Monday, August 17, 2009


On Friday before work I met my mom at Grocery Warehouse. Grocery Warehouse was having a good sale and we had coupons. (I will have to show a picture later, but for 5 boxes of name brand cereal, 2 boxes of suddenly salad pasta, 2 boxes of fruit snacks, and a box of the warm delights... I spent a total of $9!!!!!!)
Anyways, back on to my blog story... My mom was in the check out line before me and she definitley took advantage of the coupons because she had a basket full! At the store, they didn't have a sacker so my mom decided to do the job and put her groceries in the cart. Brady at the time was sitting in the back of the basket and got up to play with Emma. He turned around and noticed my mom had moved and tried going after her. He flipped out of the basket and landed straight on his head; I have never heard him cry to so loud and so fast from this accident. My heart sank and it got really hot. I tried to catch my breathe and blow some cool air on me and when I did that the cashier looked at me and said, "I am trying to go as fast as I can. I have alot of coupons." I didn't mind; I had coupons of my own! She was really rude and above all, she was not at all concerned if Brady was alright. The bad part was that I couldn't do anything.. the checkout line is so narrow and the basket takes up most of the room, So I couldn't go and comfort him. My mom had to do it. I paid and we got out of there as soon as possible. My mom kept telling me that we should run over to urgent care and make sure he has no internal bleeding or anything like that... I couldn't get her an answer; I was in shock and stupid me was more concerned out work and that I needed to get to work. STUPID.... STUPID... STUPID... My kids come first and that is sad that after 16 months, it was taken me that long to realize. We went over to urgent care and I was so happy when Brady wanted to come to me. I am his mommy, I wanted to be the one to comfort him; although, I am really grateful my mom was with me. :)

Brady constantly cried; I would too! He didn't like the fact that I was taking a picture of him, but hey, I need it for memories!

Thankfully enough, Brady didn't pass out for throw up after hitting his head. The doctor at urgent care didn't think there was any problem with him, but they did give him some tylenol for the pain and because of the crying he was starting to fall asleep. Ever since Brady was a infant, I always sang, "I Am A Child Of God" to him; he is very familiar with this song and so because of his situation I thought it would be best to sing that to him. It became a comfort for him and put him right to sleep. Of course, when he heard the doctor come in, he started crying again. The doctor didn't really have the right equipment to tell if Brady had any internal bleeding so he recommended us going to the hospital but the EMT was going to take us. I didn't think about it until afterwards but why? They thought it would be best for us to go in the ambulance just in case of Brady passes out or throws up and it would be easier for him to get through traffic. I realized when we got to the hospital that the EMT never had his sirens on and my mom followed the whole way and never got stuck. I thought it was kind of pointless. Brady woke up while driving to the hospital and in an instant became himself. When we went over a bump, he would say "OH" and of course, when he saw a truck, he would say "OH WOW!" The EMT wanted him to put the ice pack on his eye, but Brady was like no thank you! So, I thought, let's trick him. I put it on his arm and said is this cold? Then his leg, hand, etc... and when I tried his head-he was like no way! Because we got to the hospital by ambulance they took Brady in right away. The doctor checked Brady out and said he didn't recommend getting a CT scan because he thought he didn't need it. The doctor even said he sees a kid once a week for falling out of the grocery cart. They gave him some liquid loratab that is ok for children (obviously) and Brady was happy as can be. He was even blowing kisses to the nurses. That is my Brady!When we got out of the hospital, I wanted to get some more pictures and I asked Brady can I see your eye and he gives me his "goo goo" eyes. He is too cute!

He was more interested in the movie playing in the van. But, as you can see, his right eye is starting to swell.
This is what his eye looked like Friday night. My parents took my kids to the fair and my mom said people didn't even hesitate to ask what had happened.
This is what his eye looked like Saturday morning. As you can tell his eye is looking more blue and purple. I was constantly calling my mom to see how he was doing. Brady and Emma stayed the night with my parents cause Jason, Lillie and I went to the Temple.

Jason calls him Quazy Modo (sp?) from the Hunchback of Notre Dame!
And.... As you can tell from Sunday morning and here on out... This is what he looks like now! He can barely see out of his right eye but, he is still happy as can be. When we ask him where his owey(sp?) is, he always points to his right shin. He got a mosquito bite a long time ago and to this day still thinks thats his owey. We try to show him his eye, he may notice every once in a while, but it's like it hasn't phased him yet.

P.S. When we were at Urgent Care, Emma had been asleep the whole entire time. She was laying in the carseat, strapped in, and never made a sound. When the doctor came in to check on Brady, he saw Emma and said, "Oh, how cute!" Then walked out. A couple of seconds later, walks back in and asked if she was a doll?!?! Are you kidding me? I am in Urgent Care with my son and still had time to bring in a doll from the car? So, I joked and said, "Yes, we are practicing for the next one!" Then I told him that is my daughter. You be the judge...

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