Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July Weekend!

It is now becoming a tradition to go camping up in LaPlata, CO, La Plata Canyon to be exact! This year was a little bit colder than last year- It was kind of a bummer to have to put a hoody on- I am in need of a tan! Emma and Brady did awesome. Brady loved to roam around and get as dirty as can be!

Our campsite is pretty big and right next to us is the river! Brady loved to sit on the river bed and throw rocks into it. I must say he has a pretty good arm! I believe he could have sat there for hours. At times when he would get cranky, we would bring him to the river and become happy as can be.

As we were preparing for our camping trip, I suggested a blow up matress. Jason believed that we didn't need one; let's just say... Next time we are packing one!

Here is a picture of Brady when I was packing our suitcases. I needed to find out if his boots finally fit him and so while I still hadn't changed him, I have him in Shorts and Boots! You can't help but laugh- he is such a cute little boy!

We went for a hike. Man am I out of shape... Yes, I have slacked on my workout- I really don't have anytime. Anywho.. The hike was great; I told Jason we need to do this more often. I seriously hate being out of shape! Emma fell right to sleep in the little carrier we have for her and Brady only wanted to be held. My dad carried him on his shoulders on the way up and Jason carried him on the way down. We did have a wagon for him; he didn't care for the bumps too much. Instead, the wagon be came a carrier for everybodys things.

We played quite a few games. The most popular I believe was washers! The next was Phase 10! You know, I really hate to play with cheaters and when I am losing! Saturday night, when we were playing Phase 10, I was not doing so well and started getting irritable and frustrated. Poor Jason, I took it out all on him. I am just so glad that he loves me enough not to hold a grudge. Kevin and Tia Ang were sitting next to each other and they were the ones I was getting mad at! Dorsett, Tia Ang son, was sitting next to her, but not playing and was being sneaky and got the other deck of phase 10 and was trying to find the cards she needed! She somehow never went on to the next phase- I guess that is what you get for cheating! Ashli ended up winning the game!

The food was absolutely great! It was not the typical Hamburgers and Hotdogs every night...
Thursday Night: Frito Pies
Friday Morning: Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and Hashbrowns
Friday Afternoon: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
Friday Night: Fajitas (Man were they YYYYUUUUUMMMMMYYYY!!)
Saturday Morning: French Toast
Saturday Afternoon: Sandwiches
Saturday Night: BBQ chicken, Corn on the cob, Baked Potatoes and my mom's specialty: Sauted Jalapenos and onions, velvetta cheese and can of diced tomatos! Pour that right over the baked potato and you're set! Oh, and you can't forget the tortillas!
Sunday morning: Eggs, hashbrows, cereal

*Do you believe me know that the food was GREAT! We were fed like KINGS camping! :) You can't forget the smores! We ate one at least every night! One thing that I learned from Girls Camp was roasting starbursts! I love how it makes a crunchy outer shell and very soft in the middle. Some of the family didn't care for it-They are weird! Jk

I absolutely love this picture of Emma. My mom took it when my cousin Kevin was entertaining her! He would try to give her Kisses and when he would get close to her, she would open her mouth- I think she even gave him the tongue at times. Don't you love her bow? I made that for her! I am starting to get a creative side to me! It matched her 4th of July outfit perfectly.

My dad brought his bow to practice with for his bow hunt in September. Jason and Kevin were also trying it out and they did have a hard time! I think my dad is alot stronger than them and a longer arm span. I believe Jason and Kevin almost busted a vein trying to pull it back. It was quite funny, but once they got it locked in, they had no problem. You know I must say, I was really impressed with Jason, He was shooting the bow, chopping wood, etc... That it just made me have a greater love for him... How do I say it, it was a turn on!!!! :)

The weekend turned out really great. Next time, we just need to have Terica and Travis to come. I look forward to the many traditions of camping and the memories we make!

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