Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boring Me

So, here is the deal... Jason has gotten on this high about the different hobbies he has become interested in!
  • He now loves to hunt
  • His dad gave him his 22, that he no longer uses
  • Today... TODAY he just bought himself a $600 bow with all the works
  • He has a hunt coming up in October
  • When we go to the lake next weekend, he plans to fish...
  • He takes advantage of the chance he gets to Golf

I could go on and on about his hobbies and then there is boring me... I don't do anything- I don't have a hobby. My life consists of:

  • Taking care of my babies
  • working
  • Trying my best to keep my house clean, but with a little one that gets into everything, it doesn't quite work


Jason does feel bad for all the things he gets to do and I am stuck with very little. Yeah, I do enjoy being with my babies, but this girl needs more excitement in her life! I am in need of new things to do.. Help? Does anyone have any ideas?


  1. What about photography as a hobby??? I have really loved getting into the whole "taking pictures" thing. Especially after having kids, you will always have something to photograph!

    And I also love to blog {could you tell??} as a hobby.

    And another hobby that I really want to get into but am really intimidated is...SEWING!!!!

    Just some ideas.....

  2. I think that I am going to break down and buy me a new camera. For some reason, everytime I get a new camera, I always lose it! Hopefully not this time.
    I really do love to blog and I want to be able to have a camera to take pictures and make memories! Babies don't stay little for long.
    Thanks for the ideas, Jessie!

  3. No prob Afton! Blogging all your memories is so great especially since you can publish your blog into a book and keep it forever! And all the pictures to go along with it, is just the icing on the cake!