Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brady... Brady... Brady

This little boy is such a mischevious little one! He is constantly getting into things (which toddler doesn't) I had bought him some 12 month pair of pants the other day... He is need of longer pants; he can fit into 9 month pants, but it looks like he is waiting for a flood. They need to invent or I need to find a belt just for him!Sunday afternoon Jason was telling me that Brady's pants are a little big for him...


Everytime he would bend down or walk, his pants would get closer and closer to falling down. Thank goodness he has somewhat of a Butt cause that what the top of his pants are hanging on to. Just before his pants were off, they were down to his knees and he kept trying to walk and do his thing. Jason and I couldn't help but laugh the whole time!

Finally... Brady couldn't handle them down to his knees so he stepped right out of them and went pantless the rest of the day! Such a silly little boy!

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