Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kind of Embarrassing....

So... this post is kind of embarrassing to post but the results are worth telling...

Just before I had Emma I had to get weighed... I weighed 200lbs (embarrassing) (I am telling you- I gained 50lbs with Emma and mind you I still had the baby weight when I had Brady... Remember.. I got pregnant just after Brady was 3 months old. The pregnancy with Emma, I ate constantly; I was never full. To this day, I regret it-I should have watched my weight more carefully.) When I had Emma and left the hospital, I only lost 12lbs. It was kind of a bummer when I had Brady I lost 30lbs right after I had him. So, when we went home from the hospital, it looked like I was still 5-6 months pregnant. Pretty sad! :(
A few weeks went by and noticed when I got on the scale, that my weight has been decreasing... One evening while eating Dinner with Jason's Parents, I had told them that I had already lost like 20lbs since the birth of Emma... Jason's mom response was, "Wow! It must be nice to lose weight not doing anything!" I was a little shocked by her response but now Jason and I joke every time I lose more weight.
One morning while preparing to go to the Temple, I was sitting on the living room couch, pumping, and flipping through the t.v. channels. I came across an infomercial (sp?) advertising "Slim in 6." I dont' know what it was, but before I knew it, I was ordering the workout videos. I was really scared to order them, cause I hate to by anything for myself.... But, my excess weight has becoming some what of a problem and I HATE it!
To be honest, Emma will be 3 months old on July 5th and I am still having to wear my maternity pants-on the plus side, I can fit into a pair of regular shorts! And, my hands have lost the swelling and now can wear my wedding ring! Yay!
So, now this is the reason why I wanted to post this.... Since Emma has been born, almost 3 months ago, I have lost a total of 30lbs!!! This is from pumping milk for Emma, trying to watch what I eat (sometimes) and doing the Slim in 6 workout. I will be happy with my weight when I get back to my beginning weight before I had Brady! So... 30 more pounds to go! It can be frustrating at times and overwhelming... but until I can be comfortable with myself: I HAVE WORK TO DO!

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  1. You are not the only one that has weight to lose after babie so don't feel embarrassed. I too lost the baby weight fast after I had Tegan. But I had a lot to lose from before I had him. I gained 30 lbs from birth control. Never will I use that stuff again. So I still have a lot to lose and no matter what I do it goes no where. Oh well I will try even harder when I am done having kids. LOL