Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another weight check

We had another weight check this morning... It sure is becoming some what of a pain to have to go in every week and check Emma's weight. Today she is 8 1/2 weeks and weighs:

7lbs 13.5oz

My doctor is recommending we give her formula with higher calories, but I'm being a little selfish and just want to continue to pump and feed her that way. Formual is just too expensive! I think I will feed her some formula; maybe once or twice a day... We will see.

Holding Emma and knowing how much she weighs makes me realize that I was still pregnant with Brady when he weighed that much... Remember, when Brady was born he weighed:
8lbs 8.2oz
Thanfully Emma is gaining weight each week, just not the 8oz like they would like...She has been gaining about 4-6oz a week. She is very healthy and all in all a Happy Baby... I know she is not starving! We will see how it goes next week.
P.S. Thanks mom for helping me

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  1. Dang, it has been a very long time since I have checked out blogs...Why am I so busy now and no time for blogging? Oh, silly is because I get the awesome privilege of playing and chasing Brady and snuggling with Emma during the week! Awww, priorities! I love the new look of your blog Aft! Very cute. And, you are Soooo welcome for the help. I am always here for you, rain or shine...besides, I love being involved and sharing these milestones with you and your sweeties! I love you all!