Monday, August 10, 2009

What a weekend!

This weekend was a very busy and definitely a needed weekend!

Friday Night:

A friend of mine (Dani Johnson) is getting married at the end of this week and Friday night we had a bachelorette party for her. I thought it was pretty cool; 1) I have never been to one (I didn't even have one) 2)It was nice to get away and have a night of "girl talk." When we got the invitation we were all assigned to give her a basket full of stuff that gives her a heads up on what to expect on your wedding night or the first month of marriage. The baskets were:

  • Getting the mood started

  • Quicky

  • Bring on the babies

  • Anti-Baby

  • Snacks

  • KinKie Toys

  • Things for after

  • Not tonight Dear!

There is one more basket but dang! I can't remember what it was called- I can tell you that is was edible underwear and some flavored "stuff." Overall, when you read the list everything was actually very tasteful. My basket was "Bring on the babies." It was kind of hard to put it all together; I got some ideas, but after awhile, it was starting to add up! I ended up giving Dani a basket with bubble bath, chocolate, pregnancy test, folic acid pills, and some lubricant. One of the baskets that I thought was really funny was the "Quicky." There was Nesquick, Bisquick and other food items that are "Quick" to put together. Heather Peine-the one who gave her the basket had a great point, "If you want a quicky, you don't need a basket!" They then played a game with Dani, the bride to be, where her fiance, hunter and some others guys had to stand in a line-no particular order and have Dani feel there arms and legs to figure out which one is Hunter. Let's just say that I don't think Dani touches Hunters arms or legs cause she didn't pick him! We then decided to play a "scavengar hunt" game where we had to go out and find SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING BORROWED AND SOMETHING BLUE! We got into groups of 4; my group went to the Laundry Mat and I had to put a quarter in the washing machine- I have never done that before. Kristin Huffman took a picture with an older gentleman, Dani got some "borrowed" advice from someone in the mall and to win cause the other team was a head of us, we drew a blue sock on dani's leg and WE WON! We stood in Elise Mortensen's (one of the hosts)parking lot and we were bringing up old times, what to expect when it comes to marriage and etc... I walked passed Kassie Rogers and she looked at me and said, "oh, Afton, I would so love to spank you in the butt!" This is an inside joke, back when I was in my 2nd or 3rd year of girls camp and She and Heather were YCL's we would find each other, it didn't where we were and spank each other in the butt! Oh, the good times! We then decided to go back inside and continue talking! We ended up staying out and having a good time till 12:30a.m. It was so great!!! I loved being able to talk with a bunch of gals my age or a little bit older and just totally enjoying ourselves! Dani asked us questions and we gave her answers. There was some where we had to hesitate and try to give an appropriate answer! We even gave her some advice: don't do this, make sure to do this, etc... It was kind of funny cause someone would bring up something and then before you know it, we were all had something to say about that... Yes, we all admitted that our Husband's can be a pain in the butt, I totally agreed. (jk babe) Overall, I seriously needed this night with the girls. I needed this time to get away and be myself and not have to be a mom or a wife for the moment! Don't get me wrong, I love my Mommy and Wife title and being around my babies and husband but this girl definitely needed some Me time! We had so much fun, that I really do hope that we keep our word and hopefully make this a once a month thing!Thanks you guys! Even though Friday night was for Dani, I sure needed it and enjoyed every bit of it!


Both Jason and I got home late Friday night/Saturday morning and we actually ended up sleeping in just alittle bit longer than we should have. My parents went up to Chama Friday afternoon for Chama days and we were to follow Saturday morning. We went because Nena was barrel racing in the rodeo and we got to be with Family that we happen to see only for special events. I am so proud of Nena! Even though she took 4th I believe, I am totally proud of her! She is amazing! It is always so great to see my babies when my parents have them for along time. They always bring a smile to my face. Brady looked so darn cute in his cowboy clothes! Once the rodeo was over with we met up with Tio Gilbert, Tia Jennifer, and Tio Juan. Tio Gilbert was joking with Jason and asking him if we were done having kids. He said "Yes" I say "NO." So, Tio Gilbert said, "Fine, I will pull out my knife and chop your little friends off." No Way Jose!! I am really glad that Jason gets along with my family really well! There is not much to do in Chama. We sat around for along time trying to figure what to do. We finally went over to Aunt Vickie's house and said "hi" then went over to Tio Gilberts and ate. Matthew has a little boy named Leroy who is exactly a year and a couple of days older than Brady. As you know, little boys don't know there own strength and Leroy closed lined Brady and then tried putting him in headlock! A little while later, I believe Brady got hit with a plastic baseball bat by Leroy! Poor Brady, but hey, he has got to toughen up-this is why I think he needs to be around other little kids... The only one is Emma and she is barely starting to sit by herself! Overall, we had a great time visiting with Family... We need more family time instead of only on special occasions. We then went back to Aunt Vickies house and visited for awhile. Before you know it that little while turned into a long time and everyone was getting tired...Finally around 9:45pm I told my dad that we were going to find grandma and get the keys from her and drive to Cebolla where we were staying for the night. When we got on the main hwy, Jason and I got to talking and then before you know it, we never found my grandparents and was on our way home. We got home about 11:30pm and we were all exhausted. Thankfully both Brady & Emma slept the whole way... We were all so tired, we slept in till 10:45am... Oops! Church was at 11am! This weekend was all pretty great! But I did enjoy the much needed rest!

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