
*When you have an ouchy you will tell me and want me to kiss it. When I ask if anywhere else hurts, you will point to something else!
(the other day, we were swinging and you had an ouchy on your hand, I kissed it and then you said "ow" to the other hand; this went back and forth. I asked if anywhere else hurt and you looked at me then your body and pointed to your right leg and said "ow" so I kissed it. Again I asked"anywhere else" and you pointed to your left leg. Your silly!
*You love to read
*You love to throw things in the trash. When I change your diaper or emma's you pick it up and throw it away! Makes my life a little easier!
(we have to look in the trash before we throw anything away cause you like to throw things in there, that don't belong in there.)
*You know to fold your arms when we say prayer
*You like to take the can goods of the shelf and lay them on the floor
*You love to throw everything, you love to throw the ball with someone
*When asked for Brady "Besos" you give us a kiss (Besos=Kiss in spanish)
*When you are falling you say "ahhh"
*When I tell you to close the toilet lid, you do and then clap!
*You get off the bed and couch real easy
*When we ask you something and you don't know, you lift up your hands (like I don't know)
*When Jason & I or grandparents kiss-you want to be apart of the action and then it becomes one Big Circle of Kisses
*Jason will give me a hug and tell Brady, "Mommy is mine!" Brady will look at us and then come up to me and grab me by the legs!
*You love trucks (When you see a truck, you say, "Oh, WOW!")
*You love to say "OH WOW!"
*You don't mind wearing hats-We don't leave without one
*When food is hot, we tell you or you see us blow on it to cool it down and so you blow on it. When eating and it's still hot, you blow on it.
*When I say, "It's hot in here" You blow on the air to try to cool the room off
*You love to wrestle
*When asked to see your muscles, you lift your arms to show us
*When asked something and you don't know, you lift up your arms like (I don't know)
*You always say "No" and "Don't"
*When Jason's parents dogs are trying to lick Brady, he will tell them "don't"
*You love Horses
**No more bottle-Only the sippy cup
*You still have your pacifier
*When talking & you have your pacifier in your mouth, we tell you "we can't understand you with your pacifier in your mouth. Please take it out so we can understand you." You will take it out and give it to me and continue talking.
*Every door has to be closed
*When I tell you "let's take a nap" you will walk to your room.
*You understand alot more than you can speak! I love that we can tell you something and you know what to do!

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  1. Wow! He says a lot more than Tegan does. Tegan is so dang stubborn and won't talk. He has said various words b4 but won't say them again. Dang!