Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4 month check up

**Today was Emma's 4 month check up! She did a fantastic job! Dr. Dekay was really impressed with how strong and alert she is... He loved that she loves to stand! She is:
10lbs 8oz (5th percentile)
23 1/4in. (15-20 percentile)
She is a very healthy little girl, but they still want her to gain weight! I feed her, CONSTANTLY, and I never let her starve! How is she suppose to gain weight? Maybe, she will be a petite girl growing up!?
Emma did great with the shots! My kids may not look like me, but they do act like me... Emma cried when she was getting her shots, but once she was done, she had a smile on her face. Brady was the same way! Shots don't bother me, Jason on the other hand...
Emma at 4 months:
*You are almost to roll over!
*You hate to lay on your back, you always lift your self up to sit.
*You smile at everything!
*I love to have you laying with me and when I wake up, you will be staring at me with a smile-It is so cute!
*You are starting to fit really well into 3/6 months clothes!
*Your hair is long enough for pig tails
*You drink about 4oz of milk, sometimes 5oz
*You are getting stronger to keep your pacifier in your mouth, but most of the time you don't care for it.
*You are looking more and more like your daddy. (We have to put a bow in your hair, so people don't think you are a boy!)

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