Thursday, July 23, 2009

My First tomato plant!

This is a picture of my huge tomato plant! I am pretty excited about because I have never had one before and I don't have a green thumb (my plants always die) PLUS... This is the first little garden I have ever had! This tomato plant is a "Sweet 100" It literally gets its name from the tomatos-I have tons!! So far, about 6 tomatos I have taken off the plant and eaten! They are soo good!

This is a picture of my first tomato! Sorry the picture is awful, but you get the idea as to how big the tomatos get! I'm even kind of proud of myself, my mom's plant (who has the green thumb) is not nearly as big as my plant! Although, I do have to thank my mom... She gave me these two plants to plant and just never got around to it, she eventually gave when she was at my house and did it for me! THANKS MOM!

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