Thursday, August 20, 2009

Couple of Pictures

Jason is such a great daddy! The way he plays, reads, disciplines, takes care of, etc... Just makes me love him even more! The other night, Brady was in his room reading, when Jason was done feeding Emma, he went in to Brady's room and started reading to Emma. Emma loves looking at books! I couldn't help but take a picture.Brady has gotten really good about identifying each body part...eyes, nose, mouth, ears, knees, toes and belly button. The other night while getting ready for bed, I asked Brady where his belly button was. At first, he pointed to his belly button over his onsie and then realized that he couldn't see it, so he tried really hard to find it under his clothes.

It just amazes me how boys and girls learn, play and develop a personality. We have gotten Brady in the habit as to when he sees a bug on the floor, he is step on it! He of course, just barely steps on it and does nothing, but here and there the bug might not get so lucky...



  1. Afton, I am so glad to see that you insist that he has shoes on when he get rid of those little buggers! Can you imagine stepping on a stink bug with bare feet? YUCK! Or A tomato Worm? Oh Sick! All the oosing and goo! Ok, I will stop already!

  2. Your little babies are sooooooo sweet! I love being an active part of their lives and I am so thankful that they love to look at books! Brady was showing off his identification skills to grandma. He identified the items we told him to find. She agreed that he is soooo smart! And good job to Jason for being a good daddy to the little ones....a child needs to know that their daddy loves them and will cherish that forever!

  3. I have enjoyed shopping with you....could do without the shopping cart accidents and the trips to the hospital in the ambulance, oh, did I mention the black eyes, the fear, the screaming.......but, it has been fun watching you get excited about saving..since you already have top MONEY MISER status anyway! Glad to see you on board with saving those valuable coupons...even if that makes us boring wives!!!