Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Pictures of Connor

Isn't it amazing the love you can see when a mommy looks at her baby!

Connor is doing alot better in the last 24 hours. Last night when I talked to my mom, she said his levels were down to an 11! Yay! They want him to be down to a 10 before they let them out of the hospital. Hopefully soon-They have been in the hospital since Monday night. Because he is recovering pretty quickly, they decided he is good enough to be off the lights, etc... for 24hrs. Lucky for Terica and Travis, Connor was able to stay in their room. (Im not sure if that means he got to go to the hotel with them or not) Terica is managing pretty well with nursing! She is producing enough milk-Connor is getting well fed!
I talked to my mom this morning and she thinks that because he was off for 24hrs, his levels went back up to a 15! Bummer! So, they believe they have to stay until 4pm and have his levels get checked once again to see if he is able to handle it at home. They did mention taking bili lights home and having him stay under that. I think it would be alot easier for everyone and be able to get back to the real world...
My mom just texted me at 12:23pm (now) and they are crossing their fingers... The nurse and doctor is hinting to them that they may be able to come home today! yay!
Again... I will keep you posted with more news!

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