Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emma's 2 month appt.

Yesterday was Emma's two month appt. We were really excited to put her on the scales because her appetite has skyrocketed this weekend and we were sure she has put on quite a bit of weight! She now weighs:

8lbs 0.5oz and 21in. long

She gained 4 oz in 4 days! My doctor was so impressed, this time he believed me when we told him her appetite was improving! We did go ahead get her shots. I wanted Jason to be there because with Brady he always had to get back to work, so he never got to experience it. Luckily, yesterday was his day off. When they gave her, her shots, I have never seen a baby cry so hard because they were in pain. I am serious, Brady's cry was nothing compared to hers! When she started crying my mom said Jason jumped from his chair so fast-she was impressed. I was so happy that he was there to help me comfort her!

(Before her shots!)

It was nice to pick her from the table and comfort her. It was alittle heartbreaking! I think my mom had to leave the room-I think tears were coming on! Because of the improvement in weight gain, we don't have to come back next week for a weight gain, we get to come back in two weeks! Yay!

I had other appts after her Emma's appt and from the crying and tylenol and the day it has been, Emma slept the whole time until we got home. When i picked her up from her carseat, poor thing had a knot in her left thigh. I knew to message it, but man did she scream. I hated having her go through that. It's better to get it now then when the knot gets really hard! I had to hold her, comfort her and feed her while Jason ate; then we switched! This morning the messaging paid off and she didn't have a knot anymore! She is now a Happy baby again!

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