Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Emma Laughing

I have uploaded a video of Emma Laughing-She thought it was so funny to hear my mom whistle to her. This just goes to show that she can hear; I just wish that we didn't have all of these appointments to go to.

I did however, have an appt with the ENT (ear, nose and throat) Doctor. To be honest, everything that happened I am a little overwhelmed and so unfortunately, I have forgotten alot of the information given. Dr. Clarke did tell me that it looks like in one ear there is liquid and the other ear there is wax build up. Emma is such a little girl, that Dr. Clarke didn't have a small enough tube to look into her ears to really confirm why she still has not passed her hearing test. He recommended us going to Albuquerque to Dr. Horn and have him take care of it. We do have a consultation visit first and there he might be able to drain the stuff out of her ears then and there... but, we might just have to come back another time. Dr. Horn only specializes in ENT and he has the proper equipment in case if she does have to have surgery.

Dr. Clarke did say that by age 6 months is when they need to have all of their hearing... and if the liquid and wax build up is not what is stopping her from hearing this could affect her hearing of course, but also her speach.... All of this stuff doesn't really bother me, it is just the fact that my daughter might/will have to go through this. He even mentioned it coming down to having hearing aids. You know, when I had taken Emma into the Audiology Dept. at the Hospital and the test was not passing, I saw a poster of two little babies probably around 8-9 months or so that were wearing hearing aids. I just thought, "Oh Emma, please don't put me through this..." This is all becoming a humbleing experience that I need to have and the faith to endure it all.

There is a possibility that they might have to do surgery on her ear; Dr. Clarke believes she has Auditory Canal Stenosis. What I believe it means, is that she has a smaller ear canal than normal. If they happen to request surgery, there is that possibility of Dr. Clarke recommending just doing the lip surgery and ear surgery there in Albuquerque and get it done in one whack! The reason they want to do surgery is so they could do a bone graph. This will take place from her hip to her ear and I believe drill a hole into her ear drum to relieve some pressure; they will also put some tubes in and let them fall out by themselves, which is normal. As Jason says, " I never knew that baby girls could be such high maitenance!" She is definitely becoming our expensive little girl... I just wish that surgery(s) were done and we could move on. Taking in all of this information is like I said OVERWHELMING!

Dr. Clarke also specializes somewhat with Cleft problems and he was mentioning that Emma could grow up and her front teeth might come in and they might not. If they do come in, more than likely she will have to get braces. If they don't come in, they will have to make fake teeth for her....

This is all becoming too much to handle, but I know, I know... Heavenly Father only gives us what we can handle nothing more... Right now, it just seems like way too much!

On the plus side, my mom took Emma to the doctor's to get another weight check... She did alright this go round... She now weighs:

8 lbs 14.5 oz

She is almost 9lbs which means she is almost there for the 10lb mark to get surgery done!!

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  1. Don't get discouraged it will all be ok! Even if her teeth don't come in they can make her some teeth that look so real. David had his 2 front teeth knocked out when he was a teen and you can't even tell. Things happen and you nothing can explain why. You will be in my prayers!