Monday, July 27, 2009


Friday night we had the chance to go see the National High School Finals Rodeo! It was so awesome! I love Rodeos!! I love the attire of the cowboy/cowgirls! As we were walking through the booths, Jason kept saying... Babe, I need a Cowboy hat, I need the spurs, I need... Brady absolutely loves Horses and Big Trucks- The NHSFR was the place to be for him to enjoy it!

When we were walking around the booths, Jason and I saw some people that we knew and as open and Brady is to people he wanted to shake everyone's hand!!! They all thought he was a big hit!!

When we were walking from the parking lot to the Rodeo, they had to block traffic to let this semi get though with a trailer full of cattle... Brady had to stop and watch it go by!

The man announcing everything was talking about the freedoms we have after the "National Anthem" was performed from people all over the world. He then motioned for all to look North(or around that region) and there coming towards us was 2 Military Jets. (I wish I had gotten a closer pic)

When they flew over us I had chills run up and down my body! It was the coolest thing ever... I thought Brady was starting crying from it being so loud, but he too was in awe... They passed over us and over the noise, you could hear from Brady "WOW!" Brady couldn't have said it any better!! The noise didn't face emma!

As we were waiting for Ashli, we stood close to the fence, so Brady could watch the horses; He loved it! When the crowd would clap, Brady would turn around to look at them and then clap with them!
(Doesn't Brady look so cute in his cowboy clothes?!?)
Ashli's "Friend" Derreck had gotten us VIP passes; so, we got to sit in the third level of the casino and watch from there. I liked it alot better cause you could see everything! We were right up next to the window, so it made it nice for Brady to stand up against it and enjoy the scenery.

We could look out the window, but also on the window seal of every table, there was a TV that broadcast the rodeo as well. When Brady was not looking out the window we would point him to the tv when someone was riding... it didn't matter if it was a commercial or someone riding, Brady always said "oh wow!"

(Isn't she so adorable?!?!)

The Rodeo turned out to be a big hit! I really did enjoy it! Derreck had 7-$5 passes, so even when we got free tickets to the rodeo we also got free food! It was all a great night. By 9pm, Brady was getting cranky. We tried everything to keep him entertained, but we knew it was bed time.

When we got home, the excitment of it all totally wore Brady out... He was a sleep within a few minutes of leaving the rodeo.

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  1. Sounds like a great time! Glad you guys enjoyed it!!