Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Mommy taking care of her baby!

Doesn't he look older than a week old?

(My mom wanted me to blog and let everyone know of what is going on-sorry if I miss inform. I am trying to remember everything that I have been told.) On Monday Terica & my Mom went to the hospital to get Connor's blood taken to see what his levels were at as far as his jaundice. He left the hospital with some jaundice, but what baby doesn't? As the days went by the felt the need to see what is going on.
To waste time, Mom and Terica stopped by my office, to 1) pickup my babies and 2) show Anne, Connor. They had an appt with Dr. Dekay's office to go over the results at 1:30or so. It was barely after noon and they got a call from the hospital saying they need to get to the hospital as soon as possible. My mom didn't want to worry Terica, but because the jaundice levels were so high, it could cause Brain damage; she left that to Travis... Mom said she cried the whole way there. I would too!
Connor's levels were at a 40 and the doctor said they usually take caution when it is at a 20, so they were really concerned and knew it would be best for him to flown to Albuquerque and get the best treatment done there. Here at San Juan Regional they don't have the proper equipment. Travis flown with Connor and the medical team; there was a chance that Travis was not able to fly with them do to the weight limit, but they made it work. My parents and Terica were already 20 min into the trip when they get the call, luckily it worked out ok.
During the flight, they were able to get Connors levels to about 33; mind you, they want it to be a 10. Travis and Connor beat Terica, mom and dad; but, Travis assured Terica that the Team from the hospital was doing a great job and treating Connor like a "KING."
They had to do a blood transfusion. If I remember correctly, they took out all of his blood and put new blood in; this is suppose to lower the levels quite a bit and looking at the pictures, stay under the light to help reduce the level some more.
07/21/2009-As of today, I was told that the levels are now down to 15, but more than likely will be staying the night again in the hospital.
You know, this just goes to show that Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and what is going on. And a sure Testimony that HE does hear our prayers and never leave one unanswered. We are very thankful for the prayers that said would be done by many of you and because of the love of everyone-Connor is getting that much closer to being home having a normal life again.
We will continue to keep everyone updated...


  1. I am soooo glad to hear that Connor is doing better. We will continue to keep everyone in our prayers.

  2. How sad and scary! Tegan was just a little jaundice and he had to lay under the lamps at home for a couple day. And that was the hardest thing. I can't imagine being in the hospital though. They are in my prayers.