Friday, July 24, 2009

They are staying another night!!!

Things were looking really good as of last night and this morning.. They did want to check his levels once again this morning and if it at a good level, they will be able to go home today. My mom sent me a text this morning; they checked his bili levels and it is now up to a 16.5 (the doctors have not seem him yet so they are waiting to see what is going on). When she told me that I didn't know what to say. I mean, he has had a blessing, we are keeping the faith and holding on as much as we can, one minute the levels are low and then they are high again! What is going on...? All in All we have come to realize that his problems could be so much worse and we have to stay positive in that sence. Connor is still a very healthy baby boy, we just don't know why his levels wont stay down.
My mom again just text me about 20 minutes ago and said, "THEY ARE STAYING ANOTHER NIGHT!" Everyone is so tired and it has got to be hard staying in the hospital for so long... you kind of get bored after a while. They got word that the doctors are going to check an enzyme in his liver and see if he is missing it. Then they will check his levels again in the morning. Oh goodness!
Thankfully Heavenly Father is taking care of Terica and Travis's needs cause when Travis switched jobs his insurance was no more... He got it all taken care of and with everything that has been going on with Connor we all have been stressed as to how they will pay for all of the expenses that have incurred. Heavenly Father has been aware and Travis's insurance became effective as of July 1st! YAY!!!
They will all continue to be in our prayers... Hopefully tonight is the last night!

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  1. I hope he gets well soon! Let us know if we can do anything.